(Closed) Charters of the Hive #91

posted 4 years ago in TTC
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    Feist:  These photos are fantastic! I’d LOVE to roam at will and just enjoy wherever you happen to be at the time – living in the moment at its best! We have beautiful scenery in Canada too, but I’ve never seen anything quite like this. You just gave me the travel bug! I hope you framed that first pic – gorgeous!

    NewfieBullet:  Aww Congratulations!! We missed each other last time (I was just getting PG as you were starting TTC) and now we’ve missed each other again! How old is your LO now? Elijah turns 2 in 10 days and I can’t believe how fast time has gone. It’s so bittersweet watching the markers of life come and go!

    MrsMellyBean:  Your honeymoon sounds fabulous! I have a little honeymoon-envy going on over here – we had family visit from England to come to our wedding so we gave up the honeymoon to spend time with them after the wedding before they flew home. It was worth it, but still. You need to post a pic of your lodgings while there so I can live vicariously through you! I have mild PCOS so I can easily say it’s not the worst thing in the world because it hasn’t been for me, but I know for some it’s debilitating and so limiting when TTC. It’s hard to say where in the range you’d fall if you do have it, but I just really hope it’s not something that puts a big hindrance on TTC for you. What’s your average cycle length right now? Are you confirming ovulation? As for the reactions of those around you being less than supportive in the way you need…I’m sorry. Sometimes all you need is just a hug and for them to say they’re sorry you’re hurting. I think advice from someone who can’t empathize is pretty useless, and saying things like “it’ll happen when it happens” or “it’ll happen when you least expect it”, “just relax” can be dismissive. I learned the last time around (10 months TTC with an early loss in the middle) that you just have to forgive their lack of understanding and their sometimes thoughtless or careless words BECAUSE they don’t understand. It’s annoying as hell, but they have no idea. Ignorance isn’t always bliss, but when I think that to get it they’d have to live it, I wouldn’t wish that on them. So it’s like “I wish you understood, but I’m glad the reason you don’t understand is that you’ve never been through it”. Maybe next time you bring it up or they do, just tell them that all they need to know is that you feel lonely in your pain, that you’re hurting, and all you want and all you need is for them to say “I know. I’m sorry. I’m here”. Tell them you don’t want or need advice, you don’t want platitudes or throwaway cliche comments. You just want them to hug you, tell you they love you, and maybe cry with you when you cry.

    kes18:  Your Mother-In-Law sounds like a doll πŸ˜› Traveling with kids sucks so I hope along with all the planning she’s doing on behalf of your vacation time includes her volunteering to do a lot of babysitting! The sleep issues with kids and travel are enough to make anything sound unappealing.

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    ruby26:  sorry about the purple box of doom!

    MattieK:  I’ve heard such good things about Barbuto! Also, PUPPY!!!!!!!!

    MattieK:  Way more comfortable with it now!  The low AMH gave me a kick in the ass to get this show on the road πŸ™‚

    MattieK:  hahaha, love your saved by the bell meme (Also, I really need to stop replying to you like three times in each of my posts, eesh).

    Feist:  What a cutie!!!! My guy just put his held in my lap at the shelter and I knew we weren’t going home without him.

    FreckledFox:  :-* 

    MrsPuddingface:  king size beds are the best.  I LOVE mine.

    MrsPuddingface:  FreckledFox:  thank you for the fast authorization wishes!  Hopefully we’ll be able to get it right away after DH’s second SA tomorrow

    Feist:  Your pictures are amazing!  And through binoculars on your phone?  You’ve got mad skills.

    kes18:  Oof, that is excessive!

    MrsMellyBean:  Sorry about their comments during dinner.  Sending hugs.

    and now crossposted for 1+: 

    AFM, CD2 today, Darling Husband has his second SA scheduled for tomorrow, and I just made an appointment for a saline sonogram for this Friday. When I talked to my nurse over the phone this morning, she said that, pending insurance approval, we should be able to start IVF next cycle. Say what! I was freaking out when we found out at our consult a few weeks ago, but now that I know about my low AMH, I am more than ready to get the show on the road.

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    My Kevin <3


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    MrsPuddingface:  haha!  Well, my Mother-In-Law would steal my Dear Daughter if she could so the whole reason she is badgering us first (before anyone else) is because she really just wants us and Dear Daughter to come along and I am really not sure how much she cares about the others going.   So we would get a babysitter!  But yeah, I sort of hate the traveling to certain places due to sleep issues.  If she sleeps in our room, who is sitting in there with her or close enough to have a monitor on ???? I don’t want to be in bed or sitting in a dark hotel room at 9pm on vacation.  Same with naptime!  Plus, my Dear Daughter still often wakes up 1x at night and after that usually spends the remainder of her time in our bed.  Sort of hard to do with a full size or queen.  Breaking her of that might be my next challenge.

    As you can tell, long distance traveling with a toddler isn’t my idea of fun lol.  When she’s older, sure!

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    arielmerms:  I can’t even reach out across the bed and touch my husband anymore – it’s a dream (as far as sleeping goes)! πŸ˜‰ Next cycle! WHAT!?! So exciting! GL!

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    kes18:  You almost need to get them their own room, but in practice that sounds idiotic, right? A suite? haha We haven’t traveled needing a hotel room since my son was still able to fit in and sleep in a playyard so I haven’t even tried to figure out the logistics of how sleep even happens while he gets a cot or sleeps with us – it’s because I don’t even want to think about the impossibilities of that. At least your Mother-In-Law wants to be around your Dear Daughter that much though, that’s pretty sweet. The last time we traveled with my Mother-In-Law she was pissy because she wanted to go shopping while he was napping and couldn’t believe he wasn’t adapting to fit her schedule. How rude of him! πŸ˜›

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    MrsPuddingface:  Haha, how rude of the 1 year old!!! Yeah, the only time we stayed in a hotel was a year ago!  And we were with my parents so we just got connecting rooms. That way my mom could stay and listen to the monitor while me, Darling Husband, and my dad went out (it was a casino).  Then I left our clothes in my parents room so I could get ready in there and then sneak back into our room when I was ready for bed!  Luckily she still fits in her travel crib, but maybe not for too much longer!

    Oh yeah,  it’s nice but my Mother-In-Law wants her soooo much that she also gets mad that we don’t change her schedule enough.  A few weeks ago she sent my Darling Husband a rant at 4am about how she thought Dear Daughter slept the whole 1.5 days we saw her.  Bedtime is normally 8-8:30 and then i put her to bed at 9:45pm that night- guess it was not late enough.  Next day Mother-In-Law let Dear Daughter fall asleep ON her right before noon and then was mad (I guess?) that Dear Daughter then had to then nap instead of going to the restaurant for lunch when the night before I told her we should probably go at 11:45 ish if you want Dear Daughter to stay awake for lunch at noon. 

    I only like going to visit relatives I know have good/adequate sleeping arrangements or who are good babysitters! Unfortunately Mother-In-Law lives far away and there is no where for us to stay there so we never go to her house.  It is she either has to come to ours or BIL’s or we have to go on some trip with her to god-knows-where.  One year she sent us a budget on New Year’s telling us how much we could save every week so that we had enough $$ to go on a cruise with her at the end of the year! wtf. 

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    Newbie joining this thread!


    CD/DPO:   CD24/8DPO

    Cycles TTC/Charting: 2 TTC/First Month Charting (And doing a horribile job!)

    Age/SO’s Age: 23/23

    POAS/AF Date:  AF due 1/11, trying to hard to hold off until then to test again! BFN on a cheapie this morning.

    BFP Plan and/or Known Issues: Taking Prenatals religously, using OPKS, and BD EOD during FW, although this month we manager every day

    Link to chart:    http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/617282/

    Random question: Let’s try a super positive note to start the year: What was the best thing that happened last year?

    We became homeowners!! I also traveled 44k miles, and visited 19 states and two countries… Job perks!

    Poll question – Dogs! We have three (Great Dane, Corgi mix and Chihuahua/Dachshund mix) They run the house!

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    Feist:  Well, he sure is handsome now! And since that he’s found his passion — most go their whole lives and dont, lol.

    LarLa:  SO annoying how cycles get wonky right when you need them normal, huh? It’s like Murphy’s law with uteruses (uteri…?)

    FreckledFox:  Oh my goodness, of COURSE your’e a mom —  you spent months at home and in a hospital being awoken and stabbed with needles and giving up everything just to keep Grady safe. If that’s not mom behavior, I don’t know what is! I’m so excited for you to take home his sweet little brother or sister, and I SO hope it happens in 2016!

    MrsPuddingface:  Next month, yay! And Kevin sounds adorable.I lol’ed when you said he is an idiot, because every boxer  I have known has been a beautiful, sweet, loving, doofus. 

    kes18:  SO SOON! I would prob wait until end of march though, if it were me, because you’ve waited SO long for this trip, enjoy every moment without guilt or feeling like you need to be careful!

    MrsPuddingface:  Thank you πŸ™‚

    MrsPuddingface:  Those sneaky husbands, trying to sneakily impregnate you! And OMG “baking his chonies”

    Feist:  Omg, (Swoon) at those pictures!

    kes18:  Yeah, family vacations aren’t really relaxing at ALL. I always feel bad about that, but it’s just not the same.

    MrsMellyBean:  oh, so sorry. You have every right to feel upset, and your sister was being insensitive. You would think people who have been there would get it!

    arielmerms:  haha, we just have a lot to say! No problem there! And I’m super pumped for your IVF — I hope you get beginner’s IVF luck! 

    MrsPuddingface:  omg, do you want to keep him? If not, I’ll take him and love him and snuggle him every day!

    gardunobee23:  welcome!

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    Ok, after that massive catch up, here’s my update! First of all, thank you thank you for all the sweet posts/messages/texts. You ladies are seriously the best.

    Ok, I had my RE appt. The basics are I was cd4, so they did baseline bloods and ultrasound, as well as genetic testing and other RE things. On the ultrasound, they did an antral follicle count, and the news is not good — only 3. But she seemed not terribly concerned because I have been ovulating, and encouraged me to wait for AMH results before jumping to a DOR conclusion. I have an HSG scheduled for Friday, and I’ll be starting femara/letrozole TOMORROW, and doing a stim/ovidrel trigger/IUI cycle this month! I am so glad we could start this cycle, and she said instead of paying for a SA, we will just get the results from the wash before IUI, but she thinks my husband probably isn’t the problem. Overall, I’m feeling encouraged, excited, and hopeful. Thank you again for all your encouragement!!!

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    FreckledFox:  happy FW!

    MrsPuddingface:  omg, I LOVE that your dog’s name is Kevin. I think people names for animals are so funny! 

    Feist:  your pictures are gorgeous! How brilliant to use binoculars with your iPhone! 

    MrsMellyBean:  I’m so sorry about your crummy dinner with your sister and mom, and for the pcos diagnosis. I’m pretty sure I’ll be right there with you after my appointment; I am getting myself mentally prepared for a pcos diagnosis. Luckily there are lots of ways to get you successfully pregnant! 

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    arielmerms:  good luck to your Darling Husband today! And yay for moving forward so quickly! 

    MrsPuddingface:  he is such a Kevin! πŸ™‚

    gardunobee23:  Welcome! 

    MattieK:  I said it before but I’ll say it again… Soooo excited for you to be starting right away! Good luck with the femara today! 

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    Feist:  If you get the chance, you should definitely go! The beaches are beautiful, the people are so friendly, and the food and wine is amazing!!

    MrsPuddingface:  aww sorry you didn’t get to go on a honeymoon,  but visiting with family you don’t get to see often is always nice too.

    I’m in Canada as well! Where abouts are you? Thank you so much for your kind words, they are so true! I’m not sure why people feel the need to give their opinions on other’s TTC plans/journey, especially since I certainly didn’t ask but oh well. I think that was a lesson for my mom and sister to not say anything about it unless I bring it up from now on.

    Here are some pictures from our honeymoon:


     arielmerms: Next cycle?! That’s amazing news!!! Woop!! I’m glad you have come around to the idea of IVF, I’m so excited for you guys!!! Hope all goes well with DH’s SA on Friday!! 

     Feist:  MrsPuddingface:  arielmerms:  MattieK:  ruby26:   Thanks so much for your support and kind words ladies, it means a lot!

    MrsPuddingface:  haha your dog is so cute! I also love animals with human names. It reminds me of Despicable Me and Gru’s dog Kyle. Classic!

    kes18:  haha oh man! As much as I love my ILs, my vacation budget/time off would NOT be used for travelling with them all the time!  

    gardunobee23:  Welcome! Hope you’re enjoying charting so far :). Congrats on buying a home this past year- that’s so exciting! Also, your dogs sound adorable, I also have a chi-daschund! (and a chi-pom).

    MattieK:  aww I’m glad your appointment brought you some renewed hope and excitement! Have you taken Femara before? Really hoping the AMH results come back good, and that the HSG goes well on Friday. So nice that you have a plan in place now.

    ruby26:  I’m sorry you’re thinking we’re in the same PCOS boat. Like you said though, there are tons on different things to try that will help us get our BFPs. Hugs! When is your appointment again? How has the OvaCue been? Mine is supposed to get here today but I’m not sure It will. Do you know if it’s a huge no no to start on CD6?

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    Sorry for the big catch up post, so many exciting things happening for you ladies!!

    AFM, I realized last night that the #s I gave you guys for my 7dpo testing are in different units then you guys are used to seeing, so I converted them and they are not so good.

    Progesterone: 6.48 ng/mL πŸ™ & Estradiol: 146.28 pg/mL.

    On the plus side, my fasting glucose (91.8), triglycerides (86.73), total cholesterol (146.17), LDL (54.14), and HDL (75.01) seem pretty good. I wish they had tested for insulin but greater tragedies. I find out my CD3 test results tomorrow afternoon.

    We got my DH’s SA results back though and he has like super sperm!

    Volume: 4.6 ml

    Sperm Concentration: 74 M/ml

    Total sperm: 340.4 M

    Motility within 1 and 3 hours, rapid progressive are both over 50%, with 86% vitality, 

    0% clumping

    The only thing he’s not super happy about is the kruger normal forms which is at 7% (which isn’t bad!). I think that will only get better with some of the lifestyle changes he’s implement in the new year as well so yay for him!!


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    MrsMellyBean:  ruby26:  Hey ladies, for me the PCOS diagnosis was a relief since I wasn’t ovulating at all and we finally had a reason. But I can imagine it would be daunting to get! My doctors say if you’re going to have a problem it’s a good one to have because they know they can make you ovulate good eggs one way or another.

    MrsMellyBean:  Well the upside of seeing your 7 dpo labs and your husband’s super sperm (7% kruger – I guess he had to have one measurement just be “good” and not “spectacular”!) is you can see very clearly what your problem is, why things haven’t been working, and fix it! and it’s probably the most fixable problem. You need better ovulation which is very manageable with clomid or femara. OMG those pictures are making me drool! I doubt we’ll get there anytime soon but it’s on the list.

    MattieK:  I’m glad the appointment went well and you are feeling encouraged. So excited you are getting this show on the road! What great timing!

    gardunobee23:  Welcome! That sounds like quite the trio!

    MrsPuddingface:  OMG Kevin is adorable! Such attitude!

    arielmerms:  I saw someone else do the binocular thing so I copied it, i wish I was genius enough to think of it! So exciting you will be starting IVF so quickly! FXFXFX

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