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    @AB Bride:  I think that the difference between a 9 year old in a house, versus in a car is that a minimum age and license are required to drive. 

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    Hmmm, in my mind there would have to other factors to be considered:

    1- What was the temperature outside / inside ?

    2- Was the car running ?

    3- Where were the children seated in the vehicle ? (not that matters, they could get unbuckled no doubt… and that might cause issues)

    4- Was it a case of Mom popping into the Gas Station to pay her bill, or the Convenience Store for just “a moment” (or was it into the Mall for a load of Groceries)

    5- Could she see the car at all times, could the kids see her etc

    6- And ya, altho My Parents probably did this back in the 1960s (there were no such laws back then, and us kids survived)… there are laws now.  Here in Ontario at least a kid has to be 10 Years Old before they can be left alone for any “reasonable” amount of time.

    Hence I VOTED = OTHER in your Poll


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    I do this from time to time. I have a 6 y/o, 3 y/oand 1 y/o. I will leave them in the car, buckled in with dvd on and the car running so it doesn’t get hot/cold inside. And I only do it when I go to the bank to deposit a check. I park so I can see the car at all times and I am usually out in 10 minutes.

    I always feel terrible when I do this but honestly, I really can’t deal with 3 screaming kids running around while in the bank. 

    I would never ever do this for regular grocery shopping or if I couldnt see the car. 


    Another thing I sometimes do and I know is wrong, is that I leave the 2 younger ones at home if they are still sleeping when I walk my older one to the bus stop. I can still see the house and I am usually gone no longer than 10 minutes but I still feel bad about it.



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    1st I have to say I do not think 9 is old enough to watch a 2 year old by themselves… and like PP’s said, it depends on how long they were in there and how hot it was. 

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    You’re leaving your child unattended. I don’t give a frack if its locked or not. It’s reprehensible to be that lazy and irresponsible. As for the people who leave people or animals in cars in the heat, well,I’ve got no words. With the exception if accidents, these people should have their animals taken away and some serious social intervention for their poor kids. I have a window buster in my car, and I will not hesitate to use it on a car if I see this again. inexcusable. 

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    Despite there not being a babysitting age law, it is against the law to leave your children unsupervised. A 9 year old is not old enough to be babysitting anyone. If the 9 year old was “babysitting” at home and there was an emergency, the parents would be charged with neglect. 

    Common sense should tell any decent parent that no matter how mature, 9 is not old enough for that much responsibility.

    my mom used to leave my older sister & I alone on the car back in the 80s. Once I knocked the car into neutral (stick shift) and we coasted through the parking lot. we managed to not hit anything but anything could have happened!

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    @AB Bride:  I wouldn’t leave a 9 year old alone personally. I remember feeling like I was pretty safe at that age though. I’m sure the 9 year old most likely would have been ok for that time, but you really never know. The horrible reality is that there are people out there that prey on children and addcidents  happen. The patent must, MUST be present. I appreciate the inconvenience kids can be when there are errands to run. But I feel like that’s what ya signed up for when you became a parent. They can’t look after themselves and if you can prevent something you should.  (The universal “you” not ” you ” personally. 


    Edit . Ok so I’m trying to spell like a competent person here, my phone is being a tool. Sorry. 


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    @mamadingdong:  +1.

    My friends were left in a car (for only about 5 minutes as their mum ran into the shops) when they were 7 and 10. The 7 year old decided that he wanted to play with the car and almost killed them both rolling down a hill and into a tree. The 10 year old tried to stop her brother from playing with the car and in doing so ended up with her seatbelt off. 

    I voted that the police were reasonable, just because something didn’t happen in that instance doesn’t mean it couldn’t have happened. 

    My parents are still a little nuts about leaving me (22) in the back seat of their car if they want to run into the shops and make me sit in the drivers seat with the keys in the ignition just in case.

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    @AB Bride:  me either. I can’t remember but I generally assume all kids are helpless. I have seen kids abandoned in the stores I have worked in and stuff. I’ve heard stories and such about kids left in cars from some nurses I know. I really just can’t imagine being so callous as to leave them alone. 

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    @AB Bride:  Meh. I agree with both sides here. On one hand, rules are rules, and the parent(s) shouldn’t have left kids alone in the car. If, on the other hand, the charges were not really warranted, the parent(s) will be cleared. (Well, unless these are just fines?) 

    Re: 9yr olds being left alone, I would not do it. Sure some of them might be more mature, but it’s not worth the risks. I would definitely not let a 9yr old babysit my small child either (if I had one).

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