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FreckledFox :  I hope Maine was lovely, although I’m sorry AF showed up while you were away and you had to deal with yous sister going into labour. I hope you’re holding up okay.

natbrown0703 :  That’s a little concerning about your doctor. If you don’t feel comfortable, or like she’s not listening to you, definitely speak up and don’t just go along with whatever she’s suggesting. Best of luck.

maybebaby11 :  Welcome! How’s the TWW treating you? Best of luck this cycle πŸ™‚

hogoboom2012 :  Thinking of you today! Hope the IUI is easy and brings you that BFP you so badly deserve!

  luxelove :  I’m not convinced that you O’d for sure yet because your temps are a bit erratic,

BOGB :  How are things? I saw your temp drop this a.m. , I’m sorry love.

bettyfs :  Hey there, I wouldn’t worry about one low temp. You could try a BBT corrector for the low temp where you woke up earlier than usual and it should adjust it. If your LP is usually 12 days, I will bet your temp will go back up tomorrow. Also, I don’t think that the a/c would have much of an effect on your temps since you say you use it every night. Best of luck πŸ™‚


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maybebaby11 :  welcome!!! I hope your stay on here is super super short!!!

hogoboom2012 :  so glad things looked better!! I hope the IUI goes well today and you get your sticky little bean this time…you so so so deserve it maam!!

luxelove :  Are your cycles usually long like 42 days or do they vary? Have you done anything differently this cycle to make you O earlier (meds, etc)? It looks like you’ve Oed just with temps, but so much can effect a temp change.  I’d say do OPKs and track CM in the future to help verify the CHs.  I have minimal CM to track as well, but I take EPO from my period until FF confirms O and it really helps increase the EWCM.

bettyfs :  I always say that you are never out for sure until AF shows up.  7DPO for AF to show up seems really early, esp with your LP usually being around 12 days.  There are sooo many things that can affect your temperature.  I would say just keep temping! I honestly don’t think your dip means AF. So sorry about your CP earlier this year.  You should defiantley stick around here…these ladies are so helpful and sweet! I don’t know how I’d survive the TTC life without them!!!

How was everyones weekend?? We jackhammered up all of the tile in our house yesterday, so my whole body is killing me today! Also had a girl’s night out Saturday night to see the Dixie Chicks!! It was a much much needed night out with my boos!!

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FreckledFox :  Thank you, that is so kind of you. I remember you talking about your therapy experience and I was sorry to hear that it wasn’t very good. Mental health issues are just so complex! I made a second appointment but I think I may cancel it. It’s a lot of time (an hour drive away, ugh) and money to spend if I don’t even feel it’s helpful. Anyway, I hope you are enjoying Maine depsite AF and your sister being in labor. Sigh. So hoping it’s YOU having a baby in 9ish months (I know you’ll have another C-section, so that’s why I didn’t say it’d be you in labor).

hogoboom2012 :  This is exciting! Third time could TOTALLY be the charm- I am sending all my positive vibes your way for success!! Go team hogoboom!

natbrown0703 :  You know, if it were me I think I would switch doctors. Feeling rushed and especially not listened to is the worst feeling- like, why am I even here? I’m assuming you could catch the new doctor up on what’s been going on so far. Best of luck whether you switch or not!

MissCorgi22 :  Thanks for the suggestions! I do need to look into the body scan/relaxation. I can fall asleep initially at night, I just wake up frequently and then sometimes lie awake for a long time…..it would be weird to be doing yoga in the middle of the night, but actually maybe it wouldn’t be weird…I don’t know! Anyway, glad to see you back here again πŸ™‚

luxelove :  I’m sorry about your DH’s gran but that is great that her funeral was so amazing! That is awesome that so many people came. What a good feeling for her family to see how loved she was!

Ok, so….I am still in shock but I got a BFP this morning. I can’t believe it. I have a phone check-in with my naturopath tomorrow so I wanted to be able to tell her a definitive “no, I’m not pregnant” and tomorrow was my test date according to FF. But I went ahead and tested early today, at 11 DPO and got a light pink line. I am so excited but also pretty nervous (about my insomnia and all the supplements I’m taking) and very very cautiously optimistic since it’s sooo early. So…..eek!

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MrsMellyBean :  I’m pretty sure we joined the charters right around the same time.  πŸ™‚  Thank you!  I hope so too!  How’re you doing?

FreckledFox :  I’m so sorry.  I was chart stalking you and was so disappointed when I saw that AF had come.  I hope it didn’t effect your vacation too much.  I know it’s tough but congrats on being an aunt again!  Try to think about how many awesome cousins Grady and his siblings are going to have.

natbrown0703 :  Darling Husband & I are scheduled to have a preliminary appointment on October 28th.  I’m nervous & excited!  We still have two cycles to try on our own but I’m not expecting it to happen that way.  I just want answers at this point.  If we can’t have bio kids, I just want to know.  (And I do realize that may take some time to figure out).  I think it’s good that you’re willing to switch doctors if you feel your current one isn’t listening to you.  I’d imagine your new doctor could ask for a copy of any results you got with the old doc so you wouldn’t have to start from scratch.  Plus, a new doctor might think of something to test for that your old one didn’t.  Definitely trust your gut.  That’s awesome that you got to see Dixie Chicks.  When I went the venue was packed!  Darling Husband has a friend who worked there and he said it was one of the most crowded concerts he’s seen. 

maybebaby11 :  Welcome!  I hope your stay here is short.

hogoboom2012 :  So glad your follies straightened themselves out.  I don’t blame you for not wanting to possibly have 6 babies!  How did the trigger and IUI go?

I was bitten by the canning bug last year so I made jalapeño pepper jelly this weekend with jalapeños from our garden.  Last time I checked, it was still liquid.  :/  It tastes good though.  Yesterday I started decorating for our annual Halloween party.  That has me feeling very excited about the fall and everything that comes with it!

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 MrsAKSkier :  OMG!  Congratulations!!!!  FX so tight that everything goes smoothly for you!

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MrsAKSkier :  Woohoo!  Congrats lady!  How exciting.  Hope the convo with the naturopath goes well!

MissCorgi22 :  I love how much people love fall.  I grew up in Los Angeles, where there are no seasons and have lived my adult life on the east coast and every year people’s excitement for fall makes me so happy (even though it doesn’t excite me at all).  

MrsMellyBean :  Yep, yep. Temp drop and AF.  oh wells. Probably time to call my RE and get a real plan going.  So nice to get a fun night out with the gals!

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MrsMellyBean :   natbrown0703 :   MissCorgi22 :  thanks ladies. Heres hoping for a short stay but maybe it will go the other way, every other thread i have been on especially on FF app the others i start talking too seem to always get there BFPs!

My temp was still up today at 11DPO and would you beleive i had two dreams last night about

The craziest thing happened last night. I hadn’t been asleep long and I had such a vivid dream it was me and I was doing a cheapie pregnancy test and it was positive showing glaring second line. When I woke I actually had to lay for a second and really think and realise that it wasn’t real. Went back to sleep pretty quick and would you believe it yet another dream in a different location this time and with a digital test that came up super quick with PREGNANT. When my alarm went off and I woke up I did my temp and again I actually had to talk myself into the realisation that it was a dream! You have no idea how bad I wanted to test but I managed to hold off. I have never had dreams like this before in the entire time we have been TTC. I know it could just be due to the wanting to test but I have been like that every month. Heres hoping its my subconscious trying to tell me something.


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MrsAKSkier :  NOOOOOWAYYYYY!!!!!! Congratulations!!!! I’m so happy for you!!!!!!!!! 

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MissCorgi22 :   BOGB :   luxelove :  Thank you guys so much! It still doesn’t seem real, I kept looking at the test….I put it on the kitchen counter where it remained all day haha (cap on of course).

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MrsMellyBean :  it has gone back up (but only very slightly) today. I temped immediately after vaginally and my temp was much higher. Think I’m going to switch next month to see if my temps are any higher that way. I had a little Google (my own worse enemy) this morning and there are people out there with lower temps…just not that many.

natbrown0703 :  thank you πŸ™‚ the CP hit me far worse than I imagined it would. I will definitely be sticking around here, so nice to have some support in this crazy journey…it’s not something I feel comfortable talking about with my friends.

MrsAKSkier :  congratulations!!!! πŸ™‚ 

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MrsAKSkier :  Yay Congrats.  All that BD like dogs worked LOL!

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MrsAKSkier :  Congrats!! Oh my gosh, wow! Hope all goes well!

natbrown0703 :  I’m glad you guys are able to start putting back together the house and are enjoying it a little too!

MissCorgi22 :  I have never successfully canned anything haha. We did pickles once and it was just okay. πŸ™‚

MrsMellyBean :  Maine was beautiful, but we need a redo. We didnt enjoy it as much as we should’ve. Too much stress, plus all these baby announcements. My sister gave birth 9/9, and our friend gave birth 9/2 (we didnt find out til 9/7….  So much to handle!

AFM, CD4.. just chugging along. Gotta call and schedule DHs SA for this weekend. I’m sure he’s fine but it still makes me nervous. RE appt is Oct 5th

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MrsAKSkier :  Congrats lady!!! That’s awesome news πŸ™‚ !!

MissCorgi22 :  I think so too! Haha when I was reading your post, I was like oh no! What’s a canning bug, and then I continued to read on and realize it was a good thing ;). Jalapeno pepper jelly is so yummy!

BOGB :  Boo, so sorry for that but it is always nice to have a plan. Girl time is always a blast, glad you were able to do that!

maybebaby11 :  Maybe it’s a sign! When are you going to POAS?

bettyfs :  That’s good! I temp vaginally and find it’s much more accurate. My temps are a bit higher when I do it that way as well πŸ™‚

happy2bee :  not just dogs, mad dogs! πŸ˜‰ How are you doing lady?

FreckledFox :  Aww I feel you. That’s a lot to take in! Darling Husband just told me that our friends who previously had to terminate their pregnancy at 20 weeks due to baby having so many issues they they are 12 weeks pregnant again. I’m super happy for them but also really sad for us. 

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MrsAKSkier :  Sooo a little bird tells me you got your BFP!!! Woohoo!!!!!! Congratulations love! I am happy it happened fast.  I wish the best journey xoxo

I am sorry I am MIA ladies, my work schedule has changed since DS started school so it is super hard to keep up.  Love you all!!!

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