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@cnsmith2:  wow this gets confusing .I have a headache.Let them sit where they want LOL

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The Bride’s side sits on on the left (when you are facing the alter)… and the Groom’s side sits on the right.  Friends of both the Bride & Groom, sit wherever they please.

Guests are ushered to their seats.

Prelude Music is played

God Parents, Grandparents and other honoured Guests are ushered to their seats

The Parents of the Groom are ushered in… and they are seated together, in the front row on the Grooms side.

The Mother of the Bride is ushered to her seat… and is seated in the front row on the Bride’s side.

When there are more “extended family” members… such as Birth Parents, Step-Parents etc.  They are either seated in the front row, IF that won’t cause tension OR if you wish it to be so… (in which case you have to think abit about the order that they’ll be seated**).

Otherwise they are seated in the second row.

Siblings and Grandparents fill in behind.

— — —

** Here is a bit of an example… on WHY you have to think thru the logistics if you go the traditonal route…


When Mr TTR’s children marry, I suspect the front row will be reserved for Mr TTR and his Ex-Wife (the Mom of the children)… and then I’ll be seated either beside him on the other side… or in the second row… if it makes more sense logistically.

If it is a Son marrying… then it is pretty easy… Mr TTR and I are seated first. Then the Usher escorts Mr TTR’s previous wife as MOG to her seat… can be in the same row as us, and she’ll be on the aisle.  So we’d be seated left to right… MOG – FOG – Me


If it is a Daughter marrying, then things can change because of the “logisitics” of who sits where.

In this scenario, I would again be the first seated.  Then the MOB and lastly FOB after walking his daughter, the Bride down the aisle.  This means that left to right we’d be Me – MOB – FOB if we were all in one pew / row.

And well… that might make me feel weird, because I would be sitting next to the MOB and therefore sensing that I might be taking a bit of the spotlight off of her.  So naturally, I’d make arrangements with the Bride beforehand to note that I’d prefer the second row.  And Dad, well he can make the call as however he see’s fit.  He gets along ok with his Ex-Wife so he could sit with her… if it made his Daughter happy… or with me if it made his Ex happy.

If he was to sit with the MOB, I’m guessing that the other kids would sit with me… as it would be the 2nd row of honour.

— — —

Truthfully tho, as another Poster recommended, if you want to go a more casual route at your wedding (and it matches up with your vision / theme overall) you could do that and tell folks to sit where they like.

Although, you’d want to make sure that some of those honoured folks… get higher priority than others.

— — —

It is really difficult to comment on your specific situation, without really knowing the relationship between all the players.

But as best I can figure it…

Your Dad is upfront ministering the ceremony.  Mom is in the front row.

Birth Mom & her Hubby in Row # 2

Birth Dad & his wife in Row # 2 (or Row 3)

GrandParents and Sibs make up the remaining rows.

— — —

Sorry not really clear on your Hubby’s situation.

Parents are divorced?  Mom has remarried.  What happened to Dad?


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