(Closed) Cat peeing… baby on the way… pulling out my hair!

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My mother told of the same story when she gave birth, the cats went on a rampage. She had to put them out, you may have to do the same. Out door kitty’s they must become.

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Good luck!   I absolutely love cats, but they are so stubborn and breaking a habit is difficult!!!

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Awww, they’re cute offenders!!! That’s pretty typical of male cats, especially if they don’t have their testicles removed soon enough (or not at all).

First, have you taken them to the vet? It’s possible one or both of them have a UTI. Second, you seriously need to consider keeping a litter box upstairs. You don’t ever want a cat to have to “work” to get to the bathroom. If you could only go to the bathroom in the basement, would you be fond of going down there all the time?

Just a tip for rugs/towels/clothes that can be washed: use Borax (dry detergent) along with your regular detergent. That’s really good at getting the cat pee smell out.

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Just wanted to pop in and say Good Luck to you! I had a cat that had problems with this on and off for years. It didn’t matter – scoop her litter constantly, keep things off the floor, got rid of the other cat (they were not litter mates) etc. She’d still find a way. She was tested by the vet and always passed with flying colors.

She passed away earlier this year and I can’t believe how much less stressed I have been since. Don’t get me wrong, it was still very sad to lose a pet after 16 years but knowing what I know now, if I ever found myself in that situation again, I would consider rehoming the cat. I hope you find a solution that works for your family quickly, I knew first hand how frustrating it can be. 

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mrsaime :  Also – white vinegar. Add a cup directly into your washing mashine. Don’t worry – the smell rinses out in the wash. This also works great for stinky hubby socks and athletic gear. 😉

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We have a little stinker who gets territorial every so often and sprays (up until a few weeks ago has blessedly not done it in current home- came home one weekend to the house reeeeking and surprise surprise our downstairs neighbor got a cat which set him off)

A few thoughts suggestions I’m not sure I saw scanning the comments;

– When they pee on rugs/towels/mats and you’re able to see it, are they just peeing? Or assuming the ‘spray’ position (arching, tail up, sometimes a little wiggle) This could help figure out if its a marking issue or a pee issue

– have you tried the big litterboxes? Some cats really like lots of litter, maybe this is even why they use the bunched up items? We take rubbermaid bins (the big ones you would pack away out of season clothes in) cut a hole in the lid and then usually fill it up with almost a whole 20ish lb box of arm and hammer litter

– I know you said you worry about having a box on the main level when baby is there, but if you’re still only seven months and purchasing another box anyways, it might be worth testing it for a week or two in the main level just to see if it makes any difference. If it *does* there are lots of creative ways to hide the box. Our current bathroom is too small to fit two litterboxes comfortably and the bedroom wasn’t an option, so we currently have a box in the living room. Inspired by this post http://www.ikeahackers.net/2013/10/ikea-hack-besta-storage-cabinethidden-cat-litter-boxes.html  we hacked an ikea desk and it just looks like a little study corner.

– I’ve had friends who have had really good luck with the wheat type litters, and supposedly they’re easier to clean.

– I know you mentioned nature’s miracle, and doing the not scrubbing technique, have you tried a shampooer? I’ve found that the nature’s miracle only works on certain materials, and in our old place I didn’t get the cat to stop peeing until I used a little hand shampooer with animal odor formula, then did the nature’s miracle.


wishing you luck! I love our babies but dealing with a pee monster is sooo frustrating, to me the smell never goes away no matter how much its cleaned and I feel like every person who comes in our house must smell it (even though my SO and our friends say they don’t notice, idk maybe I’m just oversensitive)

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Hi, here are some suggestions.

1. Appointment with a new vet. Maybe it’s not a UTI, but kidney stones and other issues can cause peeing. First rule out a medical condition.

2. Litter box changes. If your boxes are closed, switch to open. Vets recommend one litter box per cat + 1. I would add a third and make sure the boxes are far enough apart, have a little privacy, and are in attractive spots (like a quiet corner as opposed to right next to the washing machine). Make sure your husband is really scooping every day.

3. If all else fails and it is a behavioral thing, prozac can solve this problem.

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I really really think your best bet is to put a box close to where they are currently peeing. Just test it out. Which is worse for you:a litter box on the main level or cat pee on the rug?

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All of those cleaners that you’re buying to get rid of the smell do not work because most of them contain either ammonia, heavy perfumes or both. I’ll give you a natural remedy that works to get the smell out.

1)mix water and white vinegar, equal parts. Spray or pour over the spot. Let it set for a while. This neutralizes the odor. Blot up the excess with a towel or rug scrubber. 

2) mix a half bucket of water with two tablespoons each of regular dawn and baking soda. Peroxide may be added as well. Scrub that really well and then blot the excess or use a scrubber. 

Good luck. 


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My cat started doing this when my fiance (then-boyfriend) moved in with me with all his stuff that he brought over from his mother’s house–his mother has nine cats!

I had a little closet space under the stairs that had a flimsy accordion closet door that I removed because it kept coming off the track. He put boxes of stuff that he didn’t want to unpack yet, such as out-of-season clothes, in that space. My cat pissed all over everything in there because it smelled like nine unknown cats (even though they hadn’t pissed on his stuff, it still smelled like them.)

Even after diligently cleaning everything, the behavior persisted so we installed a door and we keep it shut. Problem solved.

I would shut off the main areas where the cats like to do their problem-spraying (you mentioned the kitchen) and just keep your stuff picked up. Put away toys after the baby is done playing with them.

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