(Closed) Charter of the Hive – Part XXVII

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  • poll: How do you think yours/DH family may react on your BFP?
    Super Happy - I mean newspaper annoucements, TV media, you name it! : (25 votes)
    64 %
    They will be happy, but not really a big deal, I guess. : (13 votes)
    33 %
    I don't think they will care. BOO!! : (0 votes)
    IDK : (1 votes)
    3 %
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    @AbBeeRoad:  Awww, I’m glad she eventually got used to him. DH’s fear is that our own child will be scared of him. I must have missed you on the other thread – welcome honey!

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    @calibee79:  Totally hear you on the BFNs. GL tomorrow!

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    @MrsRugbee:  yes! and really his parents should’ve known better. it happened in 1988!!

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    @aliciapdx:  aww i’ve been enjoying your updates. I think we’ve been there it will be someday. This TTC stuff brings out a new kinda crazy and I think this is the only place you can express that. I’m sorry about your BFn today, fingers crossed for better news in a couple days








    ROLL CALL!!!




    TTC or TTA: TTC 




    CD/DPO: CD 19








    ESTIMATED POAS DAY:  depends on when O decides to show up, maybe around may 6th though 




    AGE:  I’m 26, DH is 27




    CHART LINK: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/m/home.php/utopia4us




    ISSUES (IF ANY):  I think my crazy over analysing is probably the only issue. This is my 3rd cycle off BCP and I am still regulating, but I am such a control freak that I want to know what everyyhing means




    Do you have any cute baby stories of you or DH to share? Hmmm I was a pretty demanding baby I think. Apparently the first time I talked it was when my dad was putting me to bed when I was just over a year old and I said “don’t put me down” I have a feeling this is exaggerated but my dad swears that’s what happened and I haven’t stopped knowing what i want since. As for DH I think the funniest story he has is falling down the laundry shoot a little bit after he learned to crawl. His mom says it was terrifying cuz he didn’t cry, and she thought he must be dead but couldn’t get the baby gates undone to get to him. Talk about a baby proofing fail lol. He was just fine when she got down there though!




    As for the poll, I think DHs parents will be ecstatic, but I have no idea how my dad will react.


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    @KH – How was the herbalist?!? 

    I’m waiting to POAS today, but if I get AF I’ll be heading down there to check her out.

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    @MrsPuddingface:  Thanks although I am not sure I should be here… I am not officially charting yet (just doing an xcel sheet) and this is our first cycle trying… I’m definitely more of a lurker!

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    @MrsR4ever:  Thanks for starting the new thread!

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    @MrsPuddingface:  Good luck this cycle! FX for you!!

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    @MrsRugbee:  Hilarious stories! Drunk babies…so wrong but so funny to think about!

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    @calibee79:  Wow – so glad your DH is okay! That’s so scary!


    ROLL CALL!!!

    TTC or TTA: TTC!

    CD/DPO: CD22 / 5DPO


    STIMATED POAS DAY: Not knowing for me is SO much worse than seeing a BFN, so I pee early and often. I’ll start POAS tomorrow and keep doing so until AF or BFP.

    AGE: 30 (DH is 33)

    CHART LINK: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/bananasareyellow

    ISSUES (IF ANY): Short luteal phase – last month it was only 7 days! 🙁 Started B complex and RRL tea so hopefully this month is better. Irregular cycles.

    Do you have any cute baby stories of you or DH to share? DH was a precocious kid – he was speaking in full sentences by 18 months – he was the first born, and when they brought home his little brother from the hospital he told his mom to “Bring that one back. He appears diseased.” (his little brother had a rash)

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    Hey everyone!  It’s my first time joining in on the roll call – finished my last pack of BCP last week so now the charting fun begins!

    TTC or TTA: This cycle TTA most likely, just sort of seeing what my cycle does naturally but by June it’s TTC all the way!

    CD/DPO: CD 6


    ESTIMATED POAS DAY: No clue at this point, this being my first cycle off BCP.

    AGE: 32/DH 33

    CHART LINK: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/43821a

    ISSUES (IF ANY): PCOS, but taking metformin.


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    @AbBeeRoad:  That is hilarious! My DH won’t even wear hats because they highlight his giant head.  

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    @lindsayandchris09:  Thanks! I feel so much  better after going to her, like at least I have some guidance beyond ‘have a lot of sex’, which is what my ob/gyn told us. Also, some of the things I was doing was actually hurting our chances.

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    @MrsR4ever:  I’m not really close with my brother, so I get where you are coming from. It would be great to be close to both of my siblings, I feel like we are both losing out because we just can’t relate to one another.

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    TTC or TTA: TTA

    CD/DPO: CD29/4DPO

    NUMBER OF CYCLES TRYING (OR TTC START-DATE):  TTC in June when I get back from family vacation (without DH because he has to work)

    ESTIMATED POAS DAY: May 4th if AF hasn’t arrived… which I just realized… I’m starting AF the day of my first 5k. BLAH

    AGE: 24/28

    CHART LINK: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/Woodstock


    ISSUES (IF ANY): Long-ish cyles

    Do you have any cute baby stories of you or DH to share?

    Not sure if it’s cute… but, my parents said I was a baby that liked to strip and toss my clothes/diaper everywhere… so they’d come in in the morning to wake up and change my diaper… and I’d be butt naked standing up in the crib, grinning… having thrown my dirty full diaper on the floor… They said I’d give them a look like “What? Did I do something??”

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    Can I just say I hate copying/pasting in WB?  I get to the end of filling out my roll call and I hit backspace or something and it ALL deletes.  A;KMNE;JARBEJRNAKNW!!!!

    ROLL CALL!!!

    TTC or TTA: TTC

    CD/DPO:  CD2

    NUMBER OF CYCLES TRYING (OR TTC START-DATE):  Cycle #5, trying since Nov 30, 2012

    ESTIMATED POAS DAY:  N/A, I’m going to wait to confirm O.

    AGE:  25, DH is 28

    CHART LINK:  http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/doxielove

    ISSUES (IF ANY):  Nothing diagnosed.  After this cycle is over I’m going to make an appointment with my OBGYN to discuss my painful periods and other symptoms I’ve been experiencing.  I suspect endo.  My mom just shared with me that she was diagnosed with uterine fibroids and endo when she was TTC, which is why it took her 2 years to conceive my older brother.  She says she remembers her Dr. told her these things are hereditary (obviously I’m not sure about this), so I’m concerned.

    Do you have any cute baby stories of you or DH to share?   No, not really…

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    @ScottishMrs:  screw the haters. I’m sorry they’ll be upset though. Not fun.

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