(Closed) Cat Scratching at Door at Night

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I have to give my cat a bowl of dry food right before I go to bed so that he will sleep (and let me sleep) thru the night. If I lock them out of my room they bang on the door until I open it. For some reason one of my cats despises closed doors. 

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She’s bored and doesn’t like being isolated from you. Perhaps you could change where you’re keeping the cacti and other stuff so she can come and go to your bedroom at night as she pleases. Cats pretty much love going wherever they can’t get into. 

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Helper bee

We tried keeping my cat locked out of the bedroom for weeks (my fiance wasn’t used to pets), and he pretty much meowed and scratched all night every night. My only solution? I had to let him in, haha. Let the cat into the bedroom, get earplugs, and move the cacti to a higher shelf. Cats are so persistent, I doubt she’ll ever stop trying to get into the same room you guys are locked in.

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Have you seen that show My Cat from Hell? There was a similar instance and that cat whisperer tv show host Jackson Galaxy recommended, among other things, putting this air… air horn? now quite sure what you call it, but a motion triggered device that blows a big puff of (silent) air. Stick it in the corner in front of the closed door facing out, and after a while the cat will associate going to the door with getting air blown in the face, which of course they hate. I’ve read elsewhere it works! Wish I could remember what they call the thing!

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FossilLady:  Unfortunately my cats love tinfoil, so that might be why that didn’t work. I’ve had the same issue, but with the cat crying outside our door. It sounds mean, but it works pretty quickly (at least for me). Get a couple cheap little water guns from the dollar store, and when your cat starts scratching, open the door and squirt them. Do that every time for a couple days, and they should get the point. You need to negatively associate that behavior with getting squirted with water. 

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Have you tried to put the double sided tape outside the door? I’m not sure how well it would stick if you have carpet but you could give it a try. I’ve found that cats just really hate when they aren’t allowed somewhere. I can’t even go to the bathroom with te door shut without my cat throwing a fit lol

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I wouldn’t just give in; it’s not terribly unreasonable to have the cat stay out of your room at night. There are some good ideas here, until you find a working solution maybe you could pad the door in some way so you can’t hear the scratching?

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FossilLady:  Fiance and I are in the same boat. Our cat is obsessed with my Fiance. I’m really not kidding. When he comes home she goes crazy and if he doesn’t pick her up immediately, she starts meowing in this really forlorne way. At night, she insists on sleeping in bed with us. Normally, I’d be fine with it, but I’m the same way: Light sleeper, easily woken, and our cat will eventually get up and start messing around with stuff or want to leave (only to return thirty minutes later). If I get woken up, I rarely fall back asleep, and I have spent many early mornings being woken at 3am and laying there defeated until my alarm goes off at seven. 

Our cat will sit outside our door and meow and scratch for what feels like hours. She’s also realized that our door is pretty cheap and flimsy, so if she lifts her paw underneath it and tugs it makes a snapping noise, so if the scratching and crying weren’t bad enough, she’ll bang on the door until we let her in. So far, the only things we’ve found that work are either playfully chasing her away from the door a few times and hoping she gets the hint or waiting until she falls asleep in the living room and then slipping into the bedroom. Honestly, it’s just Fiance. If she doesn’t see him, she doesn’t want to come in the room, so I make him sneak in or stay out until she’s asleep. I know, we’re bad cat parents. 

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We had to keep our cats out of our room for awhile.  I just bought some cheap squirt guns and opened the door and squirted them when they did that.  They got the point pretty quickly and stopped doing it.  Now they are allowed back in (we leave our door open).

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Bumble bee
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FossilLady:  Try to set up a scratching post nearby with catnip spray (if your cat reacts to catnip). This will give a constructive activity for your cat.

Also, does your cat like lasers? It may behoove you to buy a remotely operated laser light like this http://store.petsafe.net/frolicat-dart  and turn it on the 20 minutes when you head to bed. I’m thinking there might be a way to hack it to turn on a few times a day remotely, but that might take some research and work.

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Our cats do the same thing!  Fiance is allergic to cats so we don’t allow them into the bedroom at all and our cats will pick at the bottom of the door to the point where they’re literally digging away at the particle board (or whatever the door is made of lol).  Our solutions was to put a baby gate (a plastic one) in front of the door locked in between the door jambs.  It means we have to high-step it into the bedroom all the time BUT it does keep them from picking at the door.

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FossilLady:  I had exactly the same problem with my cats. One cat used to get shut in the spare room at night (with litter tray and water and a bed so not as bad as it sounds) but the other cat couldn’t get locked in with him as they would fight. So, she roamed and would keep me awake. Running all over me, scratching on bedroom furniture. I tried shutting the bedroom door, she would not only scratch it but bang against it, tear up the carpet and I was worried about landlords/ neighbours.


So.I came up with the idea of crating them both at night. I checked with my vet as it isn’t that common to crate dogs her let alone cats and he said it was 100% fine as long as they had room for a litter tray. So, I bought extra large dog crates (big enough for a great Dane – so no one dare tell me that crating them is cruel!) the have a bed, food and water bowls, a suspended hammock, a scratch pad, litter tray and toys and they have a crate each.

I feed them now at bed time and then walk straight into their crate and sleep all night and don’t make a fuss. They are happy, I am sleeping better. I have made each crate their own special den and at night time they literally wait by their crate doors. Worth a shot!


By The Way, if you want I can take a photo of their set ups if you want and happy to answer any questions.

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Our kitty loves to “groom” me in the middle of the night (chew my hair, lick my face) and when I shoo him away he thinks I am playing. We locked him out of the bedroom but he would just scratch the door. My fi came up with the idea of taping a bath towel to the door so if kitty scratched he would only be scratching the towel. We wrapped it around underneath too which made it harder for him to stick his paws under and bang the door. Might be something to try!

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