CFBC Bees-We Need To Read This Letter! LOL

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Blushing bee

That article is maddening. Not having children doesn’t make you any less aware of trials or tribulations of those around you- child or adult. It just sounds like she personally didn’t care for other people and still doesn’t seem to if she’s writing articles like that. What sanctimonious garbage. 

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Helper bee
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 I dont understand why she cares if random strangers have children or not. I didn’t realize that so many women were coming forward with their regrets about becoming a mother until I googled it now and wow that was refreshing and interesting to read about!

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Bumble Beekeeper
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groomsister35 :  

Sounds like someone grappling with insecurities she can’t consciously acknowledge.

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Bumble Beekeeper

groomsister35 :  Wow is all I can say.

This gem in particular made me want to say a big fuck you to her and her ridiculous notions

“It makes you notice them and think about their well-being. Which is to say, it makes you less selfish.”

That is the biggest BS statement ever. I started my career in children’s protective services and I saw a hell of a lot of selfish parents who DGAF about their child’s wellbeing. There was a thread on here the other day by a parent who didn’t seem to care about other childrens wellbeing when it came to her child (who had done the wrong thing). 

Some of the most selfless people I know are CFBC and some are parents. A rewarding life and the priorities/choices in life that makes it rewarding are individual. It is great that being a mother is rewarding for some women but that doesn’t make you a better person than someone who chooses another path.

I think this article is equally insulting to women who want to be mothers and can’t. But then these types of articles often are. 

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Sugar bee
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 This honestly made me laugh. It’s so ridiculous that it somehow doesn’t make me mad. Except for the part about how CFBC people couldn’t possibly care about the environment or the world we leave behind. That makes my blood boil a little bit.

How do we stop global warming? Have kids! And ensure your kids have kids! That’ll change things. 

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Bumble bee

I wish I could also be as naive and guillable as this writer. It must be nice since as they say, “ignorance is bliss.” Meanwhile, I’m going to be “happy” knowing I am ending an abandonment/abusive mother-daughter streak that goes back 4 (possibly 5) generations in my family. The “babies make you euphoric and caring” gene must have died in my family sometime in the 1890s. 

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Buzzing bee
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groomsister35 :  yeeeaahhh….because the environment CLEARLY needs more people 🤔 also, choosing to become a parent (not to be conflated with parenting) is the most narcissistic, selfish decision one can make. It’s literally thinking that you are so amazing and your genes are so great that there should be more of you in the world. And he reasons people give for having kids? They just “want to be parents” or something along those lines. In other words, they’re making that decision from THEIR OWN SELF INTEREST. That’s selfish. 

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Honey bee
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So deliriously happy with her life choices yet lashing out. Curious. 💅🏻

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Sugar Beekeeper
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She very much has they attitude of this is MY EXPERIENCE and if others become Moms they will have the EXACT SAME EXPERIENCE AS ME.

Guess what?  Life doesn’t work that way.

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Bumble bee

I think she’s one of the most naivest people I’ve ever f*cling seen for this topic, and very up herself. Oh yes, this piece of literature will totally change my mind! 

Having a child may be right for some but it swings the other way too. And how naive she is shows in many areas here like basically saying that people who don’t want children just want to continue their ‘fun’ days. No. Most CFBC don’t not have children because they want to continue to party, they have reviewed everything and the lifestyles with a child just isn’t for them. People can live however the hell they want! It’s not crazy to just not want to have a child in your life. 

Another would have to be when she says life isn’t about happiness…. Ummm WTF!? I don’t know about anybody else but yea… I kind of do aim to have my life so I am happy and how I would like to be. Bizarre comment. Basically saying, f*ck being happy in life when apparently a child changes everybody positively, makes no sense on so many levels. 

Also, like other CFBC, I work with children too in education. I don’t think not having a child hinders me in how I am doing my job. I work with some very underprivileged children who have gone through a lot, just being a parent clearly doesn’t make you automatically superior or even good with kids. 

Shes basically saying screw it and have kids no matter how you feel because it’s apparently going to be awesome. What a horrible message to say to people, basically saying we shouldn’t have a choice and it’ll all turn out great even if it isn’t what you want. Seen too many cases where this isn’t so. 

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