CAT OWNERS I NEED HELP!! Cats suddenly had violent fight.

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Introducing them will be much like how you did your initial introductions, but slower. Any kind of hissing or aggressive behavior and you need to stop immediately and not try again for a day. I also recommend waiting for a a week or so to let the tensions calm down. Take your time, this can be repaired. It could’ve honestly been a play time gone wrong but I really think something else is up with your female kitty. lauraspencer :  

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I’m not sure how much help I am, as I’m a relatively new cat mom — we have two cats who technically came as a package deal with my fiance. 😁 Both cats are male, and both age 6. My fiance got one of the cats from a rescue, so that one was neutered, but the other one my fiance found as a stray kitten, so FH took him to the vet to get his health checked and get his shots, but never got that cat neutered. The non-neutered cat occasionally goes into heat (or whatever you call it for males), and will sometimes pick on the other cat (we’ve actually seen him try to mount the other cat a few times, which other cat obviously doesn’t like, and this has caused a couple violent fights between them). So at least in my experience, if one cat isn’t spayed/neutered, that can cause fights, so definitely get that looked into for your girl. My guess is this might be the culprit.

But also, both our cats like to try to assert their dominance at times, so it’s not uncommon that one might pick on the other. And also, both like to play-wrestle, and occasionally one of them takes it too far. Usually these things don’t result in the kind of violent fights that you’re describing, but I’ve seen it happen a couple of times. Just like humans occasionally get irritated with someone they see every day or live in close quarters with, I suppose the same is true of cats. Our cats are buddies the vast majority of the time, but occasionally one gets irritated at the other. It’s usually just small skirmishes and they usually work it out on their own. The few times we’ve seen them have more violent fights, we just separated them for awhile and after about an hour they were over it and fine with each other again. If it’s a one-time or occasional thing, I don’t think you need to be overly concerned about it. But if this becomes a daily occurrence then you probably need to take further action; I don’t know what is recommended in those situations, as it’s not something I’ve had to deal with, but others here seem to have some good suggestions. Regardless though, I think the first thing you should do is get to the bottom of whether your girl is spayed or not, because my feeling is that that might be the root cause of this. 

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How are the cats now?

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Hi OP, 


Only just seen this. We have three cats and occasionally they get into scraps and then they are friends again with no fuss. Cats are generally solitary animals so when they have to share space they can get upset. It sounds like a one off/ rare occurrence. Ours tend to get riled up and wind each other up when they are hungry. 

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I agree with the PP’s that the female probably wasn’t fixed. They def. sense hormone changes- but they seem like they were pretty attached. Do either of them go outside or are they indoor cats only?

I’ve had my male cat for 11 years, and my female cat for 6. So they were older when I introduced them. My male cat likes to be dominate and the female doesn’t even know who or what she is most of the time. He is always trying to snuggle with her and she smacks him on the head. Sometimes for no reason, so when he does fight with her, most of the time it’s “justified” in cat world. I’ve never seen him growl but he does this weird thing with his mouth and shows his teeth? She’s about half his size though- she’s only 7 lbs and he’s 13 lbs. I tell him to cut the shit and he listens lol. He’ll go hide under the bed for five minutes and then he comes to apologize by rubbing against my leg. Strange cat, that one. I guess some fighting is normal.

Do you have any cat trees? That dude on TV, the cat guy, I forget his name- always suggests shelves and cat trees. Cats like to be up high and they like their own space. It might help.

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