CFBC Bees-We Need To Read This Letter! LOL

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Busy bee
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This article is too ridiculous to be taken seriously. I almost wondered if it was satire as I was reading through it. 

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Articles like this are awful and truly pointless. I would expect this would only anger/insult someone who is CFBC and even more harmful- deeply sadden someone who wants children but is not able. Why do people even publish this S***

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Bumble Beekeeper

Wow just wow. I’m not cfbc (sorry to infringe) but just couldn’t help expressing my disgust at this article. It is clear the author is threatened by anyone who makes different choices than she did, but lacks the self awareness to realize that. Just pathetic. Elite Daily is an embarrassment as a publication anyway – not surprised they ran with this!

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Bumble bee
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I came across this gem recently and was also grossed out by it. Again, echoeing PPs, WHYYYYYYY does it matter so much to total strangers if someone chooses to have children or not? It’s so bizarre and I truly don’t understand why it matters so much to people what you chose to do with your life when it doesn’t affect them in the slightest. I read another article recently where they did a study with college students where they read a story about a couple and in once instance they were chidless and in the other they had kids and they reported having MUCH higher negative feelings towards the childless couple. It baffles me why this attitude is so prevalent. I know a couple who is childless (not sure if CFBC or infertility), but they opened up a center for disadvantaged youth in one of the most violent cities I know of. I worked with them for several years and it’s truly amazing to see the amount of lives they’ve helped change through tutoring, job programs, mentoring, college aid, etc. How dare some sanctimoneous parent act like their life is more meaningful than theirs just because they popped out a kid.

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Buzzing bee
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Monday morning to-do list:

1. Call doctor and schedule husband’s reverse vasectomy

2. Flush all birth control pills down the toilet

3. Return unopened box of condoms


Actually, all I really want to do is to give this sanctimonious fool a reality check. I’m CFBC and I don’t do all of the “fun” things she’s so willingly given up. She seems to have confused being young and single with being CFBC. Just because I don’t have kids doesn’t mean I don’t have responsibilities. We have a house, car payments, elderly family members who need extra care, close friends/neighbors with young kids, a household budget, monthly bills, two dogs, and one giant cat. So no, I don’t pick up last minute tickets to Aruba and fly off into the sunset. I budget my time and money and plan vacations like most people (parents or not). Yes, when you become a mom/dad, that child becomes your #1 responsibility (and hopefully your #1 priority). I have responsibilities too; many of the same ones that everyone else on this planet has. So why exactly are we focusing so much negative energy on ONE thing that makes us different? 

Also, it’s interesting that the comments section is not enabled for this article. undecided

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Honey bee
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This article is so ridiculously irresponsible I can’t stomach it.

Having kids is NOT for everyone, and perpetuating the notion that it is is frankly part of the reason why there are so many miserable parents who then raise miserable children. 

The idea that anyone’s reasons for not having children can somehow be completely washed away bc LOVE is insulting and offensive. 

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Bumble bee

This author sounds like she maybe does regret having kids, but doesn’t want to admit it so she’s putting down other women who made the choice she probably wished she made. She sounds like my old friend who has 2 kids and is miserable. She has the same attitude about how “you’re not necessarily supposed to be happy” in life. I think it’s a whole misery loves company type of thing. She was SOO upset when I told her I don’t want kids. She went in full panic mode and I think it was her just thinking “wait…I actually had a CHOICE in this? I could’ve chosen NOT to have kids?!’ and then being jealous that I was smart enough to actually think this extremely huge decision over and come to a conclusion that is best for me.

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Bumble bee

groomsister35 :  It must be people who feel they can’t change/regret things and have the “well I meant to do that!” type of mentality.

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Blushing bee
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Wow that was hogwash. I feel like people who write articles like this are secretly miserable with their choice to have kids and are trying to get others to join their misery. Our planet is severely overpopulated, the last thing we need is everyone having a kid. She should worry less about what others are doing with their own bodies.

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I am middle aged and do not have kids. I do not want to have kids. My SO has kids from a previous marriage and I love them dearly but do no want to add one of my own.  I also have no beef with those that want ALL the kids. I just don’t. It’s okay.

What struck me from this article was the “you can’t know selflessness unless you are a mother, if you aren’t you must be a party girl.”  Wrong. Never have been a party girl, and have spent most of my life taking care of elderly family members. Which, you know, is a selfless act. Not bragging, just saying.  

Unfortunatly I just lost the last one. Still don’t feel the need to go crazy. Still childless. Yet still fulfilled. 

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Blushing bee

My career plan is to work with getting kids diagnosed for psychological and learning disorders, and I also don’t want to add to the overpopulation of the planet. One of the best things you can do for future generations is to not have kids, because they produce a lot of waste and pollution over their lifetime. Is that really selfish?

One thing I will say about people who do have kids is that it’s not ALWAYS a choice exactly…sometimes people get coerced while in abusive relationships, sometimes they can’t afford birth control, sometimes they grew up in poverty and didn’t have a good education or social support to help them figure out they had other options. Sometimes the symptoms of mental health issues include not having the self-awareness to realize when you might not be fit to be a parent. I think we need to make sure to remember that we don’t always know what goes on behind closed doors or in people’s heads and to have as much compassion as we can. 

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Helper bee

The whole idea that having kids makes you less selfish because you’ll suddenly care about the environment and how we’re going to leave the earth for future generations is ridiculous. 

I care about the earth and what we’re doing to it because I’m not selfish enough to only notice environmental issues when it will directly affect my offspring. 

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