(Closed) Cat Owners Indoor vs. Outdoor!?

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    My kiity (or specifically, my fiance’s kitty) is indoor only. I couldn’ really imagine having an indoor/outdoor or outdoor only kitty. I am WAY too anal/ocd to let my cat out, not knowing where he was, and when and if he was coming back that day. If he was killed by a wild animal, I may not even know! Also, I like snuggling my face into the kitty, especially in bed. I think I would think the kitty is more “dirty” after going outdoors and would restrict my face-snorgling sessions ๐Ÿ˜›

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    my cat will literally go to the end of the opened garage door, take a look and go back inside…her feet have never touched the pavement…


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    I grew up with many cats, and while I can understand why many people choose to keep their cats indoors, I always thought my cats were happier and more active being able to go outside, so I (and my family) took the risk of letting them out. Not that I’ve done a double blind study or anything, but to us, it didn’t make sense to overshelter them in an attempt to protect them from every little thing.

    Cats are predators, afterall, and they want to hunt and explore. For the most part, they were perfectly able to protect themselves and survive outdoors, as cats have instinct to do. My cats have all died of old age and have lived fairly long lives.

    Most of my cats stayed near the yard and house, with the exception of one very macho blue cat I had. I loved that kitty, but he was roaming all over the neighborhood, so I ended up giving him to a family friend with a horse farm where he had plenty of land and woods to roam free. I also think female cats are more likely to stay in their own territory, so they’re more likely to stay safe. And obviously where you live makes a difference…I am from the midwest, in a suburb on the edge of a rural area.


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    Our cats come and go as they please. Some days, they’re outside the whole time. Some days, they don’t go out much at all. It’s up to them. 

    We live in an area with no real danger from other wildlife, and away from busy roads, but our main risk is traffic. But our cats LOVE being outside and are miserable indoors. 

    They hunt and we have to keep on top of our worming, flea and tick treatments. We have found solutions that work for us. 

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    Outdoor and indoor.  My cat cannot stand being indoors, and who could blame him?  I would hate being stuck indoors all the time.  But I hate it when he gets birds, so we’re making him wear bright ruffs around the collar so they get a warning, and we may get him a bib that prevents him from being able to catch them. 

    I do worry about him.  When I was a kid, we had cats that were hit by cars (thankfully my baby died of old age), and my beloved Tonks went missing one day.  She’s a tortie, so I think someone stole her, because I checked the shelters and they keep a list of those cats brought in that were deceased. 

    I’d like to build a cat enclosure so he can be outdoors but not be in danger.  Cats were not meant to be indoors.  No creature is meant to be indoors all the time.  But I agree it is dangerous for them, so I want to give him the best of both worlds.

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    My little boy has slight hearing problems so lives indoors. I always wanted an indoor cat, for many many reasons, but many people think it is cruel, so as a compromise I take him out on a lead!

    He gets to feel the elements, he smells new things, he watches the birds and chases bees, but he is 100% safe as I am with him. I try to take him out every evening. He loves it. Since taking him out on a lead he seems much less interested in trying to escape! (Which was a big worry).

    Each to their own but I love him too much to ever consider putting him at risk of getting run over etc. Also, there are some really nasty people in this world that like to harm animals just for fun. He isn’t missing out as he gets to go out, but he is safe because I am with him ๐Ÿ™‚ And yes…. I do look totally crazy!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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