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Bumble Beekeeper

One of my cats loooooves clawing at the sides of our two sofas, so I just drape throws over those areas, problem solved. He also loves clawing at his scratching post so it’s not really an either or deal…he’s just an annoying brute that will claw at whatever’s directly in front of him when the urge to claw strikes. CATS, man!

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Hmm – I have 3 cats and I”m not sure if there’s a way to keep their claws from sinking into furniture, period.  I personally wouldn’t get leather furniture because that’s the only kind that can get damaged by the innocent kind of scratching that you’re describing.  My microfiber and cloth couches don’t show much, if any, wear and tear from the kitties running all over them.

Vets can apply those claw covers…maybe look into that?  I think it’s called Soft Paws.

But otherwise, there’s not really a good way to keep them from using their claws to climb on things – that’s kind of what cats do!  ๐Ÿ˜‰

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I know it’s too late now, but I’d avoid any leather or faux-leather furniture. You’re just asking for it to be destroyed IMO. 

My cat doesn’t actively scratch either (at least not anywhere other than her cat throne/scratching post) but her claws will dig into furniture occassionally because they’re claws. Like when she’s sitting on top of the couch and decides to leap across the room for absolutely no reason. The back claws will dig in to do so and leave nice little marks. Nothing you can really do about it. We’ve just taken this into account when buying furniture in general and most of our stuff is pretty cat-friendly as a result. 

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Huh, my kitties are the opposite of most! We pretty much ONLY get leather furniture as it’s easier to keep clean from kitties and they don’t really touch it. We’ve had fabric and they’ve scratched it. yell but our leather is pretty much perfectly fine, save for a few minor scratches here and there after 2+ years. 

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Busy bee

hopfenn :  Leather is tough. My leather couch got messed up from our cat–who like you said, wasn’t actively scratching, just holding on when she jumped up or whatever. Luckily, kittens generally settle down when they become cats and may not be wrestling on the furniture as much. Honestly, I would just drape a blanket over the couch unless if company was coming. It’s not ideal, but it was enough to protect the couch from the kitty. Eventually she grew out of those sorts of things and I would just keep the blanket folded over the top of the couch, which is where she was likely to poke at it with her claws.

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Sugar bee

My mom has two cats, and had this problem. The only way she found to combat it was to keep their claws short. She clips them every week to take the tip off. By the time they get sharp enough to penetrate the furniture again, they’re being clipped. She tried to claw covers, but they came off a lot. 

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Sugar bee
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I think your plan is good. Keep nails trimmed as short as possible (this means trimming no less than every other week in my experience,) at least one or maybe two new cat trees/big exciting furniture, and some blankets to protect whichever section they’re most likely to leap on. 

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Honey bee

I’m following this because I’m having the same issue. I’ve never really paid much attention before because our furniture was always pretty crummy so I didn’t really care, but now that we have all brand new stuff, I notice just how much her claws dig in- she’s declawed so no worries about actual scratching, but just when she’s jumping to the top of the couch/chair, jumping off, etc., her toenails dig in.

So far I’ve put throw blankets on the back of the armchair, which seems to help since that’s an area she really likes to sit, and I’ve also just resigned myself to the fact that there might be some claw marks. It’s not going to stay perfect forever, I guess. 

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Helper bee

Oh man, if there’s anything you can do to cancel the leather sofa order, I’d do it.  My husband’s (faux, we think) leather sofa is literally torn to shreds because of my cats – but they don’t touch fabric sofas, never have (they do claw at the carpet though, so who the F knows what goes through their heads).  Leather also definitely shows the tears from the type of jumping/climbing behavior you’re describing.

But if you CAN’T cancel the order ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d suggest putting throws over the couch to protect it – they may also deter the jumping/climbing behavior if they fall off (with your cat with it) when they get jumped on.  Also, Feliway is a spray you can use on furniture, etc. that deters cats.  It’s basically a pheremone spray.  I have had a TON of luck with this and it has helped save our carpets.

I really wish I had a photo to upload of my husband’s sofa, just to make everyone laugh.  When we first met, I’d bring my dog to his house and he’d get all anxious about her getting on the sofa and perhaps damaging it.  Then we all moved in together and the cats showed him (and the sofa) who is REALLY boss.  I’m so lucky he loves me, haha. 

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I’m a vet, I would try soft paws first (basically glue on nail covers)… most owners can apply the most by themselves. I think it would really help what you’re describing.

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I just got a sofa slip cover off Amazon for ~$30 to protect the one decent couch in our house and so far so good! The cover is a really soft microfiber type material and for some reason they don’t even like to go on the sofa as much now. 

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