CAT OWNERS I NEED HELP!! Cats suddenly had violent fight.

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Blushing bee
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I’ve had a couple of friends that had this happen with their cats. It turned out that the cats were not spayed. Unless the rescue spayed the cat themselves it’s kind of hard to tell if it actually happened. In my friends’ cases the rescues were told that the cats were spayed when they received them but they actually weren’t. I have a cat as well but we know she was spayed because the shelter did it before we could take her home. Unfortunately we only have her and my dog so I can’t comment on how she’d be around other cats.

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Busy bee
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I second the suspicion that one is not spayed…. I’d focus on that. And then realize your reintroduce period could be long and complex after this. We had to medicate one of our cats to even begin introductions. Our situation was different thought, we moved a 12 year old female in with a 3 year old female and it was a disaster.

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Helper bee
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lauraspencer :  I haven’t had cats since I was a kid, I’m a dog mom but wanted to say that I hope you figure it out and your cats are super cute, good luck!! 

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I would definitely check if the one cat hasn’t been spayed, that could certainly be the issue. 

However, I will throw in one crazy theory that’s based on personal experience. A good friend of mine had two cats for years who always got along great together. However one day out of the blue, when nothing changed in their lives or routines, they started fighting like crazy every time they were in the same room. It actually got to the point where she eventually had to rehome the younger cat to another of our friends. 

A few weeks later, my friend announces that she’s pregnant! One day, I’m doing some math in my head, and I realize that her cats flipped a switch and started fighting exactly when she got pregnant, even before she knew she was. We think maybe the cats sensed a hormone change or something that completely altered their attitudes towards each other. 

Anyway, like I said, it’s a crazy theory and probably not what’s going on in your case. But I just thought I’d mention it because of what happened with my friend’s cats. 

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Helper bee
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Another theory, just based off of mky cats in the past… has the male cat typically been the boss? Is it possible that with her maturing/ in heat/ hormones etc. that she is trying to dominate your male or is trying to change the pecking order?

We had this happen with our cats. We had an older cat (the boss) and 2 stray kittens. They all got along really well until the female kitten decided she wanted to be boss, it was a war zone at our house for a week or two (we tried to keep them separated but weren’t very successful). After that they got along again, but the female kitten was top of the pecking order. Things changed when we got both the kittens sterilised (female kitty was still the boss though).

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Busy bee
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Have you taken one of them to the vet recently?  Sometimes cats will fight when one comes back from the vet because now that cat smells a little different and they need to get reused to their smell.  It could also just be a random thing.  I had 2 cats who loved each other and one day out of nowhere got into a knock down brawl.  Then they were fine.   I’d keep monitoring them.  Maybe get a feliway diffuser.  Also, in the future,  never break up a cat fight like that.  I know it’s scary when cats fight and you don’t want them getting hurt but you could have been hurt.  If it happens again, clap your hands or make another loud sound.  As a last resort,  spray them with a water bottle.

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Bumble bee

They may have only gotten one ovary with the spay.  Or the ovary could have shattered and the vet only got out part of the tissue (happened to my oldest).   


To calm the house, I would get feliway diffusers – one for every 500 sq ft of house and let then run for a couple of days before starting to reintroduce.  Keep them in separate rooms with a connecting door and very slowly let them have supervised time together

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Bumble bee

This happened to us. I have no advice really. Both of ours were neutered/spayed. One day they were best buddies after introducing boy cat to girl cat and for about a year thereafter, then the all of a sudden it was all out war. No idea wth happened. Ever since they’ve steered clear of each other and will hiss when the other passes by. We would keep them separate sometimes at night since that is when it got worse. This hatred started when they were pretty young after we adopted our boy cat. They are now both seniors. The fighting has since gone down due to old age, but they never got back to being all lovey like they were before to each other.


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Worker bee

Cats as they mature will try and set out their own spaces in their living areas. Check your girl has actually been spayed. 

Then I’d start encouraging them to play in the same areas, communal areas if they’ve etched our their own spaces. Get them playing with you and comfortable being together again. It’s not an unsalvagable situation. I realise you must be pretty shaken up but this can be fixed. 

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Sugar bee

First, let me commend you for rescuing two needy animals. That’s a wonderful thing and you sound like caring and concerned cat parent. The meowing and rolling around does sound like she’s going into heat. Also, cats are weird. They can develop a sudden aversion to another cat in the same way you might get angry at your best friend. One of our cats got stuck on a shopping bag and another cat started growling and hissing at him. Both are great cats who had previously got along very well.

I have no idea if there’s a way to determine if she was spayed without opening her back up again. Basically I don’t know if they do ultrasounds for cats. But I would start with finding this out. The rescue should have the name of the vet who did the surgery. I wonder if it’s possible they left ovaries behind during the spaying process.  I would keep them apart for now and reintroduce them slowly. It may have been a one-time event. Good luck!

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Worker bee

This happened to me! My cats are siblings, same litter, bff, male/female, were 6 years when it happened. In my case, my girl cat escaped my apartment into the common hallway, was taken in for 24 hours by someone else with a cat, and when I got her back home, boy cat immediately started snarling. He attacked her (fur came out, my face got scratched breaking them up, and it continued for months. It’s called “cat non-recognition aggression” which is like the vet issue. I no joke hired a cat whisperer (lol!) and i SWEAR by the following: 1) Felliway plug-in calming or multicat pheramone diffuser (expensive, but works!) 2) felliway pheramone collar for each cat 3) Bach flower spray for around the room (they have it at Whole Foods) 4) calming cat treats (in moderation); 5) most importantly and most annoyingly, keep them totally separated when you aren’t home to supervise; otherwise things can escalate. They need to get past/forget the trauma of the attack. Hopefully your cat didn’t spray on the wall when attacked like mine did, because that started a whole cat spraying disaster that didn’t resolve until I moved! It took a lot of money and effort but these things gradually worked (especially the diffuser and collars). If they smell weird, they make cat wipes and you can rub them both down so they smell the same. I attached a photo of my poor kitty’s ripped ear from the fight, and then one of them now, after the cat whisperer. Good luck!! Key thing is to make sure it doesn’t get worse.

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