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    Even if the child itself is responsible/mature enough there are sick people out there. If the car was on, and someone decided they wanted to snatch the two year old, what’s the nine year old going to do?

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    I was not an over-protective parent but trust me, there’s no way in the world that I would ever have left my children in a car with the engine running at 9 years old! Not unless I was totally cool about the idea of them attempting to drive off!

    However, I would, and did, leave them in the car while I did brief errands. Provided the windows were open in hot weather and I had the car keys I could see no issue. 9 year olds are not infants. At 9 my sons were walking to and from school unescorted.

    However, I would say that nowadays, the authorities in the UK would take a dim view of the idea that a 9 year old was capable of being left home alone to babysit a 2 year old. This view might just reflect the over-protective way that society has developed but for sure, you could expect eye-rolling if you casually announced that this was something you did.

    I think you have to get danger into perspective too. The likelihood of anyone snatching a 2 year old from a car is remote especially if a 9 year old was also in the car. Likewise paedophiles do not lurk around every corner. If we keep our children wrapped in cottonwool we actually make them more vulnerable than if we allow them to take age appropriate responsibility for themselves. 

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    totally agree.


    Sick, terribly people have been kidnapping children for a long long time, but the odds of it actually happening are extremely rare- everything is hyper sensationalized by the tv/internet/media today. The world we live in is actually very very much less violent/dangerous than previous generations.


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    Wow.  I am amazed at the judgemental attitudes in this thread. 

    I wish that, as women and mothers, we could support each other rather than tear each other down.

    As someone who grew up in the 80s, I was left alone in the car…often with my younger brother in tow.  I’d say I was maybe 11 and he was 5, or thereabouts.  Granted I was a very responsible kid.  Also, my mom would let the two of us go to the pool by ourselves, around the same age.  I’m sure some of you would scream about drowning or abduction… 

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    If she left them with the car on for 30 minutes she should be charged for idling as well.  Not sure about Alberta but in Ontario I believe the anti-idle law is only 5 minutes…

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    DaisyBelle Wow.  I am amazed at the judgemental attitudes in this thread. 

    I wish that, as women and mothers, we could support each other rather than tear each other down.

    I cannot speak for everyone of course, but if I came across as judgemental it because I believe it is inherently unsafe. This is not a lifestyle choice like cloth/disposable diapering.

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    @musical-lady:  In ontario, the minimum age is around 12 years old.

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    I remember asking my parents to leave me in the car when I was a little kid, I hated going with them while they did their grown-up stuff. 

    I don’t really see the problem here unless she was gone for an hour going grocery shopping.  If she was just popping in and out somewhere then no big deal.

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    @xoxocheri:  That’s what I thought. I just remember you could only sign up for babysitting courses when you were at least 12 years of age, so that makes sense.

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    @HappySky7:  I disagree. I’ve run into the bank for 5 minutes with my dog in the car. Windows are rolled down (not enough for her to jump out or someone to grab her), and I park so I can see her at all times, and I basically stare out of the window at her until it was my time to talk to the banker. Also, if anyone ever used a window buster on my car to get my dog out, we’d have a serious f**king problem, and they would regret it instantly. I don’t f**king play around when it comes to my dog. There’d be some physical things, and some legal things happening. 

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    The only time I have left my son strapped in his car seat is if I forgot something in the house right before we leave. I run into the house and am back within a minute time frame.  Or if unloading the car of say groceries, I have the doors open and am talking to him as I just sit the stuff inside the door.

    Or if need to get gas, I pay at the pump so I can see him at all times as am outside the car. 

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    I work for a child abuse non profit. It’s very interesting to read everyone’s comments, because we teach parents ALL THE TIME, to not leave their children in the car no matter what.

    I’ve heard every excuse in the book. There’s so much more to it than just a baby or child overheating. I’ve worked on cases where a child was sexually abused when a parent ran into the gas station for a quick second, a child was exposed to a man’s penis when parent ran into the store for a quick second, sooooo many things the parent just didn’t see happening.

    Now, you have a child who is emotional scarred all because the parent couldn’t just take TWO minutes to take the kid in the store with them… 

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    No. Just no. A child’s safety and wellbeing are far more important than a parent’s convenience. You signed up for kids and all of the inconveniences that come along with them. My ex did this with DS when he was small. DS STILL remembers being left alone in a vehicle at 3 years old and he is STILL upset about it 12 years later. I am sure my ex thought it was harmless, but he was wrong.

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