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Wow! LOL!

We’ve never been caught in the act, but we’ve come close before.

But really, can you really say you were caught when someone walks into your place uninvited? I’ve always taken the stance that if you walk into my house and I didn’t actually open the door for you, than you get what you get!  And really, if anything it says that you have a healthy physical relationship wherein your priorities are clearly defined (in this case, the doorbell was not one of them!).

Thanks for the giggle. Try not to be too embarassed.

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I think parents are psychic as my mother tends to call me EVERY TIME I’m even just trying to get intimate….

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I haven’t posted in a while, but I just had to respond to this.  While we were still in college, I visited Mr. Bananas and his family at their home for about a week long stay a few times.  I know, I know that I should have kept the canoodling to a minimum, but what can I say, the relationship was still new, and we were in and out of long distance for like 2 years.

It gets better when you learn that the doors to M. B’s childhood bedroom a. don’t lock, and b. have angled slats in them.  So any time we canoodle, we have to be super quiet, and I am worried that someone might walk in.  Not to worry, says he, no one would ever come in without knocking.

So one day we’re playing some twister in the afternoon (I think we were theoretically taking a nap?) and are totally in classic Twister position when I hear the door open.  All I could doo was scrunch my eyes up – like that was going to help, and he says something like don’t come in,  don’t come in.  At this point his mom says something like oh, sorry, I was dropping off your laundry, I’ll leave it by the door.

SO. MORTIFYING.  Honestly, at the time I thought I would never get over it.  She never said anything to us, but it was terrible.  I had thought she knew for sure what was going on, but I guess she really thought we were napping.

To this day I don’t really know what she saw – maybe just legs, though it still would have been pretty obvious, lol.  

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How mortifying!  I’m sorry you had to go through that!

But on the other hand… how did he get in?  Hopefully he was embarassed too and will think twice before randomly entering your home.  You’re adults, after all–it’s not like he’s just wandering in his son’s bedroom.  Yikes!

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So we’ve never been caught in the act by an actual person, but I can say that our friends have called multiple times and they like to leave us messages, usually on both of our cell phones, some to the effect of "Stop ‘playing twister’ and answer your phone" or "Stop ‘playing twister’ and come to the bar."  Gotta love ’em!

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First thing that came to mind was, "How on earth did he get in your house?!"

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An ex and I were caught in the act.  It was at our house in our bedroom.  The door didn’t lock, or maybe we didn’t lock it.  Anyway, a friend of ours was sleeping on our couch (probably because he was too drunk to drive home).  Anyway, friend walked in without knocking.  I was mortified at the time, didn’t want to leave my own bedroom, but it ended up not being awkward.  There was plenty of good-hearted joking afterward.

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Haha these are great! Once, I was passed out with my Fiance and this was one of the very rare occassions I fell asleep without putting my shirt on. Well, his roommates decided to have a kegger downstairs, and his drunk fraternity brothers thought it would be fun to throw toilet paper rolls at us while we were sleeping. Of course, too dark to see anything.

Another time we were right in the middle of it and a drunk frat brother jiggled the lock on his door and walked right in! He was so wasted he had no idea what was going on, but I lied flat on the bunk (the top one) and tried to be invisible while my Fiance grabbed a towel and stormed the guy out of the room. Needles to say, the moment was gone, haha.

Thankfully nothing with our parents…although my mom is quite in the know of our shenanigans and actually bought us something once to "enhance" our evening. We had a big weird laugh over my mom trying to be all cool =] 

My cat jumped up on the bed last weekend mid-canoodle….i didn’t hear him jump up, but I sure heard my Fiance punt him off the bed! He was a curious kitty, what can i say?  

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Ok i think I have a couple of good stories to share. My first caught in the act moment was when DH’s (he was my bf at the time) mom came from florida to san diego to visit for the first time. This was only the second night after I meeting her for the first time. Remember that. So anyways, me and bf drive to her hotel to just chat and meet and what not. Well she tells us she’s gonna go and get a soda and she’ll be out for a little bit. So bf and I start going at it (we were ready for twister long before we got to the hotel…haha) and not five mins later in comes mom! We both try to compose oursevles and get under the covers. She just laughed and was like "guys, I said i was just getting a soda!" so she just went out and made a phone call and let us finish playing twister. It was uber embarrassing for me since I barely knew the woman, but she totally was just like "oh don’t worry about it."

My next story isn’t really a "caught in the act" story. It’s more of a "caught in the middle" story. Ok so the day after I met my Darling Husband, we were spending the night hanging out at his friend’s apartment just watching movies and cuddling. It was a really small studio. Anyways, we thought we had the place to ourselves, but in walks a couple of friends of (at the time) bf out of nowhere and they make themselves at home in the middle of our "date"! To make things worse, they both got completely wasted and found a girl on craigslist to hook up with and invited her over! So bf and I are just sitting in this little studio apartment while these two drunk guys just have their way with a complete stranger…in the kitchen…in the bathroom…walking naked through the living/bedroom…all while bf and I are there! My man had to shield me so that I wouldn’t have to look at three other naked people, but I could still hear every single thing that went on…it was soooooooo awkward! Talk about a memorable first date!

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Well not really "caught in the act" . . .not by a human anyway.

My Fiance and i were in the middle of playing twister on a trundle bed on the floor. . . .  and i have a dog who is convinced that no matter who is on it. . any fluffy thing that is on the floor is fair game. . .so any way we are playing and right when we are bout to get to the "exciting" part of the "game" in struts my dog, hops on the bed and plops down right in the middle of our legs. . LOL. . needless to say we collapsed in laughter and didnt finish until quite a while later. . .and my dog was locked in the kitchen. . lol

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Ok, this is pretty bad and quite awkward. When my ex and I were living together (not married yet) My mother had come to stay with us for a few days as she was having work done on her condo. Well she decided to have a couple drinks and she was definatley feeling it. Ex and I had went to bed and didnt lock the door as we lived alone and werent used to having to lock it. Well we were just getting ready to…well you know and he was really ready. My mother walks in half in the bag I will mention that again. She looks at us cuz as soon as we heard the door open we immediatley separated, he was laying flat on his back with just a sheet over him. DUH! My mother realized what we were about to do by seeing that he was…ya know. She yells "WOW is that you?" and slaps it!!! I about died of embaressmant and he about died from the pain. LOL if was probably one of the most horrifying moments of my life. But that was like 11 years ago so now we just laugh at it if it ever somes up.

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@springbride09 OH NO! That’s awful! *shudder* Poor guy…

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