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  • poll: What type of baby names are you most drawn to?
    Family names : (6 votes)
    13 %
    Popular/trendy names : (1 votes)
    2 %
    Traditional/classic names : (27 votes)
    60 %
    Something unique and uncommon : (9 votes)
    20 %
    I'm not naming my kids until I see what they look like! : (1 votes)
    2 %
    Other (and I'll tell you below) : (1 votes)
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    Roll Call!


    CD/DPO: CD12/waiting for O

    Cycles TTC/Charting: 8 TTC/ 27 charting (although I’m not really charting anymore…)

    Age/SO’s Age: 29/30

    POAS/AF Date: AF is set to arrive around 12/10.  I will not POAS unless AF is late.

    BFP Plan and/or Known Issues: BD ~EOD in FW, OPKs, Darling Husband had a rough SA with really poor morphology.  We need to make an appt with an andrology specialist to go over all of his results and figure out next steps.  My gyn thought our best shot would be IUI.  We’re trying (and succeeding so far) to make some healthier choices and we’re hoping that will improve DH’s swimmers.

    Link to chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/arielmerms Although I’m not temping anymore (side effect of the crazy diabetic cat is that I never make it to my alarm without having to deal with her craziness, and I don’t want to wake my Darling Husband up at 4:30 with both my thermometer and the nonstop meowing).

    Random question: What are you most thankful for right now?  My husband.  I love him so fucking much.  As much as it sucksssssss still not being pregnant, we are such a good team right now.  Also thankful for my house, and my dog, and that crazy ass cat.  I’m thankful for being able to facetime with my 7 month old niece halfway around the world.  I’m also thankful for Pitch Perfect 2, because it was pretty damn funny when I watched it last night.

    Poll question: I love traditional/biblical/older names and a family name.  Some of my favorites: Genevieve, Nora, Grace (family name – would probably be a middle name), Abigail, Amelia, Jacob, Lucas.  Girl names are easier for me to come up with than boy names.

    From the old thread:

    @ruby26: Thank you!  I hope so too (re: sperm being better after 90 days)!  HUGE congratulations on being done with your second (damn, girl!) Masters!!! Hopefully you’ll be able to tell people soon that you’re not running Boston because you’re knocked up!

    @lalalalauren: So glad to hear baby is progressing nicely!

    @hogoboom2012: that ladybug cake is adorable!

    MattieK:  That’s awesome about your new insurance plan!!!

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    MattieK: That sounds like a perfect friday night to me:) Awesome news on the insurance!! Mine just began covering IVF last year, up to 20K with 20% co-insurance and it’s sooo nice not to have to worry about spending so much for IVF! One cycle for us becuase of our issues will be about 15K of our 20K πŸ™ 50K is amazing! 

    arielmerms:  I LOVE the pitch Perfect movies. They’re in my rotation of what I watch when I want to pick my spirits up. That and the Lord of the rings and Hobbit trilogies lol. I’m a dork.
     Sorry about the SA results. To answer MattieK: ‘s question, some of the supplements work for improving semen quality too. COQ10 is a good one. There are some presciptions as well. Make sure he’s taking a multivitamen with adequate zinc as well, if he’s not already.

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    Roll Call!

    TTC/TTA: On BC until IVF in January!!

    CD/DPO: A zillion and one. I’ve been on continuous BC to slow my endo regrowth since we found out about our severe MFI in April.

    Cycles TTC/Charting: TTC since Summer 2013. I just realized how depressing that is. It’s 2016 in about a month πŸ™ 16 cycles TTC, 14 charting, plus about 15 months of medical pause between Darling Husband and I.

    Age/SO’s Age: Me-33, DH-40

    POAS/AF Date: Tentative betas scheduled for my first IVF around February 8th.

    BFP Plan and/or Known Issues:

    Copied and pasted from previous threads for new Charters (welcome!):
    Me- Severe endometriosis, treated with multiple laproscopies and 7 months of medically induced menopause between laps 2 and 3. Extremely low AMH levels, which means that I have low ovarian reserve and egg quality issues too, approximately that of a 45 year old.

    DH- azoospermia and low testosterone. Low testosterone was treated with meds from April to September and was raised to normal levels, but still no sperm is being produced. Darling Husband had a double sided testicular biopsy in September that resulted in zero sperm being found, with a single germ cell and the rest of the cells Sertoli cell only syndrome (very bad news!).

    Our plan is to move onto IVF/ICSI with a mTESE (surgical extraction of sperm from the testicles) for Darling Husband the day before my egg retrieval. Darling Husband has a 20-30% chance of any sperm being found. I may have issues responding to IVF meds and producing eggs due to my low AMH. If I make eggs, and we get sperm, and those sperm and eggs fertilize into viable embryos, our doctor gives us about 30% odds of IVF success.

    Tentative calendar for IVF- starting injections January 25th with possible egg retrieval around January 25th and possible embryo transfer around January 28th or 30th. Darling Husband and I have an injections class scheduled December 17th. I also have a second antral follicle count scheduled November 23rd, as during the first one the RE could only find one ovary. She wasn’t concerned until my AMH came back super low, and had just doubled my antral follicle count from my visible ovary (6*2 = 12 antral follicles). However, with the low AMH I want them to try again and see if we can get a more accurate count, as I’ve read this count is more relaible than the AMH.

    New stuff: My repeat Antral follicle count is Monday, and Darling Husband and I will sign our IVF consent papers then so we can move my IVF calendar from tentative to real! (MY RE won’t do the actual scheduling until we’ve signed the consents). Is it lame that I’m super excited about signing away my rights lol? It means we’re starting!!! Real dates!! Darling Husband has now weaned himself from 150 mg a day of Effexor to 75, and started the 37.5 mg dose a few days ago. He feels like total crap for a few days after stepping down (headaches like rail-spikes in his brain, exhausted, depressed, moody) but then seems to be good once his body adjusts. Each time he steps down a dose his libido spikes too, so I hope that means it’s going to help him make sperm!! IS is January yet?! πŸ™‚

    Link to chart: Coming January 2016 πŸ™‚ I wonder if FF still remebers who I am lol

    Random question: What are you most thankful for right now? My husband. He’s my best friend, my rock, my personal comedian and my safe place. I don’t know what I’d do without him. He’s my home. Also, winter kitty snuggles, the fact that I don’t have to drive to work in today’s winter storm, soft down-filled slippers, hot tea, soft blankets and video games:) , and that I love my job and that I have a great family.

    Poll question: I voted uniqe and uncommon. I do like some family names and traditional ones as well. I have a very unique name (I’ve met 3 people in  my life with it and they were all over 60 lol) and I’ve always loved that, so I’m not about common/popular names. I love my mom’s name, Karina, especially since she was killed a few years ago. I’ve also been leaning towards irish names, as Darling Husband and I may be moving there next year:) Current favs are Karina, Thea, Grainne (Grace), Aoife (sounds like Eva) for girls and Eoghen (Owen), Killian, Elijah, and Alaric for boys.

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    Roll Call!


    CD/DPO: CD 22 of a confusing cycle

    Cycles TTC/Charting: 8 TTC/ 23rd charting

    Age/SO’s Age: 28/31

    POAS/AF Date: Honestly have no idea. 

    BFP Plan and/or Known Issues: Known Issues: weak/non existant ovulation treated for 4 cycles on Clomid (which thinned my lining), long irregular cycles when unmedicated. BFP Plan: Daily prenatals and CoQ10, acupuncture once a week, preseed, BD EOD in FW, pineapple for implantation. Reduced exercise to 2-3 days a week of light-medium effort. 

    Link to chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/ruby26

    Random question: What are you most thankful for right now? My husband, my family, my pup, my health (in everything that’s not TTC related). I’m also thankful for popcorn, hot chocolate, and my new kitchen. 

    Poll question: We like traditional/ family names. We’ll probably go that route when it comes time, though we don’t talk about names very much. Being teachers, we want names that are easy to spell and pronounce, but also that won’t have other kids in the class with the same name. So the idea is to name our kids with uncommon normal names, haha. 

    Ladies, can you tell me what you see when you look at my chart? I definitely feel like I’m either in the TWW or just in an annovulatory cycle with the other symptoms I have. My temps have been climbing steadily, and are in my normal LP range, so I’m pretty sure I’m not going to ovulate. If I overlay my longer cycles (where I Oed on CD35, for example) my temps are still WAY higher than those early temps. I suppose I could have ovulated on CD13/14, though I’ve NEVER ovulated before CD15, and it’s only been that early with the aide of meds. And even if I did O on CD13, we had pretty terrible timing. Ugh. 

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    Aqualov:  I love unique names. As long as they are spelled phonetically! πŸ™‚ Being a teacher sure skews my opinion of a lot of names. And YAY!!!!!! for your calendar becoming real!!! Things are starting to come together for you and I’m so excited!!! It’s also nice to hear about your DH’s response to his medication weaning! Fingers super crossed for some great sperm in there by January!

    arielmerms:  Thanks lady! I LOVE the Pitch Perfect movies! I definitely watched the first one almost once a week when it first came out on dvd (and still always teared up at the end). I have to go get the new one… I remember it was much better than I expected when I saw it in the theaters!

    MattieK:  What EXCELLENT news about your insurance!!!!! YAY!!! And I have the same baby-naming philosophy… a few names ready, with final decision being made after baby is born. 

    AFM, today I went to get my regular monthly wax, and my esthetician told me she’s pregnant with her second. She’s one of those that gets KU on the first try, but I surprisingly didn’t really have any jealousy or upset feelings at all when she told me. She spent a few minutes talking about her pregnancy and the fact that all her friends are also pregnant. Then she mentioned a friend who is still TTC after about a year, and I used that opportunity to jump in and say that I’m in the same boat. She was really nice about it, and gave me the name of an Eastern medicine doctor that her friends swear by (2 of her friends got pregnant in 3-4 weeks after seeing her). I’m feeling more comfortable sharing our struggles with people I see occasionally, trying to work my way up to opening up to my siblings about it. 

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    TTC/TTA: TTC for baby #1

    CD/DPO: CD10, probably no O for a little bit yet. (FF Predicts anywhere from CD18-CD39 haha)

    Cycles TTC/Charting: 3 for both!

    Age/SO’s Age: 28/27

    POAS/AF Date:  14dpo, whenever that is!

    BFP Plan and/or Known Issues: BD EOD-ED during FW, pre-natals, Co-Q10, pre-seed, charting, & OPKs! No known issues yet. This is only my 3rd cycle (4th month) off the BCP. My cycles have been really long & irregular. I’m not sure if I’ve actually been Oing or not because my temps have been pretty erratic (although so far this cycle has been pretty good (for me, FF hasn’t told me my temp fluctuations are higher than normal yet). If my temps are still wonky, I think I may try V-temping next cycle. I also have a doctor’s appointment at the end of the month so we will see what her thoughts are/if she’s willing to do any testing this early in the game.

    Link to chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/mrsmellybean

    Random question: What are you most thankful for right now? My family, most of all my incredibly loving and sweet DH! All of our pets (2 kitties & 2 pups), & my amazing group of friends (& the half-priced wine we will enjoy tonight).

    Poll question  We don’t have a girl’s name picked out yet, but if we have a boy we want to name him Jacob after my grandpa who is currently battling terminal lung cancer. He is an amazing man and my Darling Husband and I love him so much. We also love the name, so that’s a big bonus!

    Ladies, if I can convince my doctor to do some testing under the guise of irregular cycles, what tests should I ask her to do? I would love to get a SA for Darling Husband as well, but since she’s not an OBGYN or a patient of hers, I’m not sure she can get a requisition for him.


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    MattieK:  Thanks for starting the new thread, hoping it brings you a whole heap of luck this cycle! Such great news about your insurance change, how wonderful! I also love nice, comfy pajamas! Especially as winter approaches.

    arielmerms:  I love Jacob too! The names that you listed are beautiful. I’m glad that Darling Husband is succeeding in following a healthier lifestyle, it’s always tough to do! Darling Husband and I need to do the same. Hope that it helps with his swimmers. Are you guys have another SA planned? I have to admit, I haven’t even seen the first Pitch Perfect, I’m not sure why because I know I’d love it!

    Aqualov: The Lord of the Rings, & Hobbit movies are great! I’m also a huge geek when it comes to that kind of stuff! I’ll be thinking of you on Monday! I hope the appointment goes well! Also, that’s so awesome about the IVF schedule, yay for moving forward! January will be here before you know it. Glad to hear the weaning is going well, my Darling Husband is also in the process of getting off of SSRIs, he’s pretty optimistic about it so that’s good!

    ruby26: That’s so interesting, there definitely seems to be a temp shift, & you have fertile CM right around the same time. Do you usually get multiple patches? I wonder why FF doesn’t think you O’d. CD21 is possible as well. What happens if you put in a couple of higher temps for the next couple days? Sorry, I’m no help whatsoever, but definitely seems strange to me! That’s great that your esthetician was so understanding, & even suggested an eastern medicine doctor, do you think you’ll give it a shot? Also, do you know if it’s okay to wax once you are knocked up? I don’t know why it wouldn’t be, but it’s something I’ve wondered about as of late.


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    Aqualov:  MattieK:  thanks for the heads up about vitamins/supplements.  Those may take some convincing, but I’ll try.

    ruby26:  I’m so much better about telling certain people.  Our families have no idea.  Also with names, it’s hard sometimes to find names that don’t remind me of certain students.

    MrsMellyBean:  he does not have another SA planned, but we also haven’t even called to schedule the appt to talk about his first SA results.  Things have just been crazy around here lately.

    MattieK:  see it soon!  It was so good!  There was even a 90s hip hop part which made me super happy πŸ™‚ MrsMellyBean:  you need to see it soon too!

    ruby26:  I’m not sure about your chart.  I do see a difference between what could be pre-O and post-O, but pinpointing O is hard.  Did you use any opks?

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    arielmerms:  Being a teacher is another reason why I like uncommon names. All the common ones have at least one bad students associated with them. I have over 200 students per semester so…

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    Roll Call!

    TTC/TTA: TTCish

    CD/DPO: CD n/a – suppression for IUI cycle.

    Cycles TTC/Charting: One year come December.

    Age/SO’s Age: 30/33

    POAS/AF Date: Only if A Depending on how stims go, around 1/5?

    BFP Plan and/or Known Issues: Anovulatory PCOS. Poor response to Femara and Clomid. Premature ovulation when on meds. Husband is traveling a lot through January and his sperm don’t survive freezing so timing is also an issue. Taking metformin and a ton of doc-RXed supplements. On Desogen (birth control pill) to suppress ovaries and manipulate cycle start. In December I’ll stop the pill and start stimming with menopur and gonal-f. Then we’ll add a GnRH antagonist to suppress ovulation, trigger, IUI, and progesterone support.

    Link to chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/feist

    Random question: What are you most thankful for right now? I am thankful for my husband and my dog and cat. I’m thankful for the support of my parents. I’m thankful for his parents, though they don’t know about our fertility issues. And I’m thankful that we’ll be moving, probably to a new city, very soon 

    Poll question: I like classic but unusual names. I also like literary, Shakespearean, and mythological names. (fun fact: Isis was on the list though that’s obviously a no go!) And our kids will have a Korean name, probably as their middle name, small chance of a phonate to the first name. So there are some names I really like for a middle name that we can’t use. I speak French and Portuguese and there are a bunch of names I really like in those languages that I have on our list but I doubt we could use because of pronunciation (Like Tiago or Manon)

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    MattieK:  (from the other thread) I’ve dealt with both mild anxiety and insomnia and I can attest that both totally suck. I’m so sorry the clomid is making you feel so crappy. Blurgh. Awesome news on insurance, though!

    arielmerms:  Oh dear. Non-stop meowing? You are a saint.

    Aqualov:  I know it’s awful that you are, but being on CD day “a zillion and one” made me smile. I sure hope January is your month! I love Irish names, too! Love that you put down Grainne and Aoife. I also like Diarmuid but I know it’s too “weird” to actually use.

    ruby26:  I love the sound of uncommon normal names! It’s just hard to think of them! Then one that used to be uncommon becomes more common as everyone discovers it at once (I’m thinking Ava, Emma, Hazel, Violet….) I’m also thankful for popcorn. I love putting Brewer’s yeast on it. And of course butter. Lots of butter.

    MrsMellyBean:  I love that your boy name has so much meaning for you both. That is so special.

    Feist:  That is very cool that you speak both French and Portugeuse! I speak French but not very well and I love French names. I dated a French Canadian guy and occasionally I like to fantasize about what I would’ve named our hypothetical kids if we had gotten married (which was very unlikely as I was only 22 and we only dated for 2 months).

    Roll Call

    TTC/TTA: TTA (Boring, I know) until summer 2016

    CD/DPO: CD 23/6 DPO 

    Cycles TTC/Charting: I’ve been getting after it pretty good since August, but I don’t temp mostly because both me and my toddler suck at sleeping (insomnia mixed with sleep deprivation is not fair)

    Age/SO’s Age: 34/30  

    POAS/AF Date: Not for a long while unless something goes awry. Exhaustion does not make me feel sexy (see above) and the last time I checked, you have to have sex to get pregnant….

    BFP Plan and/or Known Issues: Short LP (10 days) but I’m still nursing my 16 month old. 

    Link to chart: It’s boring with no temps and I’d be embarrassed some months about how few times my husband and I got it on. We’re working on it but we’re both just so goddamm tired most of the time….

    Random question: What are you most thankful for right now? Snow! It means a lot to me, for real. I love skiing, and coaching skiing. We had a horrible winter last year. A very close friend of mine had a terrible skiing accident and almost died (induced coma, brain surgery, etc) partly due to our lack of snow (there was an exposed rock). After a very long recovery and lots of therapy she had her first day back skiing today! I am so incredibly thankful she made such an amazing recovery. Her prognosis was very poor initially.

    Poll question: I chose classic/traditional. My son’s name is Miles Patrick. I love Margaret for a girl but my husband doesn’t like it. I also love Anneliese but my husband hates that one, too. Sigh. We are screwed on boy names since we kinda blew our naming wad (sorry, is that too vulgar?) on Miles. We joke that we’ll have to name another boy Patrick Miles.



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    MrsMellyBean:  I do usually get several patches of fertile CM when my O is later (around CD25 or later), but my temps always stay low then. That’s the big reason why I’m so confused! My temps aren’t doing anything predicatable. UGH, haha. Also, yep! You can continue to get waxed all the way up until birth according to my esthetician. 

    arielmerms:  I intended to do OPKs, but got lazy and forgot, so nope. Plus last cycle my OPKs threw me off a bit. It sure would’ve helped things this cycle if I did them consistently!

    Aqualov:  The struggle of a teacher… I’ve got a list a mile long of “absolutely NOT” names due to former students!

    MrsAKSkier:  I LOVE your name choices. Miles (actually Myles) is on my list, but Darling Husband doesn’t love it. If you come up with any really great uncommon normal names, share! We’re so far away that it wouldn’t impact the uncommonness πŸ™‚

    AFM, slept through my temping alarm today, so I had to temp correct. Oh, and I got a nasty yeast infection last night which is fun. Now my chart is even more screwed up. Oh well.

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