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@tallgal:  In my cat experience once they started peeing and it is not due to a medical issue it will not stop. You will likely have to get rid of your cat as hard as that sounds.

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If it’s only happening on the bed, then just ban the cat from your bedroom.  Problem solved.

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Our cat was doing the same thing!  gym bag, closet floor, sneakers, any clothes on the floor…  She is fixed, has a clean litter box, plenty of fresh water and food.  The doctor also ruled out infection but told us that if she isn’t drinking enough water, then it might be uncomfortable for her to pee.  Hence using whatever she can find to pee on.

What we randomly tried (and it worked!) was putting water dishes in different places over the house.  We have one in our bedroom under a table and one in the living room, as well as the one next to her food dish. 

The peeing has stopped and she loves having water anywhere she goes. 

I suggest trying it… who knows…it might work for you too!

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How many litterboxes do you have?  Are you keeping them cleaned consistently?  Did your vet give any antibiotics to your cat?  Often times, urinating is the only sign that a cat may be ill – the vet cannot detect everything.  Perhaps go back in and ask for an antibiotic shot.  I had a cat who was urinating out of the box, and this solved my problem.

Also, if you have more than a 1 floor house, consider getting a litterbox on each floor.

OP, you do not have to get rid of your cat because it is urinating.  The problem was solved once before, so you can fix it again.  There is a reason she is doing this – take her back to the vet and see if you can get an  antibiotic shot, or bloodwork done.  Also, pets are like children.  It’s possible that your cat is jealous of the lost attention that you are now giving to your dog & unborn child.  He could simply be acting out on that jealousy.  Try giving him extra attention to see if that curbs his bad behavior at all.

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I bet the cat is jealous both of the pregnancy / baby and the new dog.  She is probably acting out to try to get additional attension because of all the changes in her life.

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Cats can also act up when you’re pregnant. They can smell a difference in you and they change. It may end once you have your child.

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I agree- try extra water spots around the house. And see if your cat likes to drink out of the faucet. My cats LOVE to drink out of the bathroom faucet, and every morning and evening they RUN into the bathroom to get water! One of my cats has started sleeping in the sink early in the morning so she is first in line for the fresh water! LOL. I don’t mind it, because I know they are getting water.

Also, try giving your cat a lot of extra attention. He can definitely sense a difference in you when you are pregnant, and he might be acting out. Consciously take a few minutes at different times during the day to snuggle and cuddle with him, and talk to him. 

And last– see if your doc would consider antibiotics just in case. The infection might be very small but it might be causing him discomfort. 

Oh– and one more thing… sometimes cat continuously pee in the same place once they’ve marked it because of the smell (even if you can’t smell it). I’m sure you don’t want to get a new bed, but maybe try a plastic matress wrap so that your cat can’t smell even the faintest odor of old cat pee.

GOOD LUCK! I’m sure he’ll come around! I don’t think you need to get rid of him! 

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If your vet has ruled out a medical issue, it’s probably psychological. We had this issue with one of our cats. Even though our cat no longer pees/sprays on our bed, he is no longer allowed in our bedroom just in case.

We made sure that the litterbox was being changed as often as possible. We bought a kitty pheromone plug-in which helps relax the cat. And we had to show him some extra love and the problem has gone away. He’s probably jealous between the new dog and knows that there’s a baby coming along. He’s not the only one anymore!

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My cat did this last year and I thought I was going to lose my mind.

First things first, you’ve got to figure out the way. It sounds psychological. Your cat is probably feeling jealous over the pregnancy–have you been busier than usual? Try spending more time with the cat giving it extra attention–lots of petting!

You also need to get rid of the urine smell. Even though you can’t tell, the cat can. No matter if you fix the problem, the cat will continue to pee on thigns it’s already marked. I suggest a good steam cleaner over the carpet spots!

In my case, this happened 2 times. The first was because he was lonely. I got him a friend and it stopped. The 2nd time was because I catsat for a friend and he got very territorial. Once the other cat was gone, he kept going in the same spots. Once I’d cleaned those thoroughly, he stopped. Good luck!!

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Take your cat to the vet to make sure nothing is wrong, then get another litter box & see if that helps!

Good luck!

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I agree with the PPs the that cat is jealous of the pregnancy. They definitely know. My sister’s cat starts cuddling and sleeping with her whenever she’s pregnant (she’s currently pregnant with #3) when the rest of the time the cat couldn’t care less if she was around.

You might want to try purchasing Feliway from your vet or online. It’s a feline pheromone that makes them more calm and relaxed. It really helped for my mom when her cat was spraying around the house. It does say in the FAQ section that it’s safe to use around pregnant women 🙂

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You could also try putting something citrusy smelling in your room. Cats don’t like the scent, so they will steer clear.

We had the same thing happen with ours, but he actually had a bladder infection which was cured with antibiotics, so he isn’t doing it anymore. I do like the idea of leaving water in other places as well, we may try that! I always worry he isn’t drinking enough, because he seems to like moving water and we don’t have a cat fountain for him to drink out of

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We had an issue with one of our cats peeing on the floor for awhile. After ruling out infection, we locked her in the room with the litter box (and food and water) for a couple days to make sure that she wasn’t “scared” of it (we went in to visit her and play with her, of course). She continued to pee on the same spot after that, so we ended up blocking her out of that section of the house. She hasn’t done it since.

Is the litter box close to your room? Maybe add another one like PPs have said and try keeping the cat out of the bedroom at night using a gate or by shutting your door. I have seen this issue on the boards before with a small dog– and one of the posters said that their vet chalked it up to the dog being upset about hormone changes or something…? My Darling Husband is midway through vet school and had never heard of anything like that though (not to say it’s not true, just that I don’t really have any info to contribute).

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like, @bakerella, I recommend Feliway. It REALLY helped one of our cats with her peeing outside the box and overgrooming issues.   

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