Cats and Christmas tree

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Busy bee
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It may not look “Christmasy” but is there anything that your cats are scared of?  For example, our cat is terrified of tupperware, so we just put a tupperware container under the tree on each side and he doesn’t go anywhere near the tree anymore!

You could also put up a babygate around it, keep the cats and the toddler (when they get to that stage) away. To make it look more festive you could tie bows around it or a garland, if the cats won’t eat that also.

There is also the old waterbottle trick – just keep a waterbottle beside the tree and spray the cats whenever they chew on the tree – this method is really effective, but it’s hard to do because you have to watch them all the time, if they realize that they can still chew on the tree and not get sprayed when you aren’t in the room, then they will just wait until you are asleep/out to do it.

Good luck!

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Busy bee
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I would go with spray bottles and maybe a baby gate to set a clear perimeter. If you are going to have a human baby, you will have to face the issue of baby + tree or toddler + tree which can be sticky too depending on your kid. My son is 15 months and quite tall. He pulls everything down and can open baby gates. Right now we just have a small fake tree up on the counter because it’s all he can handle.  Picturesque life with kids can be quite difficult to achieve (although you may get lucky and have a unicorn child who leaves stuff alone..that definitely does happen). 

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Helper bee

You could try putting foil under the tree or double sided tape. 

They dislike walking on it and will *hopefully* associate that with the tree and not want to walk near it. Cats also dislike citrusy smells. So some peels around the tree may help. I’m also going to try to spray down the tree with a little lemon water this year to see if that does anything. 


Spray bottle might not do too much since you need to be consistent with it

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I have 2 dogs so I know what you mean. The struggle is real lol!! We put our tree up on an end table.


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Busy bee

Try citrus spray. I’ve read that cats dislike the smell of citrus and will avoid it but be careful with any essential oils and double check that it’s safe for cats. 

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Our cats used to chew the plastic needles off of the tree and then vomit all over the house every single day if we put up a Christimas tree.  We tried gating them away from the tree, spray bottles (only worked when we were home and awake to catch them), and the bitter apple spray stuff that is supposed to deter them… and they did not care at all.  Putting the tree on a table would have just been an added challenge for them.  We went several years without a tree or we put it up in a room they didn’t have access to, which also meant that we really didn’t get to enjoy it either.  Last year I bought a tree like this one:  Our one saving grace was that they were not climbers, but we screwed the base to a larger square piece of wood for some added stability just in case they attempted to climb it, and the branches were high enough off of the ground that they couldn’t reach them.


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mrspuppylove :  my kitten uses to love eating our tree and knocking off the baubles. I didn’t care so much about her pulling off the baubles to play with them. It was actually quite funny to watch her hit the round baubles with her paws and chase them around the house. What I didn’t like was her eating the tree and tinsel because we didn’t want her to get unwell from ingesting plastic.

To solve the problem we put bubble wrap around the perimeter of the tree and sprinkled the bubble wrap with pepper. She hated the bubble wrap because of the sound and texture and the pepper made her sneeze. A double pronged approached and she associated the tree with unpleasantness. We still hide some Christmas baubles around the house for her to play with every year because it’s fun for her but she never steals them off the tree anymore. We don’t put the bubble wrap and pepper anymore either. We stopped doing that after a few years because she learnt her lesson and committed it to memory.

I don’t know if that will help you because your cat might enjoy bubble wrap and pepper but you could keep trying different deterrents around the tree until you find one that actually works. 

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Busy bee
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Soon2BMrsFredericks :  That is just hilarious…our first christmas with a cat, thanks everyone for the tips!!

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Helper bee
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Peppermint oil! Cats hate it. 

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Soon2BMrsFredericks :  Oh my gosh, that picture is adorable, even Christmas card worthy! 

I feel your pain, though; I’m in the same boat and I’m looking for solutions as well.



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Buzzing bee
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mrspuppylove :  maybe this?

Lol but for real… no real solutions. I have 2 cats who are OBSESSED with the tree and nothing works. 

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