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No, they aren’t! 🙂 And they were never SUPPOSED to be sold, although as with many things, local scam artists twisted the situation to their advantage:

One never could “buy” indulgences. The financial scandal surrounding indulgences, the scandal that gave Martin Luther an excuse for his heterodoxy, involved alms—indulgences in which the giving of alms to some charitable fund or foundation was used as the occasion to grant the indulgence. There was no outright selling of indulgences. The Catholic Encyclopedia states: “t is easy to see how abuses crept in. Among the good works which might be encouraged by being made the condition of an indulgence, almsgiving would naturally hold a conspicuous place. . . . It is well to observe that in these purposes there is nothing essentially evil. To give money to God or to the poor is a praiseworthy act, and, when it is done from right motives, it will surely not go unrewarded.”

From Myths about Indulgences

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I just came across this. What I have read here, from many, is that “being catholic is our heritage, not much of a religion.”  THIS is the problem. Sadly, many parents do not teach their children the true and beautiful meaning of being catholic. When those children grow up, they feel empty. They go out looking for a different christian church to save them, when really, it was there ALL along.  It’s not that the other christian church saved you, it’s that they took the time to teach you. The catholic church has classes each week as well, you don’t need to find another church. However, since the parents didn’t teach them that, they don’t know about it. A priest will not judge you. That is what they are there form to lead you. Any confusion that you may have, speak with a priest. No one can explain it better than he can.  I certainly agree that there are many “catholic” people who will judge you, especially the older ones. I have gone through it. I left my church for about 5 years (and my parents have ALWAYS been very involved in catholic church and giving every minute they have to do God’s work) and even like that, I still broke away. Now imagine the people who weren’t taken to church? Or only go on “special occasions” Thankfully I returned to church (very slowly) 4 years ago. I didn’t just get up one day and say OKAY I’M READY TO TAKE ON EVERYTHING GOD. I am still working on myself and will always be a sinner, but that is our goal as catholics, to work on ourselves and work towards our ultimate goal HEAVEN. My bf is a “catholic” His parents never tought him about going to church. They are supposedly very catholic because they have posters of the virgin mary everywhere, but that is because they dont truely understand. I hope to bring him closers and closer to church, because I want my children to have the example of both parents so that they never have a doubt about their religion. To answer some people asking if people who were not brought up catholic will not go to heaven even if it is no their fault: God said that he will have more mercy on thsoe sinners who do not know him than on those who know him, and yet sin with no remorse. God knows his plans for everyone. Those of us on earth are no one to say what will happen to that innocent person who never got the GREAT opportunity to know Jesus. @jedeve IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY TO KNOW YOU ARE OUT THERE TRYING TO DO YOUR BEST TO BRING YOUR FAMILY UP BEING CATHOLIC. God bless you all!

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i concuer! You go girl! Laughing

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