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I was induced with cervadil. It was used since it can be removed unlike the gel which is good incase it hyperstimulates you. I was told it would go one of three ways – it will work normally, it will not work or it will hyperstinulate you in the rare case. I unfortunately was the rare case and they had to remove it but it really kick started my labour to the point I didn’t require any additional induction methods.


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I was induced at 38 weeks with cervadil with my second child. I had to ask for it over the hospital’s usual cytotec, and I’m so glad that I did. My cervix was only opened a little bit when they put the cervadil in at 8pm. My contractions got pretty intense around 2am. I got the epidural (which I wanted) at 4am. The doctor removed the cervadil at 5am (3 hours early) because I was having 7 contractions/minute. That’s why I’m so happy I asked for the cervadil instead of cytotec even though the doctor fought me on it a bit. Cervadil can be removed whereas cytotec cannot. 

They broke my water at 7am, and I went from 5cm-10cm in one hour! I labored down for awhile, and she was born without me pushing even once at 9:24am.

It was a really great experience, and much easier than my first labor where I needed pitocin.

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I was put on Cervadil the night before my induction. I think they started me around 7 or 8 due to HBP.

They started Pitocin around 7am and then broke my water around 9am. I had began having contractions around 4:30am but not far enough along to go without pitocin. Breaking the water doesn’t “hurt” but it’s not a good feeling either just be prepared for that part.

I was stalled at a 4 for HOURS. around 2:30pm my dr said I would have to have a c-section if the baby didn’t come in the next 1/2 hour or so. 20 mins later I pushed 3x and had my little girl. No one believe I was ready to deliver b/c I’d been so stalled. I sent my sister to go hunt down the nurses she took her time to get to me and the head was there. Luckily my OB made it just in time!! It was exciting lol.  It’s important to listen to your body I didn’t have any pain killers or who knows what would’ve happened. I’m thankful I chose to do hypnobirthing and highly recommend it!

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Buzzing Beekeeper

I was induced with Cervadil. I went in at 5pm and left with minor contractions.  I came back at 1am in full labour.  I have friends who have been induced with it and they all were in labour soon after.

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My contractions also started around 2 am after an 8pm cervadil insertion.  It came out around 5am, and I was at 9cm by around 8am.

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I had a failed induction with cervadil.  Started at 7pm, not dialated and baby not engaged at all.  The next morning at 9am, I still wasn’t having regular contractions and was not dialated at all.  The doctor recommended a c-section because my Bridal Party was very high, and an hour later my daughter was born.

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Busy bee
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I was induced with Cervadil. It was the first method they tried as I requested. It was in for 12 hours and I had only dialated a half centimeter. Next I got the pitocin and epidural and 8 hours later she was born.

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I was induced with cervadil after putting my foot down over them not using cytotec. My nurse suggested I go for an epidural around the same time, and since I had been in labor for 12 hours or so at that point, I did just that. Contractions did get intense according to the monitors, but I didn’t feel a thing. I dilated just enough to start pitocin, but ultimately had a c section as baby was stuck crooked in my pelvis. 

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I was induced with cervadil. It went in around 6pm. I felt pressure when they were putting it in since my cerevix was further back but other than that the procedure was painless. I was 8 days late and 0cm dilated. I had to stay at the hospital and be monitored for two hours in case it brought on strong contractions or my baby’s heart rate dropped. I went home and had mild contractions. I woke up at 3:30am with strong contractions, bounced on my ball and my water broke. When I got to the hospital I was only 2cm dilated. My baby wasn’t born until 6:45pm. I did need pitocin around 2:00pm to get things going as I was Gbs+ and  my water was broken. 

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I was induced with cervadil at 41+3. It went in around 9pm. I was barely 1cm dilated at the time. I started getting some mild cramping in the early hours of the morning. By 9am I was 2cm dilated and they broke my waters. Still didn’t really kick start labour, so I was then put on pitocin. Ended up with an emergency c section 12 hours after active labour started. But my baby was posterior and very large and just not in a good position. 

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loden :  I was just induced with Cervidil this Sunday. My bubs ended up coming by emergency C-section but it was not the Cervidil’s fault. 

It’s like this white thing shaped like a tiny tampon, at the end of a long white string.  They showed me what it looked like before they placed it, so if it fell out I would know. The plan was for me to get the Cervidil in the evening and then my doctor to come in the morning to break my water and give me Pitocin.  But we never got to that step because when my water broke on its own, the Cervidil got flushed out, so to speak.  

It did its job–My water broke on its own, only about 6 hours after I got the Cervidil at ~7 pm. Then I went into labor pretty much instantly.  My contractions got very quick very fast.  In an hour or so they were coming at 1.5-2 min apart and I went from “a little bit” effaced from when I arrived at the hospital, to 100%.  After about another 3 hours I was dilated to 5 cm–as opposed to when I got to the hospital I was dilated “maybe 1”.    

So I was making good progress and very quickly too, after the Cervidil got things going, all without any Pitocin.

However, my baby was not tolerating labor–Heart decels after every contraction, and then towards the end he got tachycardic too (heart rate too fast). They tried everything–gave me oxygen, gave me ephedrine to raise my blood pressure in case the epidural was causing my blood pressure to drop, and gave me Terbutaline twice to try to stop the contractions temporarily and give my baby a break.  

When nothing worked, they had to do an emergency c-section because my baby was liking labor less and less, while my uterus wanted him OUT–A few minutes after the Terbutaline and it would go right back to the contractions every 1.5-2mins again.  

I stressed out a lot about induction too before my husband and I decided to go through with it.  We were both hoping for a vaginal delivery and thought induction at 39 weeks gave us the best chance, as baby was measuring very large and he’s only going to get bigger as time went on.  Unlike a lot of other stories I heard, they were actually pretty dead on about his weight and he has a big head even for his weight.  

When they said I have to have a c-section, I just said OK whatever it takes to get baby here safe in my arms, but my husband was in tears. It’s been a rough couple of days recovering (we are still here in the hospital), but now that my baobao is here we are both just so happy and nothing else matters.

P.S. my epidural worked like a dream. Started working within literally 2 minutes and I didn’t feel any pain after (still felt the pressure, like when baby was pressing down on the rectal area or when doctors were tugging on my stomach during the c section, which wasn’t painful exactly but still lousy) 

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