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Busy bee
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I would say it’s not entirely normal. My cat will throw up her food if she ate really fast and was excited. Maybe that happens once a month. 

They had all types of issues until we switchef to grain free food. It had been smooth sailing since. I think you (or your DH) should call the vet and ask if they need to be checked out. If they are vomitting excessively, it could be worms or something. 

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Helper bee

Cats can vomit (somewhat) frequently. Mine usually vomits when he eats too much food too fast. If they don’t have any poo problems (aka really smelly or really soft), then the food you’re feeding them is probably fine. I would try feeding them a slightly lower quantity so they don’t eat it all at once and barf it up.


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Sugar bee
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@Mars62312:  To a degree, it can be normal– it really depends on the cat.

If I suddenly started finding vomit all over the house, or lots of it hidden anywhere in the house from OUR cat– I’d likely take her in because that’s not normal for HER.

BUT, I did have a Siamese before her.  For her- as she aged, she’d start to eat faster each time she ate- and she started to have a sensitive stomach.  She slowly started vomiting more and more over time.  She lived a long life though- just had a rough tummy.

Even our 3 year old doesn’t cough up a hairball- I think I’ve seen her vomit 2-3 times tops since she was a kitten.


It’s definitely normal that you would find any vomit hidden– even when my old cat who vomited often, she would find a way to hide it– and she got creative!!


Ask your husband if this is normal– he might be able to tell you about those specific cats!

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Buzzing bee
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Well I guess it’s sort of good that your husband says that they’ve always done that. Now we know it’s not a new behavior. What kind of food are they eating? Are they eating lots of unhealthy treats or table scraps? I would recommend a good quality grain free food. Cheap foods with by-products can be hard for cats to digest. They have special foods that are for sensitive stomachs

Do they eat their food quickly? Like a couple other bees said- my cat will vomit if he eats too fast. It’s not even chewed food, it’s whole pieces like he inhaled it haha. Do the cats get along? Are they having other symptoms- like peeing in weird places? If so, it might be stress related. I’d make sure they aren’t getting into anything they shouldn’t eat as well. Like certain houseplants can be poisonous to cats.


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Bumble bee
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My cat vomited last night…exactly as you described.  But he was incredibly hyper and was running around, scarfed down dry food, and then 10 minutes later when he went to eat wet food he puked up the dry food.  My other cat puked in the beginning of the week – it was a hair ball though, mixed with dry food.  Lol.  Doesnt sound like you have anything to worry about – just start looking under the bed more!

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Helper bee
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Do you feed them wet or dry food? If you feed them dry food, what does the vomit look like (gross question, I know)? Is it basically in the same form as the dry food, or is it more liquid? I ask because one of my cats consistently eats his food too quickly and then throws it up – but when he throws it up it’s literally not chewed or digested or anything…it just looks like regular dry food. If he ever threw up a while after eating and had digested the food, it would be more liquidy and would signal to me that there is something wrong.

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Buzzing bee
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i have 3 cats and they never throw up, that i know of anyway! id get them checked out:(

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Busy bee

If it’s constant vomit, every day, then there’s something not right. If it’s vomit that you find now and then, it’s probably normal. I have one cat who occasionally throws up, maybe once every few months. Usually she eats too fast.

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Busy bee
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My cat vomits a lot for a cat, but we’ve watched her and she only seems to vomit if she eats her food way too fast or if we had given her a small snack and she finished off her meal shortly later. 

My cat will usually go and clean it up on her own if we hadn’t noticed it yet but not too long ago we found some old patched behind the couch and under our bed that she just never got back to.

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@Mars62312:  Sometimes they have hair in their digestive track and it makes them vomit without the hair actually coming up. I would start giving them hairball food (we do a mix of 50% light food–we have one that us fat–and 50% hairball) or give them hair ball “meds” that they can lick off your finger. (my cats dont like it, so I just smear it into their fur, so they lick it off)


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