(Closed) Cat Owners Indoor vs. Outdoor!?

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    My Rubycat is an indoor cat. She was abandoned as a kitten and so she’s afraid of the outside anyway (she won’t stray from the house even if she can).

    I love that she’s indoors. My parents have an outdoor cat and they never see her! (they live in the country, though – so cars and stuff aren’t really an issue for her.)

    Last week she was really sick and was throwing up every 6-8 hours. Turned out she had a bad hairball that she couldn’t get out and I had to give her special stuff for it. If she were an outdoor cat, how would I have known that? She could have had a blockage in her gut and I would never have known and they can be fatal Frown

    Plus, I love how she follows us around and always wants cuddles.

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    Indoor. My last cat was outdoor but only because he was an epic escape artist and it just became impossible to keep him inside. I’m talking jump through the window (busting the screen) onto the roof over to the tree to get outside kind of escape artists. I believe he was a much happied cat when we started just opening the door for him. He lived about 16 years, the last few he didn’t really ever go outside.

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    My cats were mostly indoors and went out onto the balcony during the warmer months.  Now that they are out in the country, they are indoor/outdoor, but they both LOVE being outdoors more often then not.  Every cat that my family has owned as been an indoor/outdoor or strictly outdoors.  But, then again, living on a farm out in the country brings on a much different mentality then living in the city…


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    Our kitty is definitely an indoor cat.  We live in an apartment on a high floor, and we are too scared to let her on the balcony by herself.

    When I was a little kid our cats were both outdoor cats though, and one lived a very long and happy life, frolicing through fields and catching mice and throwing them up in the air hehe.  The other had a great life while we had her, but disappeared one day 🙁

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    Ours are all indoor.  Too many terrible things can and do happen to outdoor cats.  I had mostly outdoor or indoor/outdoor cats growing up, and two of them ran away, and another was always getting into catfights and then having to go to the vet because she was all beaten up.  DH only ever had two cats before we started dating, and they were both indoor/outdoor.  One was hit by a car and died, and the other ran away.

    Even if the outdoor cat doesn’t get hurt or run away or die because they’re outside, other things will.  The cat who got into all the catfights was a hunter extraordinaire.  She snatched hummingbirds out of midair when she was fifteen.  Then she brought them and all her other conquests (read: an entire family of baby bunnies in one week) to our front door.  It wasn’t terribly pleasant.

    We will only ever have indoor cats.

    That being said, one of our indoor cats really liked to run out the door and just roll on the warm porch outside.  I was okay with him doing that because I knew he wasn’t going any further, it was only for a minute or two at a time, and I was there with him the whole time.

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    My parents cat lives indoors most of the time, but sometimes (certain times of the year) only wants to be outside, she also does her business outside only, no litter boxes thank god.  I don’t know how you all deal with litter boxes ick!

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    Mine are indoor. We do have a balcony (with kitty fence) that they are allowed on and Mr. E is always building things for them to climb on.

    We live in a city, next to a pretty traveled road and parking lots and garages. I always see other indoor/outdoor cats hanging around (and occasionally we hear fights) — who knows how they’re taken care of and what diseases they might have — feline AIDS, feline leukemia, etc. Then there are the dog owners that don’t follow leash laws.


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    I am definitely interested in hearing everyone’s opinion on this!


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    My cat started as an outdoor cat when we first got her 14 years ago. Living at my family’s house, she was outdoor, had her own door to come and go as she pleased (we locked it at night to keep her in though). Then my parents’ moved to a new house when she was about 10 and kept her indoors since they were afraid she would run away from the new place. Then a year or two ago my Fiance and I inherited the cat and she’s lived indoors in a one-bedroom apartment. I feel kinda bad for her, going from outdoors to indoors in a big house to indoors in a small apartment…but she’s getting old and mostly seems content to sleep on the couch by the window all day…

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    Indoor only. Too many bad things can happen–other animals, other people, cars, etc. Future Brother-In-Law lost a cat because he and his wife brought their cats up here a few years ago and let them outside. Someone fed one of them antifreeze. A former coworker’s cat got out (on accident) and someone shot it. They ended up finding him with a bullet in his leg and had to amputate the leg. Our cats are allowed outside on our enclosed deck and will be allowed outside, supervised, when we get a house. 

    For those of you complaining about litter boxes, blame the lazy owners. We clean our boxes every day and there’s no smell. I don’t see any difference between cleaning out a litter box and scooping dog poop from your yard or on a walk. We have a family friend who has two cats and one small box that he fills to the brim with litter and cleans once a week. His cats tend to go outside the box because of that and it’s gross. It takes like two minutes to clean out the box.

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    Indoor only. They don’t belong outside. No domesticated animal does. (Minus dogs for bathroom use, of course)

    Fiance and his family always let their cats outside. It drives me absolutely insane. Fleas, ticks, other animals, cars, crazy people that like to torture animals for fun, all that is out there. IMO, You’re just setting your animal up for death.

    FI’s excuse? “Well, he never crosses the street.” Sigh.

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    @MsSkinnyLatte:  crazy people that like to torture animals for fun

    I know this all too well. When I was a kid, we “adopted” some stray cats in our neighborhood. We found one of “our” cats njured one day, not walking on his rear leg. One of the neighborhood boys had thrown him against a wall and broke his leg. Breaks my heart the things people do to animals. 🙁

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    Any non-livestock animal belongs indoors.  

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    Your neighbor was a terrible person! I probably would have poisoned them… 

    My boy is strictly indoor. Growing up we let our family cats out inthe yard with supervision and they’d stay in the fence, but my aunt had a cat a few years ago who became obsessed with the outside and he would escape the yard andspend 10+ hours a day wandering far. If she kept him inside, he was extremely unhappy. Eventually she decided to let him have what he wants so at least he’d be happy, and he was always good about coming back at night except one day he was caught by a coyote… she saw it happen from the kitchen window. What an awful thing to see, but at least she knew what had happened instead of forever wondering when he didn’t come home. 

    So because of that awful tragedy, I decides not to let Luke out at all in case he also developed a dangerous obsession with outside. 

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    We have an indoor one. It was born ferral but the mom never came back for the kittens.  DH bottle fed three of them… sadly only one survived.  I wish we took him out on walks, he loves to stalk and hunt paper and the dog, lol.

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