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Helper bee
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I’ve never had a cat that wasn’t fixed, but I have heard that if you don’t fix male cats, they spray urine to mark their territory.

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Buzzing bee
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If he appears to be in pain, he might have a urinary tract infection or something along those lines. If you can (or want to…) you can inspect his fluffybits (that’s what we call them) to see if it’s red, irritated, or if there are crystals forming. All are signals there’s something wrong.

Our cat started doing this, and had a UTI. After, we started feeding them a can of urinary health food in addition to their dry food about twice a week. It has helped.

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Buzzing bee
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It is common for male cats to have UTIs so that would be my guess. Ask your vet about the food brand you should feed him and make sure he has plenty of fresh water. Make sure his litter box is clean. Good luck and feel better, kitty!

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Honey bee
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Before we got our male cat fixed, he was constantly spraying. It stopped after he was fixed.

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Sugar bee
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Time for a trip to the vet!  Sounds like a UTI or just that he’s looking for some lovin’ and needs to get snipped.  

Also, you ARE sure he’s a he, right?  lol…I only ask because females in heat tend to exhibit similar behavior: spraying and making mournful yowls, (they also become extremely affectionate, and when you pet them and/or scratch at the base of their tail, they will crouch down and “march” in place with their back feet). 

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Bumble Beekeeper
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You need to get him neutered! Our cat was spraying when we first got him (when he was a kitten) and once we got him neutered he stopped for the most part.

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Bee Keeper
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@Mrsgurzakovic: I certainly hope it’s not a UTI.  One of my male cats had a UTI and it was horrible.  He wasn’t peeing all over, but was acting a bit more mellow than normal.  He was also in some pain as well.  So bad that when I came home from work, he was underneath the bed crying.  I brought him to the emergeny vet clinic that evening and he ended up staying over night and needed a mini-surgery and fluids.  The vet said that if I had waited much longer, he would’ve died.  Hopefully, your baby is just marking his territory and not in any pain. 

@Miss Apricot: I agree.  Could the he, be a she?  An ex’s female cat did the same thing that you described. 

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Honey Beekeeper
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I think just like with humans, sometimes a UTI only hurts when you are actually trying to urinate.  If he is having problems, he could associate them with the box, which might be why he is going all over the house.

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Busy bee
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There’s also stuff at pet stores that you can add to the litter box that can indicate whether your cat has a UTI. For the life of me I can’t think of what it’s called or exactly how it works (I think the urine may turn the sand blue or something), but it could help you get to the root of your problem and have a little more info for the vet – especially because it’s awfully hard for a vet to get a clean urine sample from a cat in order to diagnose a UTI.

Also, if you want kitty to drink more water (as he should if it’s a UTI), get him one of those bubblers or fountains. Cats really do like to drink moving water more than still water, on the whole. I know they seem like a gimmick, but my cat and my mom’s cats love theirs and they DO drink more now.

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Buzzing bee
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@sweetcrackers: Yeah, for the most part cats don’t drink as much water as they should, so anything you can do to increase their intake is great. That’s why we feed dry food mainly, but throw in canned wet food. They get a lot of water from it.

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Honey bee
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I’m going to agree with PPs and say that it’s probably either a UTI or just that your cat needs to be fixed.  Please please get him fixed so he doesn’t impregnate any other kitties!  There should be low-cost services in your area if needed.

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