(Closed) Cat owners: need ADVICE! I think I HATE our cat!! :-(

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Your kitty is still very young. Give her some time to mature. My cat was very stand-offish when she was younger. Now she’s very lovey dovey at night, but during the day she’s very selfish and wants to be left alone. 

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I can only reiterate what others have already said. Your cat is still young, she’ll take time to mellow out. And their personalities can change to a certain extent. As a kitten/young cat, my Burmilla was the most in-your-face creature I’d ever met, and off-the-walls crazy. She’d jump on tables, try to steal food off the chopping board when I turned my back in the kitchen, hid on top of furniture and then launch herself sugar glider style onto the head of whoever happened to be walking past. She was super cuddly and talkative and destroyed a lot of furniture.

She’s six now…and SO much calmer. In fact, she prefers to do her own thing most of the time. She still talks a lot, but doesn’t get up to mischief. 

I agree with removing her from the situation that she’s causing trouble in (ie the dinner table). Try upping her playtime too, so that you tire her out as much as you can. I know my cat is most active late at night (usually around midnight) so I try to wear her out as much as possible before I go to bed (otherwise she’ll sit next to her toys and howl until someone comes and plays with her).

Also, you should definitely clip your cat’s claws. I just use a normal nail clipper (a bigger one) and snip off the tip of each claw. It makes a huge difference (to your skin and your furniture).

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Keep in mind that punishments/corrections don’t work as well with cats as they do with dogs.  Dogs respond to a correction approach to training. While cats are somewhat trainable (despite what some people believe), they don’t respond to corrections, because as far as they are concerned, every “correction” is an “attack.”  This is because dogs are pack animals, and cats are not pack animals.  So while dogs exist in a pack structure, where corrections make sense because they correct one another (which we, as trainers, can use to our advantage), cats only see us attacking them, whether we’re simply making a loud noise, spraying them with water, etc.  The water trick works in the sense that the cat will learn that the water bottle is “dangerous,” but they’re not learning not to do things (like not to go on the counter, or not to scratch the sofa, or steal the food), they’re just learning to fear the water bottle because it attacks them.

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