(Closed) Cat peeing outside litterbox! AHH

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@caseylynn19: Seeing as he’s peeing on “soft” surfaces, I’d say there’s probably something that is in pain.

I’d take him to the vet to rule out a UTI. Is he still pooping in the litter box?

What is the new litter like compared to the old?

Have you tried cleaning the litter box every day?

Is he fixed?

Is he declawed? If so, when?

Any changes in the household recently?

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I have a cat that is super particular about his litter.  The box must be cleaned daily and then emptied and completely cleaned with soap and water once a week.  He also took the liberty of peeing on any sort of paper that is on the floor – so we have to keep the house SUPER tidy.  He also does not like scented litter – which we learned a bit too late.  Some cats are just super particular about where they go to the bathroom.  Just make sure you clean the areas where they go to the bathroom outside of the box really really well, so they won’t go to that spot and use it again….

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@caseylynn19: Ditto to KatNYC’s advice/questions. I’d also say get rid of the old litter from the other house, clean and wash the litter box entirely and start fresh. It could be even the smell of the other cat on the outside of the box of litter, etc.

You could also look into a product called Feliway (I always spell that wrong, so maybe someone can correct me there!) that release pheremones to calm cats. My mom used it all the time for her old cat who liked to spray and it worked like a charm. My vet recommended it to me when my kitten was peeing outside of the box all of a sudden (on clothes, reusable bags, etc). She stopped all of a sudden and I never used it, but I’ve held on to it just in case. I know a few pet owners on the boards here swear by it.

Another thing would be to get another litter box. I know my vet recommends 2 boxes/cat. It seems overkill I know, but hey, whatever works right?

ETA – My vet also recommended not using litter boxes with the lids/hoods on them. Cats have a VERY keen sense of smell so while the boxes with the lids are wonderful for humans who don’t want to smell litter, they’re terrible for kitties who are trapped in a box full of the smell of their poop.

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My cat is doing the same thing! She all of a sudden is peeing where ever, I caught her on the rug and I chased her and tossed her in the litter box, she seemed to have stopped going on the rug but now she goes on the floor in the bathroom, which I guess is better and easier to clean up but the smell is awful!!

Maybe go back to his old litter and see if that was the problem? If not he might have an infection (mine did) and he may have to go to the doctor.

Use white vinegar to get the smell out. I know it sounds like it would just make the smell worse, but it gets the smell out and then I spray it with febreeze and you can’t smell it anymore.

good luck!

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We ha this problem over the winter with my cat. He just did not want to use the litter box. He was diagnosed with diabetes but once we got it under control the peeing still continued. We got spray that “erases” the scent so he wouldn’t be drawn to pee where he had peed before. It also releases something that de-stresses them. I want to say it’s called icky-poo or made by a company of that name or something. But we actually think the biggest reason he was peeing on places other than his litterbox was that he likes to pee outside and couldn’t during the winter months. He’s stopped now that he can go out again. 

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My sisters kitty did this, she had a UTI. The Vet explained that she knew she was suppose to go in the litter box but she associated it with pain so she would pee right outside of it. They had to give her medecine but she fully recovered and the pee is back in the litter box!

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My one male cat does the same thing occasionally. He doesnt have any urinary problems – he literally just does it to spite us. He will do it if we go away for a weekend and he is upset or even if we close our bedroom door at night so he isnt able to sleep in our room. He has peed on beds, chairs, laundry, suitcases, backpacks, my painting supplies….everything. Definitely change his litter back to what you were using before. He probably doesnt like the smell of it. Also, is there anything you are doing differently? Like was he allowed in certain rooms before and now isnt?

For cleaning purposes – Nature’s Miracle is the best stuff out there. But it is expensive. They have spray and also laundry detergent that you can use and it really does work. I dont know what you can do if it has seeped into your mattress though, Good luck!!

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@KatNYC2011:  I’m going to second the UTI.  I had a male cat when I was younger and he did the same thing when he had UTIs. 

How often do you clean out the litterbox?  I do it daily for our two cats and I think that helps a lot, too.  The only time our cats go outside the box is when it appears to be an accident (they ‘miss’ somehow).

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Maybe you should take your cat to the vet. Just to make sure nothing is wrong. My cat started peeing everywhere after I left for college. A few months later, she died 🙁 I’m not saying this is what will happen to your cat, but it’s worth a try to see if it’s a bladder infection or something more serious.

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@caseylynn19: aww he is adorable!!

We actually started letting him in because of the peeing issue. We were initially closing him out because my husband was afraid he was going to pee in our room overnight. But then once he started peeing every time we kept him out of the bedroom….we realized that maybe we should let him in. Now he sleeps with us every night and doesnt pee.

Actually a few weeks ago my husband closed our bedroom door before he left for work (which we NEVER do because thats where the cats sleep during the day) and lo and behold I came home and he had peed all over my painting supplies.

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I think you should take you cat to the vet sooner rather tan later.  You need to rule out anything physical before you exhaust other things.  I know you said the vet is expensive, but that’s the way it goes.  But yeah, if it’s not physical, it could be a million other tings.  I’d start with changing back to the old litter.  Cats are creatures of habit.  In fact, I’d change the litter out completely (wash and everything) and if that doesn’t help within a day, bring him to the vet.

Hope it gets resolved!

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