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  • poll: Would you quit your dream job if you won the lottery?
    Yes, I enjoy my work but would rather have the free time. : (24 votes)
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    Yes, not having to work is the ultimate. : (11 votes)
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    No, work gives me a sense of purpose and accomplishment. : (16 votes)
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    No, I would be bored if I didn't work. : (7 votes)
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    Replies from the old thread, then I’ll roll call:

     FreckledFox:  I’m glad you got such good numbers, but oof, bed rest!  Do you have a kindle? Netflix?

    candy11:  Happy Anniversary!

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    TTC/TTA: TTA until May 2015

    CD/DPO: CD23/12DPO

    Cycles TTC/Charting: 0/15

    Age: 28/DH is 29

    POAS/AF Date: Should get AF in two days (but I have a surprising lack of spotting?)

    BFP Plan and/or Known Issues: daily prenatals, getting back to exercising, cleaning up the second bedroom

    Link to Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/arielmerms 

    Random question: What is your most memorable valentines day, and why?  Ha! Darling Husband and I never do anything for Valentine’s Day… this will be our 9th together.  My most memorable was probably last year when I was in Hawaii.  Sadly, Darling Husband wasn’t with me for the trip though.  He shoveled my car out of the 2+ feet of snow we got then.  Love him!

    Poll question:  Darling Husband and I were just talking about this!  I would probably volunteer at animal shelters (and adopt some more because we’d actually be able to get a house and a yard).

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    Hey, I’ve been participating a bit in the TTC threads and figured I’d finally join in the charting groups.  🙂


    CD/DPO: CD5

    Cycles TTC: We started trying in September, got pregnant right away.  Had a miscarriage at 6 weeks in October.  Took a month off to get “back to normal” and are now starting our third cycle of TTC with charting.

    Age: 29

    POAS Date: February 15 

    BFP Plan or Known Issues:  Aside from just having had a miscarriage, the past 2 cycles were tough because Darling Husband and I were apart for at least a day or two around O, so we weren’t BDing every day.  This month we aren’t going to be separated during key fertile times and we are trying the SMEP method.

    Link to Chart: http://fertilityfriend.com/home/530c08

    What is your most memorable Valentines Day?  Last year we had planned a weekend at a bed & breakfast but then Fiance got sick and we couldn’t go, then it wound up being a huge snow storm.  I wound up cooking tomato soup and grilled cheese and we had a candlelight dinner and a weekend of movies at home.

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    TTC/TTA: TTA until June 2015

    CD/DPO: CD5

    Cycles TTC/Charting: 0 TTC/ 15 Charting

    Age: 27

    POAS/AF Date: too soon to tell

    BFP Plan and/or Known Issues: annovulatory cycles (2 in the last 8 cycles/10 months), long irregular cycles (32-49 days). Daily prenatal vitamins, preconception appt on February 13 (can’t wait!!) I’ll also start OPKs once February starts (around CD17)

    Link to Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/ruby26

    Random question: What is your most memorable valentines day, and why? The only Valentine’s we’ve celebrated was our first one when we were were newly dating back in 2006! Darling Husband got me perfume and tickets to Wicked, which he knew I really wanted to go see. But we’re not Valentine’s people… we celebrate by buying the discount candy on February 15th!

    Poll question: This one was tough! I voted “not having to work is the ultimate”, but would definitely be bored if I didn’t work. I’d probably go down to part time, honestly!

    missadventure85:  Welcome! This thread is fabulous; you’ll love it here. Good luck this cycle!!

    BeverlyGeese:  Awww, your proposal sounds sweet!

    arielmerms:  We’re also non-Valentine’s Day-ers. And it’s also our ninth together!

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    Hey!  I’m catching up first then roll calling!

    jammer62:  Ah thanks for the screenshot.  FX it means good things for you!!!

    Turtle83:  I understand your apprehension but I second what LittleRiver said.  You need to know and it’s not worth feeling silly over, as you’ll be wondering whether or not your decision impacted the outcome, whereas calling would alleviate your concerns.

    NewfieBullet:  Thank you!  Yes – stock up!  Hopefully you won’t need them much longer but they’re good to have (and share) and will be a hot commodity.  We don’t have a lot of other options north of the border.  I’d love to be able to separate out my friends list as well. If you leave a review, can you PM me what you wrote?  I’d love to do something similar and maybe if enough of us write the same thing, they’ll actually take action.

    NeedPenPaperCoffee:  Thank you.  I’m sorry you didn’t BD during your FW.  I cried myself asleep a night or two as well when we argued about BD’ing.  It definitely adds a stressful element to a normally fun and healthy sex life.  You’ve received lots of good advice, but I’d just highlight the importance of having those conversations out of the bedroom before either of you is in too much of a vulnerable state.  Plus if you have an argument in bed, it’s easy to turn the other way and go to sleep, whereas if you talk about it on the couch, you’ll be able to further discuss or come to some sort of resolution before you enter the bedroom, hopefully increasing your chances of successfully BD’ing.  It definitely hurts when we’re rejected because we’re conditioned to think men always want it and we’re the ones who usually reject them (which could hurt them, but we likely don’t consider it as much as when we’re the ones rejected).  Are you able to come to a better understanding as to why he doesn’t want to BD?  Is he too tired?  Is it not spontaneous?  Could you switch up the schedule a bit so it’s not always at night before bed for example, but maybe when you get home from work, or in the morning, and make it about more than just BD but rather special alone time for the two of you? 

    brlabrat:  So happy you had a successful pre-TTC visit.  My ob/gyn actually suggested FF to me (I knew about it before but never signed up) and showed me charts in my appointment too.  Definitely appreciated the real world examples and TTC/pregnancy charts we looked at.  No one has ever commented on my uterus before.  I used to get some sort of visual during my paps before, where my insides would show up on a screen, so I assume they would have commented if my uterus was tilted or anything, but nadda.  Hoping your blood tests come back clean and you’re all set to TTC!

    ltj14:  Good luck testing!  What a sweet surprise it would be on your dating anniversary!  I think I’m one of the few who want to find out alone and surprise him later.  It looks like Darling Husband and I may both be at home when I call the doctor to find out the results, so I may sneak out for a bit.  I want to give him something special to commemorate it or be able to surprise him with it in a creative way.  Or I may just break down in tears of joy and tell him.  We’ll see…

    FreckledFox:  I’m glad you are on bed rest and your hCG numbers are doubling and look nice and strong.  Hopefully the bed rest will help alleviate any of the additional stresses on your body.  Are you not able to use any vacation time or some sort of unpaid leave (so that you get the full 12 when the baby comes?).  I’m definitely thinking of you and hoping that this time strengthens your body and then you’ll be able to get back to it with a healthy baby kicking inside (figuratively for now).

    jammer62:  So jealous of your cheap FRERs and HPTs!  Sorry for the negative on the wondfo but hoping a FRER gives you your BFP (or a squinter)

    mkat37:  Sorry about AF.  I’d have some wine and sushi with that chocolate if you’re into that.  Hopefully you get some thread started luck this month!

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    CD/DPO: CD18

    Cycles TTC/Charting: 1st/9

    Age: 26

    POAS/AF Date: POAS ?? Depends on O date, which will hopefully be between Thursday and Sunday (CD20-CD23)

    BFP Plan and/or Known Issues: Prenatal, Vitex to lengthen LP, using OPKs to narrow ovulation

    Link to Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/KatiePi1

    Random question: What is your most memorable valentines day, and why?

    Hmmm…Darling Husband and I don’t go out much on holidays, but he surprised me a few years ago with dinner and dessert at home. It was simple and romantic and I loved every minute of it.

    Poll question: I said no because I would be bored. This is true, but I think I could find a way to spend my time that wasn’t working. If I must!

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    BeverlyGeese:  Can I ask how you manage that with work? Do you take the OPKs with you? I’m a teacher and don’t know how I could manage that without it being obvious or inconvenient.

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    So…sorry for post after post, but had to write. I joined the POAS boards (Jan and Feb since I don’t know ovulation for sure and LP is unsure). Am I the only one who finds it super intimidating? I mean, I scrolled through the page and there was BFP after BFP. Great for them! But intimidating as hell for me. Not sure it’s the place for me. Thoughts?

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    CD/DPO: CD1

    Cycles TTC/Charting: 7th TTC/31st charting

    Age: 30/DH 31

    POAS/AF Date: Who knows….

    BFP Plan and/or Known Issues: Going to do our best to do SMEP this cycle.  I’m also going to try self fertility massage and I’m giving up my supplements other than prenatals and DHA. 

    Link to Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/mkat37

    Random question: What is your most memorable valentines day, and why? That would be the first Valentine’s Day Darling Husband and I were together.  We started dating Feb 4 so things were still fairly new.  Valentine’s Day was a Saturday and we ended up spending the entire weekend together. 

    Poll question: I would for sure quit.  I like my job but most days I can think of 2980234 other things I’d rather be doing than be at work!  Staying busy would be the key.


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    CD/DPO: CD3

    Cycles TTC/Charting: 5 for each, coming up on 6 months trying

    Age: 25

    POAS/AF Date: Feb. 23 (wow, that’s really depressing realizing that my cycles are long enough, I have to wait over a MONTH for the next time). 

    BFP Plan and/or Known Issues:

    BFP Plan – Prenatals, shifting focus from “I want a baby now!” to trying to accomplish a bunch of stuff on my “life goals” list before we get pregnant, eating healthy, working out, BD EOD or so until FW and then ED.

    Known Issues – long and irregular cycles (34-39 days), endometriosis, PCOS, only one ovary due to endo

    Link to Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/hogoboom2012

    Random question: What is your most memorable valentines day, and why?  

    Probably the first Valentine’s we were together (2012).  I had just had my first laparoscopy 4 days before and was moving pretty slow and was super swollen up still.  He came over for dinner after my classes and we were talking about when we were going to get engaged/when we’d like a wedding. He went to give me my Valentine’s gift and it was in a ring sized box.  My honest first thought was “Don’t you dare propose when I’m in yoga pants and an oversized sweatshirt because I’m so swollen nothing else fits!”  :/  It wasn’t a ring, it was a necklace that I love wearing still and I was thankful he waited until April to propose!   The next day, I got out to my car, and he had decorated it with tons of notes and cards from him and my parents saying they loved me and Happy Valentines.  It was great!  Definitely the pick-me-up I needed. 

    Poll question:  Honestly, I’d probably still work because I enjoy having something to do.  I’d like to stay home at least part time when we have kids (we’re looking at homeschooling), but otherwise, I need to stay busy or I’ll drive Darling Husband up the wall 🙂 


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    TTC/TTA: TTA until AF, then back to TTC

    CD/DPO: CD8

    Cycles TTC/Charting: 6 TTC/ 8ish charting

    Age: 31

    POAS/AF Date: AF due Feb 9th or 10th

    BFP Plan and/or Known Issues: I’m still on a TTC break after a MC in mid-December.  Right now I’m just trying to get healthy.  I’m working on eating better, excersizing.  Taking just about every supplement in the book.  

    Link to Chart:http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/4aea00 

    Random question: What is your most memorable valentines day, and why?

    I’m not really a Valentines day person.  I think last Valentines day we went for sushi and we got a sushi boat.  That was fun, and yummy! 

    Poll question:

    If I won the lottery I would probably still work at something, but I would probably look for something with more flexability that I enjoy. I would probably be a Work from home momma! 

    I’ll catch up tomorrow, when we’ve hit page 6 already.  But I seriuosly have to crash and get some shut-eye.  

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