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Hey CourtBU17, I live in Miamisburg, where you do live at. It’s cool to see another bee that lives so close!

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I met Brandon Boyd (singer from Incubus) twice. He’s super gorgeous in person and so nice! I also told Nick Carter where the bathroom was in my high school (he was there for some friends that I went to school with who were putting on a show), and I met Joey Fatone’s dad (not really a celeb, I know) at an NSYNC concert. haha

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I’ve met more than I remember and even know the name too..I work in advertising so I get to meet alot…..seen even tons more..

Some of the ones I can remember….Jessica Simpson, Terrell Owens, All of the Desperate Housewives, the cast of Gossip girl, Dr. Oz, Geena Davis, Heather Locklear, Jersey Shore cast, cast of Prison Break, bunch of Real Housewives..


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Christina Aguilera used to live in my small town, so I’ve seen her at the grocery store. I shook hands and talked for a minute with Dan Rooney (not exactly a celebrity anywhere but Pittsburgh- he’s the owner of the Steelers, and now the US Ambassador to Ireland). And I used to hang out a lot in college with an NFL player who I won’t name – he did ask me out when I broke up with my college boyfriend, but I transferred schools that summer. Fiance flipped when he was drafted into the NFL though, pretty funny!

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I literally have never met anyone famous, haha!

The closest was that I saw Steve Nash at a train station in Berlin, but I didn’t go up to him. Nobody knew who he was & he was just standing in line 🙂

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We just moved to the Malibu area and we are seeing celebs left and right!  It’s so freaking awesome!!  I never usually say anything to them, just because I think that’s annoying.  Plus I really hate the idea of autographs (which the only point of them is to prove you met someone…you shouldn’t have to prove it, people should take your word for it instead of bothering the nice famous people trying to eat dinner).  Anyway, since we moved here I have seen a ton of people!  (And we haven’t been here that long so I am STILL starstruck e-v-e-r-y time!)  A short list:

  • Pam Anderson
  • David Hasselhoff
  • Jay Leno
  • Jessica Alba
  • Mark Harmon/the entire cast of NCIS (I was an extra for them!)
  • Edward James Olmos (I gave him a tour this week!)
  • Mark McGrath (I was a contestant on the new Don’t Forget the Lyrics)
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Sandra Bullock (which made my YEAR, she is so freaking nice and gorgeous!)
  • Jewel

Maybe it’s cuz I’m from the midwest, or maybe it’s cuz the rest of my life is sooooo boring, but it’s still exciting every time I spot someone.  Like I still can’t believe that I live near LA and get some exciting opportunities!  I’m living it up while I’m here since we’ll have to move again soon.  Then one day I can say “Oh yeah, I met that person, and they were really [nice/boorish/uppity/whatev].”

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i went to my first year of college in malibu, CA… we ran into a lot of celebs… at our local coffee shop, grocery store, and on our campus (they use the gym facilities)

i’ve met/seen: brandon boyd (incubus), david duchovny, tia/tamera mowry (had class with them), brandy, essence atkins, adam sandler, danny devito, renee russo, jennifer lopez, bebo norman, rob schneider, etc.

i also saw a lot of celebrities at the detroit airport when i used to fly back home that year…

stevie wonder, pamela anderson (when she was dating kid rock)

my gf and i also had a streak of bumping into the pistons (NBA) in our clubbing days… we met chauncey billups (pre-denver days) and rip hamilton.

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i’ve seen: lance bass, tom brady, p-diddy, paris hilton, jason schwartzman, and the girl that plays carla on scrubs.

i’ve met: leslie jordan (who played beverley leslie on will & grace), rilo kiley, jimmy eat world, and tons of other bands from my younger years.

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I live in Kentucky but because of Derby I’ve met (and got to party with them in their VIP section) Paris Hilton, Doug Reinhart, Carmen Electra and Kid Rock.

Also Bridget Marquardt and a bunch of playmates that were in town – we were bar hopping with them an we ended up in the middle of the line when a bunch of people were taking pics (me freaking out and holding on to my husband).

I also saw Chuck Liddell, Brooke Shields (my husband got a pic with her), Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning & Hugh Hefner at Derby parties we went to.

Oh and once I saw Reba McEntire in the Cheesecake Factory in Beverly Hills. And some girlfriends and I accidentally crashed Jermaine O’Neal’s birthday party in Indy (we didn’t know it was a private event).


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I haven’t actually ‘met’ any celebrities, like more than taking a quick picture, but here are some I’ve seen in person:

Anne Hathaway

John Stewart

Robin Williams

Iron Chef Morimoto

Matt Damon

Tyra Banks

The Countess (real housewives)


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I haven’t met too many celebrities…


I was apparently on a cruise with Nick Carter (along with girlfriend and Aaron and Angel)… It was rumored that he proposed to his then girlfriend on the ship and she said no, then he proceeded to get drunk and locked himself in his room for the rest of the trip.  I saw him the day before on the private island, he was pretty antisocial.

That same trip I stayed in the same hotel as Destiny’s Child (back when they were still Destiny’s child) and got Kelly Rowland’s autograph.  Beyonce came down right afterwards and I got to say hi, but she wouldn’t give an autograph (actually her mom/manager wouldn’t let her give one) but she is GORGEOUS in person and was very sweet.  My friend who was with me stayed a couple days longer and was playing with Kelly’s niece by the pool and got invited to hang out with them for lunch by the pool.

Other than that I can’t think of anyone else that i’ve met that was super famous.

But Brandon Backe (former Astros pitcher) came into my boyfriend’s bar a few weeks ago, he is absolutely gorgeous… Since my boyfriend owns the bar (and is a huge astros fan) he talked to him and we ended up all sitting down and hanging out for the rest of the night.  He was SO sweet and nice.

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Ohhh ohhh I forgot… Jason Mraz! I’ve met him 5+ time and actually got to hang out with him for a few hours before he was “famous”. I always forget he has had a hit now and people know who he is because for years and years I would talk about him and get blank stares and “Jason who??? lol

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@jamiemichelle: I KNOW RIGHT?!?!?!?!?!  I went to a free concert he did here in St. Louis before he was all famous!  He rocks =)  But sadly, now he’s so mainstream, that I don’t care for him!

On another note, I met taylor swift before her concert in St. Louis!  I won meet & greet passes.  She’s TALL and very thin!  And super friendly!

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Not a whole lot here…um I met Destiny’s Child when it was Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle, a few local athletes, and Roger Federer (kinda ehh on t.v. but whoa buddy, in person he is really handsome)

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I met Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails..was a big fan back in the day, don’t listen to them much anymore. I met him at a restaurant before they got big. Shook his hand, signed my cd. Do political ppl count? I used to be political but not anymore as I think most all politicians are pretty lame both on the right,left and otherwise. Anyway, I met Barack, Hillary, John(cheatin) Edwards, John Kerry, Theresa Heinz Kerry(cold as ice!), RFK junior-ugh, he’s one of the reasons I started to turn away from politics, Jimmy Carter(nice smile), Harry Reid but he’s no celeb where I am from, Carly Simon..haha..yep, You’re So Vain..she just happened to drop in an office I was. Haha, I met what’s his face off the Wonder Years?? What’s that..oh yeah, Fred Savage LOL. Every girl just thought he was so cute back in junior high, ya, I did too. I was giddy when he showed up at our junior high, he was filming in town, haha, oH yeah! I met that guy from the Monkeys! Umm I forget his name, Peter? Ya, Peter Tork, I ran into him at Tahoe..he was doin autographs..I was like who’s that doing autographs? I was kinda stoked about that one..LOL. I thought he was cute on those re-runs on Nickelodeon back in the day. I got too shake his hand..as I was goin up to him, all I kept hummin was…”hey,hey we’re tha monkays..and people say we monkey around..but we’re to busy singin..da da da da da.” lol.

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