(Closed) Charters of the Hive #91

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    Aqualov:  I just wanted to say I’m super excited for you starting your first (and I hope only) IVF cycle this month! 😊

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    Aqualov:  You deserve all the luck there is for 2016!! I’m so excited for you that it’s finally January!!!!

    Roll Call!


    CD/DPO: CD 28/ 4DPO

    Cycles TTC/Charting: 9 TTC/ 24 Charting (though it’s been over 2.5 years- dumb long cycles)

    Age/SO’s Age: 28/ 31 (almost 32)

    POAS/AF Date: AF is due 1/11, so I’ll POAS on 1/12 if no AF

    BFP Plan and/or Known Issues: BFP Plan- prenatals (when I remember), ubiquinol, charting (obviously), and just started using OvaCue this cycle. Known Issues-  Visiting the RE on Jan 25. It’s been a year of trying, 4 unsuccessful Clomid cycles, a great SA, but still no BFP. I’m going to get an HSG once AF shows; I’m hoping I can schedule it for January 18 (MLK Day) so I don’t have to take another day off in January. 

    Link to chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/ruby26

    Random question: Let’s try a super positive note to start the year: What was the best thing that happened last year? Probably starting and completing our DIY kitchen reno. There were definitely ups and downs in 2015, but that was the highlight. 

    Poll question: DOG!! We have a rescue dog Max, and he’s about 4.5 years old and awesome. I told Darling Husband that if I’m not pregnant by June, I want to rescue a puppy so I can train him/her as my summer project. Darling Husband and I like cats, but we’re both allergic. 

    I’ve decided to start this year on focusing on the positives and reconnecting with Darling Husband. The holidays were tough, but after telling most of our families, I’m feeling tons of support and am looking forward to what 2016 has in store for us!

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    Aqualov:  so, so exciting that your IVF is THIS month! Yay! I’m so hopeful it all comes together for you and your first one is the THE one! 

    ruby26:  It’s so nice that you have support and understanding from your families. Here’s hoping you’ll spend most of 2016 being pregnant! PS how was the skiing? or did you snowboard? was it fun?!?

    Roll Call!


    CD/DPO: CD 11

    Cycles TTC/Charting: casually charting (no temping) since June 2015 when I had my first cycle post partem

    Age/SO’s Age: 34/ 30….yes I am old and decrepit and my husband is young and sprightly

    POAS/AF Date: FF says AF will come Jan 17 (27 day cycle) but my last cycle was only 25 days so we’ll see…..

    BFP Plan and/or Known Issues: I got pregnant with my son (17 months old) after 4 cycles. Planning to avoid until next summer when we’ll try again. Honestly I’m kinda just here to cheer on the TTC ladies. I love seeing people get BFPs. I’m a weirdo.

    Link to chart: It’s boring since I don’t temp and we have sex like old married people (meaning, like, twice a month. So lame)

    Random question: It’s hard to remember the whole year….um….it’s kind of a blur….I did a really cool hike that had been on my list for a while, up to the true summit of the mountain behind our house. It was pretty gnarly in places (steep and rocky) and the view was spectaular. I went with two of my girlfriends so that was neat…..so I will never, ever complain about parenthood, especially to ladies who are beyond ready to be parents, but I will say it has been a hard year for me and my husband. But of course it has been very wonderful watching our baby become a toddler, too.

    Poll question: Dog person all the way! Although I do like cats, I’ve just never owned one. We have a retired racing greyhound named Scott and he is awesome. Such a good boy. I wholeheartedly recommend greyhounds as companions, they are the sweetest!


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    Aqualov:  Thanks for starting a new thread — I SOOO hope you get the threadstarter’s luck, I’m so excited for this month for you!

    Roll Call!


    CD/DPO: CD1

    Cycles TTC/Charting: 17

    Age/SO’s Age: 29/29 (until tomorrow when my husband turns 30!)

    POAS/AF Date: When AF is late!

    BFP Plan and/or Known Issues: No officially diagnosed problems, I know that I ovulate, but usually start spotting by 7DPO. CD3 testing yielded high FSH and high estrogen, I’m going to see the RE Jan 4th (EEE!) to get some more answers. Just finished third (failed) cycle of clomid CD5-8, and using OPKs, temping, CM, prenatals, B6/b complex, EPO pre-O, CoQ10, Vit E, Vit D, magical thinking, rain dances.

    Link to chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/MattieK

    Random question: Let’s try a super positive note to start the year: What was the best thing that happened last year? I think getting to teach my first solo college course in a topic I love, and having it go so well, it makes me excited for the future!

    Poll question: Dogs!!! None yet, but in July a doggie will be ALLLL MINE!




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    ruby26:  There are so many of us getting started with an RE this month (you, me, Aqualov, Hogoboom, Arielmerms, I’m sure more), it’s exciting!!! Lets go get those babies!

    MrsAKSkier:  Man, robbing the cradle! πŸ˜‰

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    Roll Call!


    CD/DPO: CD27/12DPO.  Waiting on AF, I’ve been cramping and spotting for 2 days.  

    Cycles TTC/Charting: about to start #10 TTC/29 Charting

    Age/SO’s Age: 29/30

    POAS/AF Date: AF should be here any day now

    BFP Plan and/or Known Issues: MFI (0% morphology; lowish motility and concentration); possible DOR (low AMH).  Repeat SA is scheduled for Tuesday and I’ll have repeat Cd3 bloodwork once this new cycle starts.  RE recommended straight to IVF (most likely with ICSI), so as soon as Darling Husband gets his SA, hopefully we can get insurance authorization and get this show on the road!

    Link to chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/arielmerms

    Random question: Let’s try a super positive note to start the year: What was the best thing that happened last year? Bought our first house! 🏑

    Poll question: Dog person all the way!  I have a dog and a cat and, well, dogs are better!

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    Aqualov:  I go back to the RE on 1/11 too! I’m so hopeful for you and this IVF cycle! Lots of hugs and cheering for you this month! 

    ruby26:  I hope the RE has some simple answers for you! Did you host Christmas too in your new(ish) reno? 

    MrsAKSkier:  I love hiking in the mountains! The Rockies are my favorite so far – how awesome that it was behind your house!  Is your Mother-In-Law still there? Hope you’re holding up OK! 

    MattieK:  your RE appt is so close!!! I’m very excited for you and hope you also get some simple answers. I know I haven’t checked in much (sorry, I’m a lame texting buddy around the holidays), but text me if you want to at any point before/after the appt. The first appt is intimidating and has a lot of info, but it feels great to be moving forward. And yay for only 6 months til a puppy! 

    arielmerms:  yay for a first house! This might be creepy, but was there a bunch of bushes you wanted to get rid of in the front? Did you get those out yet? 

    I’ll roll call tmrw sometime. Hosted the last Christmas for the season today and still have a houseful of cousins laying on my floor playing cards. Its great! Hope you all had an awesome start to 2016! Hoping for many BFPs to start off the year strong! 

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    Roll Call!

    TTC/TTA: TTC for baby #1

    CD/DPO: CD51/11dpo

    Cycles TTC/Charting: 3/3 long cycles

    Age/SO’s Age: 28/27

    POAS/AF Date: Not POAS this cycle as I started spotting late late last night and am expecting AF to come tomorrow

    BFP Plan and/or Known Issues: prenatals, CoQ10, charting, pre-seed, OPKs, BD at least EOD during FW. Also, if it gets here in time, I will start using OvaCue this cycle as well. No known issues at this point, I have long, irregular cycles but have only been off BCP since the start of August so I’m hoping as time goes on, my cycles will get shorter and more regular. Waiting for results from DH’s SA  and some blood work I had, also hoping to go back tomorrow to get a requisition for CD3 testing since I managed to get progesterone testing for 7dpo this cycle for non-TTC related health issues.

    Link to chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/mrsmellybean

    Random question: Let’s try a super positive note to start the year: What was the best thing that happened last year? So many great memories from 2015, but obviously the best one was that I got married, and Darling Husband and I went on a magical honeymoon πŸ™‚

    Poll question: I answered dog person but really I’m both! We have two dogs and two cats who I love dearly πŸ™‚

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    Aqualov:  thanks for starting the new thread, hope you get the thread starter’s luck! I’m also super excited that this is the month you start IVF! FX so dang hard for you!

    ruby26:  glad you were able to confide in your family over the holidays and am hoping so hard that you will get your BFP right away! It’s exciting that you finally get to see the RE this month! Also yay for the rescue dog, how sweet. We just adopted a rescue dog this past year too!

    MrsAKSkier:  you crack me up! You are not old!! That hike sounds amazing. I love hiking too :). I hope that the wait to TTC doesn’t go by too slowly for you. I love having you here to cheer us on though in the meantime!

    MattieK:  January 4th is so soon! Hoping you get some answers soon lady. Also, teaching a college course solo is an amazing accomplishment, so way to go! I think this is going to be a great year for you- a new puppy and you are going to get your BFP, I just know it!

    arielmerms:  yay for DH’s repeat SA coming up so soon, hopefully this time will produce some better results. Sounds like you guys have a great plan coming up, I’ll be rooting for you so hard!!

    hogoboom2012:  glad that you had such a good time hosting Christmas for your family, that is so wonderful! I wish I was better at cooking and the likes. We just hosted a New Year’s party and that was enough for me haha. Hoping that the appointment goes well on the 11th! I’ll be cheering you on all the way!

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    Roll Call!


    CD/DPO: CD 18/3dpo

    Cycles TTC/Charting: Thirteen months TTC and charting, 7 months with an RE

    Age/SO’s Age: 30/33

    POAS/AF Date: Beta day is 1/13, I might POAS 1/12. AF didn’t come last cycle until I stopped the Crinone.

    BFP Plan and/or Known Issues:  BFP plan: did menopur + gonal-f + cetrotide + 2 IUIs + Crinone this cycle. We were aiming for 2-3 follicles but got just one. My lining is the best it’s been at 6.7 and DH’s semen samples were both normal; after an aggressive wash, we had 8mil motile for the 14 hr post trigger IUI and 11mil motile at the 38 hr post trigger IUI. So this is the best chance we’ve had in the year of trying. Known Issues: Annovulatory PCOS, poor lining on oral meds. I need cetrotide to prevent premature ovulation and my lining seems to stop growing once that is introduced.

    Link to chart:  not temping this cycle so it’s boring

    Random question: Let’s try a super positive note to start the year: What was the best thing that happened last year? Our cross country road trip with our dog, stopping at the badlands, black hills, devil’s tower, Yellowstone, and Grand Tetons.

    Poll question: DOG! We have a dog and a cat but I’m definitely more of a dog person. We rescued our guy when he was one year old, and he had been abused and was found as a stray. He is THE BEST dog. Our cat is cool, too, but cats are too solipsistic for me.

    Aqualov:  I’m so excited for you to get your shot!

    ruby26:  Yay for a supportive family!

    MrsAKSkier:  I love retired greyhounds. They have such lovely energy.

    MattieK:  I’m excited for your RE visit. We got my doggy in July and he’s the best so it’s a good month for dogs! Only six months away!

    arielmerms:  You have IVF coverage? Thats awesome!


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    Aqualov:  I’m so excited for you this month!!!

    ruby26:  Your kitchen is so awesome!  I’ve brought up getting another dog to Darling Husband this summer too.  Hopefully we get babies and puppies πŸ˜‰

    MattieK:  happy bday to the hubs!

    MattieK:  let’s get the babies!

    hogoboom2012:  haha, not creepy at all!  There were giant bushes in the back (completely blocking windows) that we (scratch that, a few of my friends and I) removed over the summer.  There are some thorny ugly bushes in the front that I want to remove, but I’m waiting until spring to do that so I can stick something prettier in their place.  Here’s a (probably giant) before/after picture of the back bushes.


    Feist:  That sounds like an amazing road trip!  Yeah, I’m incredibly lucky to have such awesome insurance – rx meds are completely separate, so I don’t know about cost with those yet, but IVF procedures are covered – everything except for cryo.  That’s all depending on if DH’s second SA is still bad which should get us authorization.

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    Roll Call!


    CD/DPO: CD24/2DPO

    Cycles TTC/Charting: 16 months but we’re in our 14th cycle. 

    Age/SO’s Age: 26/30

    POAS/AF Date: AF should be due sometime between 1/15 and 1/17. We see the RE again on 1/11 to discuss what a new protocol will be moving forward and I don’t know if I’ll POAS before then or just wait for a happy surprise if AF doesn’t show up by 1/20. 

    BFP Plan and/or Known Issues:

    BFP Plan: Well, it was supposed to be Femara again this cycle, but I don’t know what the RE will recommend now that we know Femara failed.  A big part of the plan will depend on what she has to say.  I’ll continue prenatals, metformin, Vit. D though.  Might add EPO again this time and preseed still during FW. 

    Known Issues: PCOS, irregular ovulation, apparently a low response to oral fertility drugs, endometriosis and missing an ovary and tube (me).  low motility/morphology (DH).

    Link to chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/hogoboom2012

    Random question: Let’s try a super positive note to start the year: What was the best thing that happened last year?

    Love this question! Honestly if I had to pick just one highlight, it would probably be going to Haiti on a missions trip. I loved it and can’t wait to go back.  My little sister asked me to take her back someday and our plan is to go in a few years once she’s old enough to go and I’m already excited.  Other big highlights would have been passing my Emergency Responder licensing exam, going with Darling Husband to Niagara Falls and offically making it one full calendar year without a laparoscopy!  After having one a year in ’12, ’13 and ’14, it was a relief to have a break for a little while. 

    Poll question: I’m more of a dog person, but we have a cat right now. I grew up with a Husky sled team and loved the bigger dogs. (My parents currently have a Newfoundland/Bernese Mountain/Great Pyranese puppy that I love.  I’d take her in an instant!). Eventually we’d like to get a dog, but I like having the freedom to leave for a few days and not worry about a dog.  The cat can survive on her own a lot easier. 

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    MrsMellyBean:  I’m sorry about the spotting πŸ™ when will the results be back in for the testing? How did your New Years party go?  And thanks for rooting for us!  I really appreciate it! 

    Feist:  I would love to do a road trip like that!  That sounds amazing!  And your view from your room was beautiful!  How were the fireworks?  When will your Darling Husband hear back on his test? 

    arielmerms:  That looks SO much better!  Great job!  It looks amazing!  

    Whew.  Holidays are officially over for us. We’ve either stayed with family or had them staying with us every day but one since Christmas eve.  My parents left today and tonight/tomorrow, we just get to veg and do nothing.  I LOVED the family time, but some down time tonight will be wonderful. 

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