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catapple :  I had tons of baby dolls and barbies and so on as a kid, and genuinely thought I’d have kids up until I was about 23 when my niece was born. Once I started actually spending time with children (not just my niece, and she’s an amazing person) I realized that I really don’t want any. 

It was hard – I had to let go of a lot of societal expectations. But I genuinely don’t want any – I don’t want to be a parent, and I feel like people who have kids should really want them, and because I don’t, I won’t.


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I was obsessed with my baby dolls when I was little.  I was way younger than anyone else in my family/extended family so I had zero exposure to babies in real life, I remember being mezmorized by diaper commercials because of those cute squishy little babies they featured so I think babies were a bit of a fascination for me since I never met one in real life until I was an adult.

As an adult babies & children hold no interest to me.  Babies look super cuddly, like great to cuddle up and take a nap with on a winter day but other than that I’m just not drawn to them.  And children actually repel me.

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I don’t know, when I was a kid I loved playing with dolls. I was open to having kids until I was in my early 20s though, so that maybe that’s the difference?

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I honestly don’t remember. I know I played with Barbie and ponies a lot as they were my favorites and they stand out in my memory a lot more. I’m sure I did play with a baby doll here or there (or treated stuffed animals as babies), but I don’t remember very well.

Now I’m an adult, and I actually collect dolls. Most of them resemble teenagers/young adults, though I do have 2 that resemble children and I think they’re the cutest things ever. Still not sure I ever want a real child though. Dolls and babies are just so completely different that it boggles my mind that there is still a correlation between them. 

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I did for a bit because I felt thats what little girls were supposed to do. Maybe 6 months or so. Played prostitute Barbie far longer. I really liked the American Girl dolls. I was a nerdy kid.

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I used to put my dolls in their stroller and race around the garden like it was a racing car lol. I played much more with little animal toys and make believe games. I cant remember when I started thinking I didnt want kids, but it was at a very young age, probably pre teens, I know I defintiely didnt want them from 12 years onwards

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Hmmm I’ve never thought about it. I know I played house, but I don’t remember playing a mother. I was really into Polly Pockets and Barbies, and mainly for the clothing. I know I had a couple baby dolls, but they were these weird ones from a hospital class where you get an anatomically correct baby and you practice taking care of it and changing diapers. 

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I actually did. But I also liked playing with my Pound Puppies, My Little Ponies, my Tonka Trucks, and matchbox cars just as much. I was more into animals (even toy ones) than babies, too.

I actually did not dislike or hate babies as a kid. I had much younger siblings and remember caring for my own “baby” doll while my mother cared for one of my siblings, spent my teens babysitting my siblings and baby cousins, working with youth at the YM/WCA, working at youth summer camps. 

It is just for me, I never had any interest in actually being a parent and knew from an early age I was not very interested being a mother. Spent much of my teens and 20s as as an ambivalent procrastinator when it came to having my own children (meaning I figured it would strike me I wanted them one day, but I was certainly not in any hurry and sort of secretly hoped it never happened). It is not that I hated babies then (I tend to have a dislike for most older children though, to be honest, as I find them irritating), I just realized I liked many other things SOOOO much more, and I like pretty much ANYTHING more than the idea of parenting and having my own children. Parenting/having kids was just not something I was drawn to.

I do admit though as I moved through my 20s and 30s my feelings about babies became more like “I have absolutely zero interest in your baby or anyone else’s baby”. I close my door if someone brings them into the office, I do not want to hold them, and so on. I just don’t care about them. And like I said, I find many older children just irritating. 

One of my childfree friends actually LOVES babies though and loves to hold them and so on. She has no interest once they reach about one, though. Just shows childfree people are not a hive mind.

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my grandmother would always get me dolls. I don’t remember playing with them as much as MLP, He-Man and She-Ra. I also had barbies.


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I had some, but they weren’t my thing, maybe more things my mom thought I should have?  I even hate walking down the baby doll aisle, when they all start making noise at you?  It’s the worst.

I think I was around 5 when I started thinking that perhaps I didn’t want children, for various and sundry reasons.

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Come to think of it, no.  I was obsessed with American Girl dolls and barbies, but could have cared less about baby dolls.  Then again, I am the oldest kid, so babies definitely didn’t seem like a toy. 

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Not with dolls where you pretended to be their mum. I mostly played with blocks/lego and cars and played outside/did sports. I did play with barbies but my barbies where always career women and I used to clear all the books out of my mums mega bookcase and they would each have their own apartments, no ken in sight.

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I played with dolls, but I don’t really recall baby dolls.

The last doll I really remember playing with was my magic nursery one, and it looked much more kid like than my sister’s which looked like a baby.

I do like babies and am interested in them.  I do remember there was a pregnancy unit in health studies for grade 12.  I had no room for options and I didn’t really feel like I was missing out by not being able to have that option in grade 12 even though it was one of my favourite courses.

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I never wanted kids (although I have 2) I never played with dolls as a child I liked playing shops and had a pretend bank and post office 

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