(Closed) Charters of the Hive: Part XV

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Sugar bee
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@ScottishMrs:  Thanks for starting the new thread!! πŸ™‚

Cycles TTC: 14th cycle TTC? Pulled goalie May 2009, TTC Sept 2011.

Ovulation Day: It was CD16, Christmas Eve!

CD/DPO: 11dpo with AF on my back

POAS date: None right now. Waiting for AF to arrive on Sunday. My cycles are sooo unpredictable so I have no idea when I will POAS for next cycle.

Usual Cycle Length: HA!! That’s all I have to say about that.

Link to Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/yellowclover

Share a TTC dream with us! We all know we have them: Well, two mornings ago I had a dream I got a bfp…(why do these dreams keep happening..they can stop now..) and of course it felt sooo real! I woke up and started crying. : (

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Helper bee
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@Yellow.Clover:  We are total cycle buddies this time around.  I’m also on CD27, 11 DPO, with a Christmas Eve ovulation!

How are you feeling?

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Sugar bee
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Roll Call:

Cycles TTC: In cycle 5, but with long-ish cycles making it 6 months.

Ovulation Day: It’s ranged between CD18 and CD32, so I don’t really know – average is CD23. I have watery CM and o-pain on the left today, but I won’t hold my breath for an early O.


POAS date: Not sure, but if I O around CD18 it would be around Jan. 23rd.

Usual Cycle Length: They’ve ranged from 29 days to 46 days, average is  37.

Link to Chart:

Share a TTC dream with us! We all know we have them: I dreamt that I was pregnant with a huge pregnant belly. I was at work, and my belly was so big that sitting at my desk I couldn’t even reach my keyboard to type since I couldn’t pull in far enough. They had to build me a special bracket that fit over my bump for my keyboard to rest on, and I had to type on a keyboard that was as high as my chin.

This cycle I’m adding Softcups and vitamin D/calcium supplements to my regimen.

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@ScottishMrs:  Nooooo!! It’s fine dear! No need to change anything over my wonkiness!! πŸ™‚

@angelicwink:  YAYYY, cycle buddies!! How did I not catch that!??  I’m totally OUT! I feel AF coming – all the usual pre AF stuff going on, but it’s ok! πŸ™‚  How about you!??

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Sugar bee
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@MrsPuddingface:  YES!!! C’mon early O!!!! πŸ™‚  HAHA! Love your dream!!

Thanks for adding what your doing different this cycle! I love seeing what others are doing.

For me next cycle it will be Clomid, Pregnitude, VitD (but that’s because I’m deficient), Vit C, B-complex, softcups, accupunture, and what I’ll be doing different is, calcium supplement and bromelain. FX!

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Honey bee
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Roll Call:

Cycles TTC: n/a about to start 3rd cycle tta via charting

Ovulation Day: first month off bcp it was day 20, this month was 18, so hoping for cd 16 or 17? slowly getting that normal o date!

CD/DPO: cd31/13dpo

POAS date: well if I don’t get af by Monday then i guess it’s time for me to test. but once again it would take nothing short of a miracle for a bfp. lol (think super sperm lasting 12 days or)

Usual Cycle Length/Usual LP length: 30ish days? still regulating after coming off bcp. LP length is lengthening! woot! but we’ll have a better idea of normal length after this month.

Link to Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/woodstock

Share a TTC dream with us! We all know we have them: none here… but i did have a dream the other night that i was getting hit on by Wes Welker and Rob Gronkowski (of the Patriots) and I totally got to go on dates with them. Laughing Embarassed

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Helper bee
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@Yellow.Clover:  Oh, sorry. Boo. πŸ™  I hope you’re wrong!

Honestly, I have no idea.  I don’t feel much of anything yet.  I’m making myself a little crazy trying to compare how I feel right now with how I “think” I usually feel at this point!  Unless I’m just in denial, I’m pretty sure I’m not experiencing PMS symptoms yet, though they could still kick in tonight.  So I’m just waiting it out, and trying to stay calm.

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Buzzing bee
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Roll Call:

Cycles TTC: n/a (waiting til march)

Ovulation Day: 15

CD/DPO: cd22/7dpo

POAS date: April

Usual Cycle Length/Usual LP length: 32 days… not sure how long my LP is yet

Link to Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/412062

Share a TTC dream with us! We all know we have them: I recently dreamt that I was 8 months pregnant (out of nowhere), & everyone was aware of it but me. I was suiting up for a rugby game when someone says “You know you can’t play right? You’re pregnant.” I look down down to find a MASSIVE BELLY! Then I go on to give birth to a litter of kittens. The doctor tells me that’s totally normal because the baby came premature. “They’ll become a healthy baby soon enough.” WTF-ORAMA!

In other news, I never noticed this before but I have had tender breasts every day since I O-ed… Read up about it to find that this is totally normal for some women, I just think it’s weird that it’s happening all of a sudden. Like my body wanted to give me a big exclamation point: “You ovulated”. I get it! Thanks… I just want to be able to lay on my chest again!

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Honey bee
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Roll Call:

Cycles TTC: 7

Ovulation Day: Still waiting. Had a weird 35 day cycle last month, of course the one month I took a break from temping. Normal O day is CD19.


POAS date: AF is due Jan 19th so I will test then if she doesn’t come.

Usual Cycle Length/Usual LP length: Normally 29 days. Last month was a weird one at 35 days. Hoping it was just a one time deal.

Link to Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/3dd17d

Share a TTC dream with us! We all know we have them: Nothing recently. Thankfully I have been sleeping so good this week!

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Bumble bee

Roll Call:

Cycles TTC: 3, about to be 4

Ovulation Day: CD14


POAS date: February 4th if next month shark week is late

Usual Cycle Length/Usual LP length: 28 days/14 days

Link to Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/glittermoon

Share a TTC dream with us! We all know we have them: Last cycle I dreamt I got a bfp and was so overwhelmed I passed out. Then I got up and tested and bfn. πŸ™

My temps are where they should be today because I’m not sleeping in my frozen bedroom of doom since I’m visiting my dad. Lol. I figured out why they were so low though! Tomorrow it should start to decline πŸ™ poop

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Buzzing bee
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@MrsRugbee:  I just had to say, your dream made me burst out laughing!!! How funny was that… omg. Thank you for sharing that, I read it twice already and can’t stop laughing!!

Here we go! Thanks @ScottishMrs:  for starting this! πŸ™‚

Roll Call:

Cycles TTC: Officially onto #3

Ovulation Day: ha ha ha. This makes me laugh! Who knows. Have ranged anywhere from CD17 all the way to CD83 (this cycle). Hoping sometime in Jan! ha ha ha. Wishful thinking maybe. Working with a naturopath, acupuncture to get this sorted out as well as an upcoming consult with an RE next week.

CD/DPO: CD98/14DPO with AF on my tail. Expecting to be CD1 tomorrow or later today. (thank GOD).

POAS date: No idea πŸ™

Usual Cycle Length/Usual LP length: Nothing usual about my cycles. VERY consistent LP of 16 days though. πŸ™‚

Link to Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/3c5e65

Share a TTC dream with us! We all know we have them: Haven’t had anything TTC related in a while actually. Probably a good thing for what little sanity I have left πŸ˜‰

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Sugar bee
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@Woodstock:  YAY for longer LP! I’m sorry, I don’t recall, when do you plan on TTC?

@angelicwink:  Well FX those PMS symptoms stay away and AF never shows! πŸ™‚  When do you plan on testing?

@MrsRugbee:  Haahaa! That dream is hilarious!! Thanks for sharing! About the boobs, it is totally normal! It’s funny because you got them this cycle and I didn’t! Normally they start hurting me the day after O. This cycle they didn’t start until 8dpo. GL to you!

@RoyalLime:  FX for early O and “regular” cycle length! GL!

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