Cervical Abnormalities – Help Calm Me Down! :'(

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Helper bee

Apparently HPV is so common that almost every person who is sexually active will get HPV at some time in their life if they don’t get the HPV vaccine. You can get it even if you use condoms, so there is really no point in blaming yourself for your past behaviour. I’ve had few sexual partners and still got it.

Your SO can’t jduge you seeing as it’s statistically very likely that he’s probably a carrier himself. So just take care of yourself – even if you’re rationally thinking that you will be fine (which you will!) it might still be stressing you out on some level. I had abnormal results (moderate changes) for a couple of years until it went away by itself (after lots of colposcopies and biopsies) and I was still a bit emotional about it sometimes.  

You will be okay, and this is a good reminder for any ladies who are overdue their smear to go and book one!

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Helper bee

Everything will be fine!!!! I have HPV as well – and my doctor explained it the same as you – our generation (pre-vaccine) has been exposed to it and carries it. Since there are no symptoms, it’s hard to figure out if you have it. And guys don’t have yearly test like us girls do so they are even more in the dark about it.

Like you said – Your husband will not judge you and will understand. Just explain it to him like you did here – HPV typically has no symptoms and about 80% of our generation are carriers.

But honestly, it won’t make any difference in your day to day lives. Maybe you will have an abnormal pap every now and again. I have had a few abnormal ones myself due to this and they have come back fine.

It will be FINE 🙂

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Busy bee

It’s not always caused by a HPV infection, cervical cells are frequent “abnormal” in young women, in the UK we don’t even have smear tests until we’re 25 for that reason. I had “high grade” abnormal cells and was bleeding two years ago when I was 26, as you can imagine I was a wreck thinking the worst. I had them removed using silver nitrate sticks and within a month they had come back, I had them surgical removed via LLETZ and when they tested them they were actually CIN1 which is the lowest grade. I had the HPV test and it was negative. So please don’t assume first of all that you have HPV and second of all that you’re more likely to get cancer. 

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anonabus :  I have HPV, but it’s been years since I’ve had an abnormal pap smear. When I did have an abnormal one, I had a procedure done, they scraped the cells, we kept testing once per year (rather than every 3 years that they now recommend) and eventually my paps came back normal and it’s been years, like 7 years since I’ve had an abnormal pap.

Don’t feel ashamed, you’re not being punished for being promiscuous, plenty of women have this who are not promiscuous. 

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My old roommate had this and hers was high risk enough that they actually needed to do surgery to remove the precancerous cells. Even so, she ended up being totally fine!! It wasn’t even an invasive surgery – she was home that day and didn’t need to take any recovery time. All her paps since had been clear last I knew of, and that was at least 3 years after the whole thing. 

You’ll be alright 🙂

And it sounds like you’ve got a good husband too, so just tell him what’s going on and get on with it. 

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