(Closed) Anybody have cats AND dogs? Living together at the same time?

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Our dog is older and lazy. They pretty much ignore each other. Sometimes they will meet coming around a corner he will bark they will hiss and run off and that’s that. So far they just keep to themselves. 

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My Fiance and I moved in together about one year ago, we each had a cat, but moved into a new place. They get along for the most part, they can be loud, but I think my cat is just really loud when she plays. We got a 1 year old dog two weeks ago. We have gates into our bedroom and kitchen, the dog can’t get in but the cats can – so the cats have zones of safety. The cats and dog are real curious about each other. There’s a lot of hissing and the cats just randomly bat at the dog. The dog just wants to play, but she’s about 64 pounds, so I think she scares the cats.

It’s not boring. That’s for sure.

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Yep a combination of different dogs of different ages and a lot of different cats from kittens to oldies! Cats tend to be in charge they will hiss spit and swipe until the dog realises that it isn’t going to win. Most of my dogs fully excepted new cats coming in. One would have a go at each cat once and then never again except for the last cat to come in before she died. She had a go at him for about 6 weeks before he finally won her over and then they’d snuggle together to sleep.

I always put the dog in a room and let the cat in to sniff around first. Then put the cat in to one room for a day or so to get used to being in a new place and the new smells. Then bring the cat in the same room as the dog while having the dog on a lead. See how they react to each other. If they get on well then great! If the dog growls or snaps then tell the dog no and keep them seperate for a little longer. As your dog is quite small you probably wont have a problem a cat will stand up for itself.

I have no cats now but my parents have some and I have a rescue dog. He is a 29kg staffie who had never seen a cat in his life and wanted to chase them all the time. One meeting with my mums very bad tempered tortie and he doesn’t look at cats the same way! He is scared to death of her but likes my mums other cat. He walked in on lead stuck his nose in her face and she sunk her claws in and bit his nose. He screamed and ran from the room. Cats are brave!! 

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So my dad did this with our family cat and new dog.  Cat attacked the dog and we had to keep them seperated for almost a year.  Introduce slowly and monitor reaction.  You will be more concerned about the dog since the cat usually will only scratch the dog while a big dog could easily kill a cat so that’s the biggest concern.  They eventually just ignored eachother And lived in harmony.  I also have 2 dogs and a cat but my cat was one year Old when he met dog one and 6 months later met dog two.  Since they were so young it was super easy!

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Cat animal mom here. When me and the man moved in together, we both came with pets. He had a dog, me with a cat. Now my cat was VERY anti dog. We had an issue with a pesky neighbor dog that tramatized him, and me actually, but thats another thread. (Ended in blood and nerve damage in my fingers it was that fun).

What I did was section off one of our bedrooms just for my cat. I even put up a baby gate to keep the dog out. My cat stayed in there, without leaving, for a good two weeks. It BROKE my heart. There were lots of tears shed because I knew my cat was upset and  unhappy. I almost took him back to my moms to live with her and her cat, who he knew. He did start coming out. On my days off I would move the baby gate to the living room, so he could come in our bedroom. We’d cuddle, and it was probably the first time he got a good amount of sleep in weeks. Soon he started to come out at night when our dog was sleeping. You really have to ease into it. Give them both time to get comfortable with the situation. At one point, my cat would actually join us in the living room. 

Three months into this, we adopting a puppy. Puppy thought the cat was his new play buddy, which didn’t go over well. It helped though because my cat liked our first dog even more, since he was calmer. Now, we are almost a year into this and things are good. I’d say 80%. Sometimes the dogs still chase my cat, but I think he provokes him. We still have a room gated off since I don’t want the dogs in the litter box, so my cat can go there for peace. He has a window too. We also have a cat tree in our bedroom where he sleeps most nights so he can still be close by. Heck, I STILL have my Christmas tree up since he likes to take naps underneath it too and the dogs cannot reach him.

Moral of my very long typing story, give them their own space so they can get to know each other without full on fights.

P.S. – im a crazy animal mom who needs a hobby 

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My FH’s sister moved into a flat which a cat adopted, she has a staffy thats soft as anything. The cat rules that dog, he knows whos boss! He loves hat cat though, they sleep together and all sorts though it’s very cute! 

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Not exactly the same, but we have a puppy who we got after our cat. Our cat is about 9 now and our dog is 1.5. Our dog is a herding breed and our cat is grumpy. They do get along for the most part but we have a room in our apartment for the cat that is gated off. She jumps over it when she needs space and the dog cant follow her. We keep her litterbox amd food bowl in there as well so the dog doesn’t get into her food. 

I think this is the best way to allow our cat to interact with the dog on her own terms. 

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I have a 75 lb husky and a 9 pound DSH. I’ve had the cat for 8 years and adopted the husky last fall. They do alright. Luckily, my husky is a champ and completely ignores the cat.

At first, the cat was petrified of him as he is huge. I found that the feliway cat diffuser REALLY helped her in the first couple of months. The things emit cat pheremones that relax cats. Expensive, but worth it. I would also make sure the cat has lots of places to ‘escape’ – aka tall places. Cat trees, window ledges, etc. My basement is baby-gated and the cat can fit through, but the dog can’t, so the cat can always eat in peace.  

Now the cat is just a  bit of a jerk and will approach him, sniff, then swipe at him. Dog still ignores her/looks confused.

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We have one of each. We got the cat as a kitten when the dog was almost 9. The cat adores the dog and the dog is pretty indifferent to the cat. Our dog has a GREAT temperament so we just dropped the kitten in front of him. You know your dog and you know when he is stressed, so just watch for signs of stress! Don’t overwhelm either animal. Took the dog about a week to even acknowledge the cat. Now, the cat acts more like a dog than our dog. He plays fetch, growls instead of hisses, and keeps attempting to steal the dogs bones to chew on. It’s pretty cute. We also get adorable moments like this from time to time:

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We have one of each but I’ve had the cat even before I had FI! It took time and patience but eventually kitty came around. Do you know what your dog is like with cats in general? That said – ours bounds at strange cats but knows to leave brother cat alone.

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Yes 🙂 I introduced my 7 year old English mastiff who HATES other animals to my 1 year old Persian kitten lol. They were scared of each other at first and my cat stayed away for quite some time, but now they’re best friends!!! It just takes a bit of time to work out the kinks lol

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We recently brought a new puppy into our home, which includes the cat we’ve had for 13 years. The puppy chases the poor cat. The cat has access to an entire floor the puppy doesn’t, so he can get away. But it’s been a little stressful. I wish the cat would just show the dog who is boss, but so far he hasn’t done so. 

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I had two cats, age 3, maybe 4, when I got my dog.  He was a puppy, about the size of the larger cat.  They weren’t thrilled but got used to him easily enough.  The bigger one had no problem with him after awhile, the smaller, wimpier one struggled a bit longer.  She tended to slink around corners which he thought was awesome – oooh let’s chase that!  

Now the big cat has died and the little one is much braver, plus we moved (they’ve all moved a lot).  She also has more space to just get away.  The dog can come roaring across the yard at her and she’ll wait to sniff his nose.  She follows us around the property.  He doesn’t jump at her much anymore even though he’ll chase the heck out of any other cat that dares invade our land.  They do not snuggle up together like some of the others on here, though!

I didn’t do anything special to introduce my cats to the dog.  Since they were all about the same size, and the big one was a hisser, he got the idea pretty quickly.  When my parents introduced a new kitten to their older dog, they brought it to him, let him sniff and bopped him on the nose when he opened his mouth to take her.  They got along great forevermore.  Their latest cat is in love with their latest dog – she rolls around in his brushed off fur like some kind of weirdo.   It all depends on the cat, really.  Just make sure she’s got a place she can go to get away and it’ll probably be fine.

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When I moved in with my SO, he had a cat and a dog. I had two dogs at the time (now just one, my other had to be put down a while ago). While HIS cats were used to dogs, because they already lived with one, I was very nervous about how my dogs would react. Both of mine loved to scout for cats in the neighborhood through the glass door, chase them from the patio if a stray came a’wandering, etc. They’d never known cats to be potential roommates.

My late dog was very high-strung and temperamental, and he was TERRIFIED of the cats. While he never backed down from a canine argument, he wanted *nothing* to do with the cats. So that was fine.

My other dog, who is a goofy sweetheart, was very curious about them. Now it’s just the one cat, who at the time they met was a couple years old. For the most part they get along. She NEVER chased the cat as if it were a squirrel outside, like I was afraid she might. However, sometimes when the cat comes scurrying around the corner or bolts by her for another room, my dog will wheel around and sprint after the cat. You can tell she just thinks it’s fun and the cat is never in danger. The cat will sometimes bat at my dog’s face if she passes by while the cat is in a chair, but the cat is declawed in the front (I highly recommend). At the same time, you’ll find them sleeping together.. the cat likes to lay on my dog’s legs and curl up.

I think the biggest thing that helped my dog get used to the cat was sharing our bed. They both like to hang out on it and rest or nap, and realizing that the cat was part of the pack, as well as a relatively harmless animal that just wants to peacefully share space, was key.

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