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Honey Beekeeper
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Personally I don’t find cats that expensive. Well, mine were because they had ringworm =]. But i have issues with only having ONE animal b/c they need a playmate and if you aren’t home all day to babysit him, and they are kittens, they get into trouble and knock things over and make a mess. The up-front costs are the most I think. After that, it is not so pricey.I barely notice it in my finances; it truly is minimal! Revolution in the summer costs me like $150 all summer….mine are also 100% indoors.

I’d consider getting two if you’re going to get one. Less trouble and they play with each other and are happier. They are much much less mischevious, I swear! A little more poop to scoop but I barely notice it! I spend $20 on a huge 20lb bag of cat food (the iams natural kind), $40 on canned food, and $40 on litter….the wet food lasts 2 months, the dry food lasts 4 months and the litter lasts about 3 months.I feel like I’m hardly buying them stuff. As for toys, I just buy them a handful and they love the same ones. They mostly love to play with themselves though. The wet food is just a treat..i’d definitely spend less if i went all-dry.

I have a long haired himalayan and a long haired exotic and I just vacuum regularly and BRUSH THEM every night. Totally crucial. I also keep a lint-roller handy. The fur doesn’t bug me so much…it’s like a daily reminder of their love =]

I’d get the kitty in need and in a month I’d get him a friend. I don’t think it’s fair to leave him alone all the time! They really do make bigger messes that way. If you can afford him, go for it. I live alone though and have no companionship, so my two boys are my world right now and make me happy every day of my life. I’m pretty sure I’d be so lonely and depressed without them I’d go crazy =].

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Buzzing bee
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Take her in! But this is coming from someone who runs an animal sanctuary!


But the time sounds right and she is already neutered and has her shots! A great deal that saves you money! Besides, if HUMANS arrived only when they were planned for, MOST of us wouldn’t be here!

Give the kitty a home!

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We have two cats, both technically short hairs… but one is really more a medium short hair, and sheds a lot! Holly, my fine-haired calico, barely sheds. You can really tell just by petting her because fur doesn’t come off in your hands. Maybe you can foster a cat for an animal shelter (or your friend!) and see how the fur thing goes. Cleaning daily always helps, too, but who has time for that? 

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Take her! Both of our family cats were lost/ strays and we eventually kept them because no one was looking for them during their fostering period.

They are super cheap to maintain and make very great and affectionate company! I also have my own cat and my FH always wants him to spend time over at his place! Whenever he isn’t around, we both miss him a lot.  Costs shouldn’t be an issue though, you only pay for food and litter and regular vet check ups and shots.

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Honey bee
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I agree with EJS.  Take the kitty and get him a friend (maybe not right now, but eventually)  I had a single cat for three years and she was always sorta skittish and weird.  She cried a lot at night.  We got her a friend and her personality has done a complete 180.  She’s so happy and chill.

As for shedding…first, feed high quality food and the cat will shed less.  I feed mine Before Grain dry food in the am and Triumph wet food in the PM.  For two small cats (one is 6lbs, one is 9 lbs) it costs me about $40/month to feed them.  Besides that, just sweep and vacuum often, and put a blanket down on the couch if you allow them on it.  (We have a white couch, but we keep a blanket on it when we don’t have visitors, because the cats sometimes sleep there)

Also, get the furniture pet hair remover thing (I think Scotch brand)  It looks like a lint roller and works really well.  As for your clothes, I would just say a lint roller.  I’ve never noticed cat hair on my clothes really. 

As for vet visits, unless they’re sick, they only have to go once a year.  And cats are cheaper to treat for illnesses and such than dogs.  Also, you can save money on shots by going to the ASPCA van, or a similar program in your area.

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Busy bee

Take the kitty!!  I just got my kitten two weeks ago, and it was the best decision ever!

I was a little concerned right before I brought him home.  I doubted my ability to give him a “forever home.” But from the moment I saw him, it’s been great.  He’s such a joy, he makes us smile and he honestly brought us closer together.  I just took him to the vet, and honestly, it’s not that expensive in the grand scheme of things as they say.  Plus, the expensive part is the spaying/neutering and then the shots–that’s all been done for you.  My kitten is the only pet we have, but we spend a ton of time with him, and even check in on him during the day.  He is adjusting well, and does not destroy things out of boredom.  He has plenty of toys to keep him busy and happy.  If you are on the fence about the kitten, just go meet him/her and see if it’s the right fit. 

EDIT:  I forgot about the shedding.  It’s not an issue for me.  I started brushing him when he came home, and he’s comfortable being groomed now.  It makes my life a lot easier to brush him every few days.  I haven’t had a problem yet.

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Worker bee

Last weekend, my fiance just bought me a 9 week old kitten as a graduation present! He’s sooo cute!!

I named him FlipFlop because he flops over onto his back all the time and just lays there and then he stretches out his paws like he’s waving!

I also got a video of him attacking a stain on the floor yesterday! You can see the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TFWePVxvc0


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Honey Beekeeper
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I got mine within 8 weeks of each other when they were babies…when they are little, they adjust very easily and quickly. Within a couple days they were bounding all over each other and I even caught them sleeping together a few times =]. I figured at 4 months he’d adjust quickly to a buddy, so if you think you’ll want two, do it quickly! But yeah, i’d be skeptical about doing it with an older cat. They don’t like it as much!

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Sugar bee
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๐Ÿ™‚ I would adopt another if I could, but we already have 2, and my fiance says it’s an adopted greyhound next time.  I can’t complain, since I got to pick out the other two.  But you are cat ppl and you have a house to yourself – it’s a sign! get her! 

And, Post pics!!

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Bumble bee
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I would take her, but I am a suckah for teh kittehs!

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Honey bee
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@MaryJane: Yeah, I think I got pretty lucky.  If you were to take this kitten, it would have a much easier time adjusting to a new buddy because it is so young.  Liza was four when we got Maude (who was 1) and we had quite a bit of difficulty at first but now they are best buds.

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Cats are pretty cheap and easy – it’s not like getting a puppy that you’d have to train and walk, etc. And one argument for getting the kitten now is that it can get used to your schedule. If you get a cat when you have a lot of time to focus all of your attention on that cat, when you do get busy again (get a job, go back to school), that cat might have a hard time readjusting and then act out. As for two cats, if you do it, like others have said, do it now. I had 1 cat for about 7 years and then, at a time when my fiance and I were working a lot, she seemed really sad and lonely, so I got a 2nd one, and really, the first one just wanted to be the only cat in the house. It took some major readjusting, but she does finally tolerate him now.

For hair – great new product on the market by Pledge for furniture. They sell it to only use one time and be disposable, which I think is such a waste, so we just pull all the hair out and use it over and over. But it does work wonders!

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Worker bee
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LOL MissRain…love the LOLspeak ๐Ÿ™‚

Haha I agree with so much of what’s been said there’s not much point writing, but I do love talking about teh kittehs so I’m going to anways!

I say wait and get pair of kitties when you’re ready–same as has been said, get them at the same time.  We got a brother and sister and they would not be the same without each other!  They really do keep each other company when we’re gone and were pretty easy as kittens because of this.  Also I recommend good cat food as well, we use Innova and it definitely keeps the shedding waaay down, and also keeps them healthy (and no worrying about poison-chinese-factory catfood scares).   Then we use the Furminator to get rid of the undercoat…20 bucks on amazon, do it every few weeks, and you will have a noticeable difference in how much fur you are *not* picking up on your cloths and sheets etc ๐Ÿ™‚

And if anyone disagrees with me, please tell me I’d love to hear more!–but I am cutting back on vaccinations.  I have read some veterinary sites on the subject and it seems that animals today are overvaccinated.  Not only is it unnecessary–after the initial shots and rounds of boosters, they should be protected for at least 3 years, not 1 year–but some shots, like rabies, can actually cause tumors at the injection site later in life.  So I am spreading out the vaccinations now…saves some $$$ and also I feel better about their future health.  Oh though I should mention that they are 100% indoor cats…we live in a high rise so they have no chance of escaping ๐Ÿ™‚

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