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    ruby26:  Late in replies, but I’m really sorry about the purple box of doom πŸ™ I have PCOS too and having a DX is helpful. Scary, frustrating and somewhat gloomy at times, but helpful because at least you have a direction to go in.  Lots of hugs! 

    livcee:  I’m so sorry for your losses πŸ™ Congratulations on getting married though!  That’s exciting! 

    MrsAKSkier:  intense and interesting is a good way to describe Haiti honestly.  I’ve been to Juarez, Mexico for years on missions trips (I think this March will be my 6th trip?) and I thought that area was bad, but Haiti takes poverty and corruption to a whole new level! 

    MattieK:  I know I already told you, but I’m so excited that the appt yesterday went so well.  That’s awesome!  Very happy for you and hope that the IUI is what you need!  And the meme is perfect πŸ™‚ 

    Feist:  your dog is adorable and your road trip pictures are awesome! Esp for just being on your phone – what a bummer about the camera!  I don’t know what I’d do without mine.  I love the western part of the US, esp the Tetons and Rockies!

    FreckledFox:  I know others have already told you, but you are most definitely a mom.  Grady knew you loved him and you showed him that in ways a lot of moms haven’t.  We’re all rooting for you and a 2016 sibling for Grady! 

    kes18:  that’s a lot of vacation weekends with just one side of the family!  We’re offered a few “hang out at the lake weekends” a year with DH’s family, but it’s never a required to attend thing. Yikes πŸ™ sorry for the family drama!  But a longer LP is great!!  Yay!

    MrsMellyBean:  ugh. I’m so sorry πŸ™ I was DX with PCOS as a junior in college (way before even TTC!) and it was horrible. I can’t imagine getting it and having to deal with comments from family. The unintentional “trying to be nice, but don’t know what to say” comments sting the worst and there’s nothing you can gracefully do about it. We’re all here for you though and we get it.  And as rotten as it is, there’s tons of help for PCOS out there and now you have some reasons to be looking into way before you hit the 1 year mark. And the SA results sound great!  Your honeymoon pics look like they’re out of a magazine too – beautiful!

    MrsPuddingface:  your comments about talking with others about IF struggles are really helpful. Thank you!  DH’s sister is pregnant (first month off BCP) and there have been comments from that side of the family that sting a lot more than I thought they would.  Your ideas are really good and I appreciate your insight!  thanks!

    arielmerms:  IVF next cycle?  Wow!  That’s crazy!  I’m so glad you can get this show on the road though and that you’re feeling good about it!  

    gardunobee23:  welcome!


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    Sorry for the massive catchup post above! 

    Question for any of you who have done, or are looking into IUI – when did you know it was the right time? We meet with the RE on Monday and I’m looking at what are we comfortable with doing next. Originally our plan was to wait until after a missions trip to Mexico the first half of March before moving forward with IUI, but with the Femara not working alone, I’m feeling more torn.  If we went ahead and started with injectables, moving right into IUI makes a little more sense to me since we have no infertility coverage and I’d probably have to do injectables with IUI anyway. Why pay for the drugs twice if I don’t have to.  But, I don’t know if we’re ready fully to move to IUI since that’s as far as we’ll go with ART and it would be adoption if IUI failed.  It just feels a little overwhelming, but we want to have a decision on that made before Monday so we can move forward right away with whatever we decide. 

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    hogoboom2012: MattieK: Ruby26: MrsMellyBean: Feist: Thank you for the warm welcome! I’ve been a quiet lurker for quite some time.   Yes, our furbabies are quite the trio!


    A little off topic, but I’m getting discouraged. I travel for work 1 week per month and was just switched to the third week each month, which happens to overlap my fertile weeks most months. What would you do?

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    gardunobee23:  at the start of your next cycle you could take 1-2 weeks worth of BCP to move your cycle. I was prescribed 10 days of BCP starting CD2 to suppress for an IUI cycle. Then the period after stopping the BCP was just like starting a fresh cycle. 

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    I’m joining in so I can learn everyone’s tips/tricks and get some feedback!


    CD/DPO: CD27/11 dpo

    Cycles TTC/Charting: 1st time for both — I’ve being using FF for a while to track AF but no more than that until now (and that was while I was on Mirena so the data is verrrry skewed)

    Age/SO’s Age: 30/34

    POAS/AF Date: Jan 9

    BFP Plan and/or Known Issues: Prenatals since October at the advice of my GYN, charting, BD timing, OPKs, etc. No real known issues except that I have an autoimmune disease for which I used to take some pretty harsh (chemo-esque) medications for. I’m in remission though and have been med free since May! Definitely have some concerns about infertility from the meds, but not going to worry about that unless we’re unsuccessful for several months.

    Link to chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/38d7a4

    Random question: Let’s try a super positive note to start the year: What was the best thing that happened last year? I married the love of my life! And we went on an amazing bucketlist honeymoon to Ireland (Dublin) and Italy (Venice, Florence and Rome). 

    Poll question: I’m definitely a dog person. My husband and I adopted a rescue american bulldog/pit mix puppy not long after we came back from our honeymoon and he’s my little furbaby. We aptly named him Cannoli Jameson πŸ™‚

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    Update – tested again and BFN (no surprise there). Appointment in a month and hoping for answers/help

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    MrsPuddingface:  that face!

    gardunobee23:  Welcome!  You have a big range of doggie sizes in your house!

    MattieK:  Sending love!  How did day one of meds go today?

    ruby26:  thanks, love!

    MrsMellyBean:  thank you!

    MrsMellyBean:  7% sounds amazing to me!  Sorry about your not so lovely numbers; hopefully it’s an easy fix!

    Feist:  thank you!

    hogoboom2012:  thanks! 

    JMer711:  welcome!

    LarLa:  sorry about the BFN!  Hoping you get some answers at your appointment.

     AFM, DH’s 2nd SA was this morning and again it came back with 0% morphology, which kinda blows, but at least it means that insurance should give us authorization without an issue (hopefully, hopefully, hopefully).  My nurse said some of the other numbers were better this time, but she didn’t give me specifics on anything other than morphology.  I go in tomorrow for cd4 bloodwork (I asked to go tomorrow instead of today because I can get to work slightly later than normal tomorrow), then the saline sonogram on Friday, and then more bloodwork on cd21 and should be starting estrace that day.  I want to get more details about what happens after that, but that’s all they’ve told me so far.  Hopefully on Friday I’ll be able to get more details.

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    MrsMellyBean:  those photos are amazing, I’m jealous! I wish I got a honeymoon every year :). This is the first time in taking femara, after three rounds of clomid. I hope the side effects are better than clomid!

    MrsMellyBean:  Great news on your husband’s SA, and in your general healthiness! Hopefully the progesterone is fixable.

    Feist:  thanks πŸ™‚

    hogoboom2012:  I think this is SUCH a personal decision, so any choice I make may not be helpful to you, but personally my thought process is that if i am on a limited budget, I would rather use my money to give me the best possible odds (so IUI for you), and i figure sooner is better than later, because my eggs are only going to get older.  But I would also take as much time as necessary to feel comfortable with my decision. It’s a tough one!

    gardunobee23:  I second what Feist:  says, move your cycle with birth control. Just make sure you use a monophasic pill. πŸ™‚

    JMer711:  welcome!

    LarLa:  sorry about the bfn πŸ™

    arielmerms:  Thanks, friend. I’m feeling really warm/hot flashy, but we will see! If there are no headaches, I will be delighted! I’m sorry your husband’s SA was still bad, but the IVF authorization is definitely the silver lining! Good luck on your bloods tomorrow!!!


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    arielmerms:  Sorry about the repeat bad news SA, BUT that is a silver lining that the authorization should happen faster. I can’t imagine having to do IVF around a teacher’s schedule. Will you tell your principal/supervisor whats going on? Just curious. Ahh im so excited for you!

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    Hey guys I’m new my husband and I are just starting to TTC.  I’ve just started charting so I’ll probably have questions at some point.  Just popping in to say hi!

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    Hi Charters! Question — I’ve been temping every morning for the last week or two and it seems to keep going up and up since O, with a couple dips and plateaus followed by increases (very possibly caused by some inconsistent timing). I know that before AF, temp is supposed to dip below your “base line,” correct? Is this a gradual decrease or does it happen suddenly the day of/before AF? Just curious what to look for to determine if/when AF is going to start.

    Here’s my chart for anyone who wants to give a shot at analyzing it!: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/38d7a4

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    Feist:  You are absolutely right! I’m guessing my ovulation is super weak, and in turn not enough progesterone is being produced so hopefully with the meds, that can be improved! Did you notice any difference in cycle length on medicated cycles vs. natural? 

    hogoboom2012: thank you! You are too sweet :). That’s amazing that you’ve done so many mission trips already- good for you! That’s a tough choice for you to make. I think that if I were in your shoes, I’d probably wait in case you did get a BFP, dealing with the first trimester could be tricky while you’re away in Mexico if you’re experiencing any morning sickness, extreme fatigue, etc. I understand where you’re coming from with the extra expenses. Hoping you and Darling Husband can come to a decision before Monday!

    gardunobee23:  sorry about the tricky traveling schedule! I used to work out of town a lot too and took an office job when Darling Husband and I decided to TTC. Like the other ladies have suggested, delaying O with BCP could help!

    JMer711:  welcome and yay for TTC :). Also, congrats on being med free since May. Hopefully they haven’t affected anything fertility wise and you and Darling Husband can be on your way to a BFP soon!!

    LarLa:  Sorry for the BFN, those are always tough to see.

    arielmerms:  sorry about DH’s SA, but like you said, the insurance authorization being likely is definitely a silver lining. Hope that the testing in the next couple of days goes well and you get some more answers on the process on Friday. This is all so exciting for you πŸ™‚

    MattieK:  A honeymoon every year would be nice. I thought this was your first on Femara, I’m hoping the side effects aren’t as bad as the Clomid.  You’ll have to know which one you like better since I’m sure I’ll be on the same course as you soon! 

    happy2bee:  welcome to charting! GL this cycle.

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    Just FYI I just went through and converted all of my outlier temps to match my usual temp-taking time. My line looks pretty different now, with only one dip and pretty consistent increasing otherwise. Good signs for a BFP I hope???

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    MattieK:  haha yes, probably a good idea to wait.  I’ve waited a long time for March to roll around.  I don’t want to go to Vegas any other weekend of the year so this is it!  I sort of like the idea of a January-February baby so I would be off work next March (so at least I’d be at home with tv!) and the March after that my baby would be over 1 so no pumping all day.  I like going there every March   We’re very dedicated basketball fans over here!  Last time I had my Dear Daughter April 10 so I had to work the whole time (to save maternity leave) and couldn’t even drink a beer.  Plus I fell asleep on the couch at halftime for every 8pm game.  No fun!

    Sorry about the AFC number, but hopefully everything else works out so that the IUI does the trick!

    MrsMellyBean:  wow, that looks like a dream!  I don’t find us traveling as much with young kids so I’m looking forward to that age when they’re preschool/grade school age when we can take some nice vacations again!

    MrsMellyBean:  Sorry about the bad results for you but that is great you have excellent results for your Darling Husband and on the bright side it is pretty clear what your issue is so hopefully it will be an easy fix!  I have a few friends who just needed some clomid to help them ovulate better (PCOS) and got pregnant without any other interventions.  So hopefully some support will be all you need!

    hogoboom2012:  FX that you guys can talk and come up with the best decision for you!

    JMer711:  welcome!  Your chart looks okay to me but I’m not sure where the coverline would be.  You probably need some more temps before O.  The second half of your chart looks good.  Mine temps usually drop significiantly to the coverline or below the day AF arrives.  Although sometimes it is the day before or the day or two after… not much help!  But yes it will drop eventually with AF.  Probably back to baseline temps.

    LarLa:  sorry about the BFN

    arielmerms:  sorry about the bad news on the SA.  Hopefully you can get more clarity after your appointment and a good plan in place!


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