(Closed) Cat Owners Indoor vs. Outdoor!?

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    @MrsHoneyC:  warning… rant ahead: I have an indoor only cat. He and my dog get along with no problems (except the cat hunting my dog’s wagging tail after doing some catnip.) My neighbor has an outdoor cat who likes to go in our yard when my dog is out. It always seems to be at night so now I cannot let my dog out after dark which is really inconvenient and unfair IMO. He sees the cat as an intruder so he chases it and barks at it which I cant have at 10 at night. It is the only thing he barks at in the yard. I don’t want him to hurt the cat or for the cat to hurt him while defending itself. My neighbor gets upset that he chases the cat in OUR FENCED BACKYARD! I am one incident away from telling her to keep her damn cat inside or at least out of my yard! I think outdoor cats are fine some places but not in our urban neighborhood by two streets with heavy traffic. And if the cat is causing problems on your neighbor’s property multiple nights a week, shouldn’t you keep it inside rather than expect your neighbor not to use their own property?




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    i have 2 cats that are strictly indoors…. I love my cats to death and would never have considered to let them roam outdoors as they are my pets, and i wouldn’t want to shorten their lives in any way.  

    My neighbor has a cat he lets in and out.  whenever it’s out the poor thing is always on high alert of everything, especially the racoons and other strays in the area.  She always hides on my back deck on the table because the raccoons corner her up there.  I couldn’t imagine sending my cats out to fend for their lives daily.  not to mention the diseases they can get from being outdoors.  I love my cats too much to endanger their lives on purpose and i think if you have a cat as a pet, then have it as a pet.   People wouldn’t let their dogs run around free through the neighborhood so why their cats?   i hate that people always put dogs at a higher regard then cats and treat them like they are so disposable. 

    I also would have never known my one cat was diabetic if she was an outdoor cat because i discovered it through her behavior and litter box habits.  

    Anyway, that’s my opinion.  

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    When I had a cat (had to give away due to new onset allergies) he was indoor only. Anytime he would try and escape he would become terrified, stop and meow loudly after realizing what he had done. I would have to go and get him from wherever he was.

    I just passed a cat this morning on my way to work that had obviously been hit by a car. It made me really sad since I know that this was somebody’s fur baby. ๐Ÿ™

    Also, in our complex there are tons of out door cats roaming about…pooping in the various patches of dirt, spraying on people’s doors, leaving tidbits of dead animals etc. I don’t like the idea of your pet becoming someone else’s burden and since cats are wilding independent and roam there is no way a cat owner can convince me they know exactly what their cat does and where it goes during the day. Thankfully with my dogs the local cats leave our little yard alone.

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    When I owned cats, they were strictly indoor.  Outdoor wasn’t even an option for me.

    The only way I would have outdoor cats was if I lived on a farm and had barn cats or something.

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    My cats are outdoor-only. Once upon a time, they were indoor-outdoor, but due to certain circumstances, they have been banished to live outside.

    One has absolutely ZERO manners when it comes to the litterbox. She will pee and shit anywhere she sees fit. We have tried everything, including having her checked by a vet.

    The other cat has absolutley ZERO manners in general. Breaks everything, climbs up clothes, beats up my dogs, attacks my head viciously while I sleep, pukes on my pillow, computer keyboards, etc. And also refuses to use the litterbox, but only because he prefers to go outside. So that means being woken up regularly by a yowling cat.

    So, outside they stay. For our sanity.

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    Outdoor cats destroy the neighborhood’s bird and small reptile population – it’s a realllllly big deal! We keep our kitty strictly indoors!

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    I have two female cats – both are 15 (yes!). They are indoor and outdoor cats. We live in a rural town and there are barely any cars around, and we have a forest behind our house. They spend a lot of time outdoors, especially at night, as to go mouse-hunting. We trained them as kittens. We would only allow them out for a hour and keep our eye on them, then gradually increase this period of time. This allows them to be familiar with the exterior surroundings. Plus our neighbours knew our cats and would never do anything to them. We feel that it gives them freedom and they are generally happy cats. Now that they are 15, they do not go out as much (one rarely goes out at all now, and the other only goes out at night for short amount of times, but will come back in before we go to bed). 


    So it really depends on: a) where you live (country, sub-urban, urban), b) your relationships with your neighbours (will they approach the cats or leave them alone), and c) the amount of time you are willing to invest in training them at a very young age. 

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    My cat is mostly indoors but we walk him on a leash because if we don’t he tears doors and drapes to go outside. He was adopted when he was about 1 year old and he was an outdoor cat before that. Sometimes he dashes out the door when I came home from work and just rolls around in the street dust. I feel for him, he does not really care for fluffy blankets or fancy places to sleep. He is perfectly happy to roll in the dirt in the backyard or wonder around in the toll grass. I wish I could just let him go wonder, so he can be happy instead of miserable and safe.

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    Indoor only. DH lost his first cat (in college) when it just disappeared one day, and we’ve never considered anything else since. We live in the suburbs and there are very few outdoor cats in our neighborhood. There are cars, chemicals, dogs, and wild animals (nothing too dramatic, but skunks, raccoons and the occasional coyote) that I just don’t think domesticated cats are equipped to deal with. Maybe ours just aren’t super bright, though! One neighbor had an indoor/outdoor cat for many years and he was super smart, I swear he’d look both ways before crossing the street.

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    Indoor. The outdoors is a big scary place and I am an overprotective momma.

    We did try to take her outside (on a leash) since she loves to stalks birds from the window, but she is terrified and won’t go out. ๐Ÿ™

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    my cat (who lives with my parents) is an indoor outdoor cat. As she has gotten older, however, she spends alot more time indoors than outdoors. 


    When my Fiance and i decide to finally get our “furbaby” it will be strictly indoors. I don’t mind cleaning a litter box for the safety of my kitty ๐Ÿ™‚

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    When I had a cat, it was an indoor cat. I can’t see myself ever getting a cat again unless I move to the country and start a homestead (which I would like to do eventually). Then I’ll probably need a mouser, but it’ll stay outside (unless the weather was really bad, I guess…).

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    I forgot about how awful people can be.  That’s another reason my kitties stay indoors.  Several years ago, when I was in high school and under my parents’ roof, and therefore my cat was an outdoor kitty, I went outside one day only to discover that some asshole had SPRAYPAINTED MY CAT BLUE.  I kid you not.  My poor white kitty had bright blue blotches all over him for MONTHS as his fur grew out.  ๐Ÿ™

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    Growing up, we had many indoor/outdoor cats over the years. Most of them died due to things that would not have been an issue if they were indoor only: hit by cars, attacked by other animals and two had to be put down because of skin cancer from laying in the sun all the time.

    Now that DH and I have kitties of our own, we keep them indoors. One of my biggest fears is that they’ll get out. :/

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    My kitkat is indoor/outdoor.  Outdoor during the day, curfewed at sunset (which he laments because mum doesnt let him out when all the good hunting is happening)

    Yeah, we know the risks and currently kitty has a big chomp taken out of him by a neighbours’ dog and had been kept inside while he is on the mend.  He is very angry at us that he is not allowed out – particularly has tantrums over having to use the litterbox.

    Cat temperaments are different and I would probably worry more if my kitty wasn’t so clingy to home or if I lived in a more densely urban area.  I personally don’t like the ideas of restricting animals, even domestic ones (why I won’t ever own an animal that needs caging), so I didn’t want to own a cat until we had a nice big backyard for him.  Yes, sometimes he wanders off for an hour or so but mostly he just sits on the verandah in his big comfy armchair basking in the sunshine.  We actually bought a video camera that attaches to his collar and found that when he goes “wandering” he actually just sits on the other side of the fence most of the time!  haha. 

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