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Bumble bee

Full bowl of dry food for my cats to eat all day as and when they like. Wet food in the evening. My cats go outside though, so their weight is not so much of a problem. 

As for travelling with a cat, it’s fine if that’s what they’ve always been used to; I rehomed a kitten with a friend a few years ago and she takes him on the train to her mother’s house for the weekend every month or so and the cat is 100% fine with it. It wouldn’t work for all cats though, especially not if they only started travelling as adults. My cats stay at home and I get neighbours, friends and family to come visit and feed them a couple of times a day. They are perfectly fine.  

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Busy bee
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When we got our cat at 4 months, he was having wet 3x a day, and dry left out all the time with water.

He’s recently lost interest in lunch at around a year old (thankfully) so he gets fed a pouch of wet at breakfast, and a pouch of wet in the evening when he’s in the house- dry food and water still out all day.

If we’re away for a night, we leave lots of dry, and a meal or two in an automatic feeder. If it’s longer than a night, then we book him into a cattery. (I don’t think I’ll ever not feel a bit guilty about that but he’s safe, fed, and warm there).

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Honey bee
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We used a mix of dry and wet when our cat was a kitten, but have switched to just dry. We have a water fountain and an automatic feeder – it gives her 1/4 cup twice a day (morning and evening). Kittens will need more meals though – we fed her 3 times daily when she was younger.

Free feeding would never work with our cat… the few times we tried that when we would be gone for a day or two, she would gorge herself and get sick, so the measured feeding is really important for her. Some cats seem to be able to moderate themselves, but ours isn’t one of those!

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Sugar bee
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I put dry food in their bowls 2x a day, but they pretty much just free-feed all day.  When we’re away for only 1-2 days, we just put a lot of extra food out for them, we have a water fountain for their water supply.  

I have 3 cats, and 2 of them can be really picky when it comes to wet food…they’ll usually only lick the sauce & not actually eat the food, so I only give the third cat (male) wet food a couple times a week.  

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Busy bee

I feed my cat 3 times a day (I live very close to my work so I can leave and feed her at lunch time) however in you case I agree with other PPs, get a timed feeder or leave a bowl of food out 🙂

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Helper bee
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BubblesandCupcakes:  not all cats. But you have to be prepared if you end up with a cat like this. But I get calls everyday because people have difficult cats that won’t toilet in dirty trays and they pee on furniture and wall sockets and whatever they like, I’ve had countless people come to my work surrendering cats because they have bad toilet habits or pee blood when they get stressed, and it “costs them too much in vet bills” or “sick of cleaning” or even “she only does it every few months but it’s enough to want to get rid of her” 100% not the cats fault and some of them will be put down because they have no options.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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thosethreewords:  Nice.  I really hope you do get two… it’s just so great to see them happy and playing together, and to be able to leave the house knowing they won’t be alone and bored and lonely.  I can’t imagine not having more than one.  Yeah it costs more for food and litter, but it’s so so worth it!  <3

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I’m a crazy cat lady…I mean cat owner and former vet tech.

I have always provided my cats with free choice access to dry food as a supplement to twice a day wet food feedings. While the vet I worked for was seriously anti-dry food, I think it all comes down to quality.

I’m going to second what @lolot said: The most important thing is that you are feeding a high quality dry food with minimal grains, fillers and junk. The really carb heavy ones can make your cat gain weight and since he is a male cat, avoid any fish flavors (for both wet and dry). Fish can cause bladder stones in male cats so it’s best to just avoid if possible.

The wet food provides moisture/water that cats really need. Cats tend to not drink enough as it is so the wet food helps with this. Again, high quality is better. 

My current cat really only cares about his dinner being fed around the same time but only becuase if it’s too late, it interferes with his bed time and he gets crabby lol.

As for traveling, keep kitty at home and see if you can have someone either feed him or check in on him. 

Do you know if your cat is bonded and prefers the company of another cat or if he is a soloist? The shelter can give you more info on that. My boy has a neurological condition and is also very aggressive and territorial so he is an only child. We’ve had him since he was 3 weeks old and even then, he was downright nasty to other animals.

Best of luck with your new fur-baby!

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Bumble bee

Please don’t feed kitty only wet food, it’s horrible for their teeth. 

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Buzzing bee
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Wet food gives my cats horrible diarrhea. They get dry kibble 3x per day. I feed them before I leave for work, when I get home, and before I go to bed. If I were you, I’d just leave a decent amount of food out for your cat when you know you’ll be gone a long time.

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Bumble bee

I freefeed Wysong Epigen 90.  They’re healthy, happy show cats.

When I’ve got a queen, I add Tiki Cat to her diet twice a day and then when she delivers I puree it with a kitten milk replacement.

The trick is to remember that cats are carnivores and as such they should eat a diet that provides the same sort of diet they would have in the wild. 

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