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Chapstick is a brand of lip balm.

I only use one…Dior creme de rose lip balm.  I’m actually running low but I think it’s discontinued now as Sephora no longer carries it.  So I just bought hydra beauty lip balm from Chanel and we’ll see how that goes…

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I call most everything chapstick, but I mostly use …something in a yellow tub that I can’t remember the name of? Haha and also have a ton of off-brand chapstick in the classic little tubes and even some actual on-brand chap stick for when I’m feeling fancy! I call color-lipstick lipstick but never use it, and I call the liquid squeeze-out stuff lip gloss, and rarely use it.

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rockclimberbride :  It’s all chapstick. just like all qtips are qtips and all kleenex is kleenex.

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holidays start today at 5.30PM AUSSIE BEE

How many do you own?
at least 15

Where do you keep them?
handbag, car, makeup desk, handbag, SOs car, everywhere. HAH

What is your favorite?
Burts Bees Vanilla & Coconut

What is your worst habit with chapstick?
leaving gloss on everything I drink or kissing my SO on his face after putting it on and leaving residue on him ahaha.

Relative to other hygiene, health and beauty, how do your prioritize your lips?
probably lips are my top priority, I was always licking my lips when I was young, I was one of those children with the big red rings around my lips from doing so. Pretty much take care of them more than I do anything else. HAH


eta. I call it ‘lip stuff’, who knows where I got that from but it’s stuck.

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Hands down the La Mer lip balm! My husband who previously rolled his eyes at any lip balm over $5 is even hooked ๐Ÿ˜‚

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I call it chaptsick.

There’s three in my immediate viewing range, but I likely own about 10!

I keep them: at my computer, on the dining table, on my nightstand, in my car, in my backpack, in my SO’s car, in my purse, and at my SO’s desk – though he hoards them there sometimes. I found three on his desk just the other day. 

My favorite is one we got from a career fair, scented vanilla bean. 

Worst habit would be continuing to buy more, despite the amount I have! Usually this happens when I’m out somewhere and end up not having one. The air gets really dry here in winter, so multiple applications per day is a necessity, and something I go crazy without.

I do nothing else for my lips since I see no need to.


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Busy bee

Lip Balm !!!

I rarely use it. Urban legend here is that the more you use it the more your lips need it – and mine are soft as a babe’s bum ๐Ÿ˜‰

I might put it on if/when I come across it rolling around the bottom of my bag – where it is usually to be found..

Carmex (yellow tube) is the best when I do actually need it, plus I also like that Aussie one – Dr Paw Paw, and I also like the Burts Bees tinted ones.

My sister gets really bad chapped lips and swears by another bees waxy / medicated one that I can’t remeber the name of.

Good old Vaseline is the standard go to in the U.K.

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rockclimberbride :  p.s HOLIDAYS WOOHOOOO!! Bring it on!  

Last day in work today – finishing half day for our Team Christmas lunch at 1:30. My boss told me yesterday we’re hitting the Christmas Market Beer Tent at 12… 

Mantra: Start early – home early ๐Ÿ™‚

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Is it called chapstick, lip balm, lip goo or something else? I call it chapstick. But I don’t call tissues Kleenex lol.

How many do you own? At any given time I need at least two (one for work, one for home). 

Where do you keep them? At work and at home. Several backups are also at home.

What is your favorite? I used to love Carmex but switched to organic only. Sierra Bees brand on Amazon is the best I’ve ever used.

What is your worst habit with chapstick? Losing it and then worrying one of my dogs stole it and bit off the cap and is going to choke.

Relative to other hygiene, health and beauty, how do your prioritize your lips? I need my chapstick to survive. Like when I go out to dinner and realize I forgot my chapstick at home I worry if I’ll make it through dinner without my lips dying.

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I used to use Burt’s Bees all the time and I LOVED it. Unfortunately I developed a contact allergy to beeswax (or rather, something in beeswax I think), and I had to stop using Burt’s Bees. My lips had gotten super chapped, the corners of my lips were cracking, I started developing little bumpies around my lips, and the more I used my beloved Burt’s Bees, the worse it got. Finally found out it was the Burt’s Bees itself that was causing the issue.

Anyway, now I can only use Vegan chapstick, essentially. Pretty much everything else, I’ve discovered, uses beeswax. And I’ve also discovered that the reason they do is because it actually works! Vegan chapsticks have just been a huge fail for me. They may work for other people, my Fiance says they work for him (he can’t use Burt’s Bees anymore either, since I have to kiss him lol), but they just don’t work for me. What I’ve found actually does work is Vaseline. It comes in a little mini tub specifically for lips, too. I really like the Cocoa Butter kind. I keep a few tubs at home (always one in the bedroom, and one in the living room), one tub in my purse, and one tub at work.

On the plus side, I’ve found that I have to use less of Vaseline than I used to have to use of regular chapstick. My lips just don’t get as chapped as easily.

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It’s all “Chapstick” 

I love the peppermint kind from Dr Bronners. And a goat milk one I buy at Ulta. I’m not super picky, as long as it doesn’t have any petroleum products in it.

I’m TOTALLY addicted. Like to that point that I get a little panicky if I’m out and don’t have any. This reminds me I need to buy more today lol

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I call it chapstick regardless of the brand.

I always have at least 2 – one in my purse when I’m out and one in my nighstand drawer by my bed.

I love the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick! It’s much larger than a regular chapstick tube and people usually ask if I am using a glue stick on my lips.

My Fiance has recently started stealing my chapstick and I hate it because he goes a little crazy with it and the stubble around his mouth makes the top of the chapstick uneven and bumpy.

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I’m addicted and have tubes everywhere – in my purse, on my desk, in a drawer in the kitchen, in my nightstand.  I think that’s it.

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