(Closed) Cervical cancer vaccine-have you or would you take it???

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I had precancer cells at 21, so as soon as Gardasil came out, I got it along with my sister. All types of cancer runs in my family, so its a risk I’m not willing to take, especially since I already had “cancer” at a young age.  Mine was not called by HPV, but this makes my risk of recurence even slimmer.  I think its great that there are vaccines like this, although I would never stop getting my annual pap smear, since the vaccine only guards against HPV caused cancers and not all cancers. 

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*It wasn’t caused by HPV…

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I got it too, and I wish that I had gotten it earlier. I remember hearing about it when it first came out, and being the total hypochondriac that I am, I asked my gyno for it at my next visit. I was told that I couldn’t get it because I was too old (don’t recall exact ages but I think it was initially only approved for girls 11-18 or something, I was like 21). At my next yearly exam I had an abnormal pap. Thankfully after 2 abnormal paps I have had 2 normal ones (although I still have to go in frequently for screening), but you had better believe I jumped on it when my (new)gyno suggested I get the vaccine. She said just because I likely have a strain of hpv, that does NOT mean I have one of the strains that cause cancer so the vaccine is still a good idea. True I was with my boyfriend at that point (although we weren’t engaged and still aren’t)… but to me it just seemed like a good idea to get the vaccine regardless. Call me untrusting or whatever (I’d call me a realist), but even though I believe I will be with him forever I know that there is a chance he could cheat on me some day or a chance we could break up. I trust him with my heart but I see no reason to trust him with my life when taking my safety into my own hands is so easy to do.

Also for the record (and those considering having daughters vaccinated)…. I did NOT have a lot of sexual partners when I had my first abnormal pap. My current guy is only #2 and I’m now aware that I got this from guy #1 (who couldn’t have gotten it unless he cheated on me bc we were together from the time we were 17….. so maybe there comes my realist attitude haha).

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I got it; my insurance wellness plan actaully requires the vaccine for all female participants under the age of 25.  If you don’t get the vaccine, your deductibles go up.  Plus, my little sister got HPV 2 years ago.  Since then she’s had 3 exams with results of pre-cancerous cells.  Her last exam was normal, thankfully, but I think it’s a very real reality that she could develop cancer because of HPV.  I want to prevent that possibility for myself, so I am very for the vaccine.

I also don’t agree with the statement that you’re not at risk for HPV because you’re in a monogamous relationship with a committed partner.  Sure, your risk of exposure goes down, but adultery isn’t the only way a partner in a committed relationship could contract a disease.   What about rape?  Not to mention the fact that marriages are dissolved all the time involuntarily (like by death) and there’s always the possiblity that a new partner would carry the disease.  It just seems like too high of a risk for me.

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I definitely would suggest doing it.  No question. 

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As an aside to the the being in a monogamous relationship argument (and I know not all are like this, thank goodness!) but my last boyfriend of five years cheated on me a few times. We suspect that’s where I got HPV. 

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I think JoeyEmma hit the nail on the head.  If you actually read the article, they state explicitly that the girl’s cause of death is unknown.

Just because she happened to get vaccinated that day, doesn’t mean the vaccine caused her death.  Correlation is now causation.

I would have gotten the vaccine, however my insurance wouldn’t cover it because I was over their age limit for it by the time it came out.  My husband and I are each other’s first and only sexual partner, so the chances of either of us having HPV is slim.  However, I continue to get my yearly pap smear.

I am currently pregnant with a little girl- she’ll get it when she’s old enough.

There are a lot of misconceptions about vaccines/vaccinations and they drive me crazy.  As a molecular biologist (and the daughter of a public health nurse) it infuriates me that people choose not get certain vaccines.

Obviously if you forgo the HPV vaccine, you can still have your routine pap smears and be healthy.  Worst case scenario, only you will become sick.

However, with flu vaccines, MMR, and lots of the childhood vaccines- if you opt not to get them and become ill you are putting others at serious risk.  There are people who cannot be vaccinated (those on chemotherapy, those who are immune suppressed due to illness or organ transplantation, etc) and if we all did our part to stay healthy and prevent the spread of disease, we would all be safer.

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I was always unsure if this is something I wanted to get, but this discussion has really provided me with such great information, so thanks everyone! 

And rosychicklet congrats on your little girl!

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If it was available when I was young/not married, I would have seriously considered it. I have a good friend who got it and did a lot of research before hand.
I will wait to make the decision when/if I have a daughter that is old enough to get it.

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I got the vaccine. Honestly one less cancer concern to worry about is reason enough for me. 

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I too had to go through the treatments and the worry of my test results each month.  I can’t tell you how bad the pain was physically.  I’m pretty tough and have had hand surgery and that was a breeze.  Not to mention the emotional pain of feeling like you were a bad person, how would I meet someone who would be accepting of me.  When I found out about the HPV I didn’t know what it was.  The vaccine wasn’t even talked about yet.  I decided I didn’t want my girlfriends to go through what I did so I started telling them about what I was going through.  And as it turned out others in our circle had it to and were ashamed to talk about it.

I would never want another woman to go through what I have and so yes, I would say take the vaccine if you are of age.

I’m so blessed to have made it through my ordeal and find a man that loves me for me! 🙂

PS. I’ve been free and clear for 2 years now! 🙂

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I got the vaccine- I’d rather be safe than sorry and I havent had any problems.

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I got vaccine and I’m glad that I did. At first, I thought that it wasn’t something I needed because I’m getting married, but then I realized that I wanted protect myself in the event that I was raped, or some other tragic circumstance. Not happy things to think about, but it was important to me to take the precaution before I was too old for the vaccine and regretted it.

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It definitely sounds like a positive thing to have, but at this point in my life it really wasn’t necessary. Plus, i already have so many chemicals floating around in me, i don’t really want to mix any more in there. Can’t say my uterus and all my womanly parts will be with me past my 30’s anyways, and I’m already a risk for uterine cancer.

It’s something i’ll want my daughter someday to have. Things happen…i wish they had vaccines for all STDs! You just never know!

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I have no problem with adults making the decision to get the vaccine.  I would not, though. 

I’m so glad to see that you girls out there are recovering from this cancer.  My Future Sister-In-Law had it, and she has just found out she is pregnant, after many concerns that she would not be able to due to the trauma she had suffered.

My qualm with this vaccine is it being pushed so hard on very young girls.  I am an advocate for abstinence.  While I understand that it’s becoming more and more difficult for girls to try to hold out for meaningful relationships or possibly marriage, I don’t agree with this vaccination becoming so popuar for them at such a young age, which may be seen (would have been seen – in my case) as almost condoning sex at such a young age. 

Of course, it’s up to the parents to help their children choose this route for protection, but there have been some very adverse reactions, even if a complete correlation between death and this vaccination have not been confirmed. 

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