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TTC/TTA: TTC this month

CD/DPO: 13

Cycles TTC/Charting: 8

Age: 32

POAS/AF Date: 9th Sep / 26th Aug

BFP Plan and/or Known Issues: Haven’t given it any thought as yet / No, just irregular cycles. Ranging from between 30-37 days.

Link to Chart: I’m only charting AF and symptoms

For fun: What did you do as a child that got you in trouble?  I was good as a child, I was bad in my teens – answering back & thought I knew best.

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Cycles TTC/Charting: First cycle charting/not TTC till this winter

Age: 27


BFP Plan and/or Known Issues: Getting to know my cycle over the next 5 months, starting maca root next cycle in the hopes of giving my hormones a little help regulating themselves.

Link to Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/sadiebee

For fun: What did you do as a child that got you in trouble?  My parents set boundary roads that I wasn’t allowed to cross when I was out playing, and I always got caught crossing them Embarassed I was grounded quite a bit.  Too independent and head-strong for my own good.


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Cycles TTC/Charting: 6 months TTC, only 2nd charting

Age: 31 (DH 32)

POAS/AF Date: today and it was a BFN – now not testing til maybe Saturday because I am over seeing BFNs and by Sat AF will be 2 days late.

BFP Plan and/or Known Issues: no known issues but I’m worried my weight is gonna be an issue, keep trying EOD/ED in fertile window, maybe baby lube, butt up on pillow (we tried this this month too)

Link to Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/ShellVee/?full=1

For fun: What did you do as a child that got you in trouble? I was actually pretty good, I think the worst I ever did was stay out waaaaay past curfew one day riding (about 10yo) – back in the day when “curfew” was as soon as it starts getting dark (around 5-6pm here). My parents were quite peeved.

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@ShellVee:  thank you so much for the warm welcome & sorry to hear about BFN 🙁


@FreckledFox:  thanks!! That screen shot you did up in the what to expect thread was very helpful!


@Mrs.LemonDrop:  @MrsR4ever:  thanks!!


And now for my ‘offical introduction’






Cycles TTC/Charting: 1st Month Charting!


Age: 29


POAS/AF Date: AF Sunday, 5th Aug


BFP Plan and/or Known Issues: Hoping for BFP in Feb 14 (HM!) But I have suspected endo :/


Link to Chart: took my first temp this morning! I actually dreamt about it I was that excited lol .. & hoing this works…


Hoing I’m doing this properly!


For fun: What did you do as a child that got you in trouble? heaps…. lol.


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@emb610:  Thanks for making the new thread! yeah these Roman numerals got pretty intense! Maybe next thread should just stay part whatever. I’m terrible.. What is this now? I think it’s should be XXXVI. Is that 36? Haha I don’t know what XXXIX means. 😉

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TTC/TTA: TTA for 22 more days!!

CD/DPO: CD5 lame!

Cycles TTC/Charting: 4th cycle charting

Age: 26 Darling Husband is 27

POAS/AF Date: no idea

BFP Plan and/or Known Issues: Irregular cycles, Prenatals, RRL, EPO, B50

Link to Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/mrsotter

For fun: What did you do as a child that got you in trouble? Not as a child but in high school I snuck out of the house most nights.  Spent the majority “grounded”




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@emb610:  Are we really on part 39 already??

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@emb610:  Yup, you are right, it went from XXXVIII to XXXIV, then I made XXXV LOL.  OMG, Next thread is just going to be called Part 40!!!!  😀 Deal? 

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CD/DPO: CD 34/ 15DPO.. just waiting for AF

Cycles TTC/Charting: None TTC, Charting: 7th cycle

Age: 25

POAS/AF Date: Tomorrow I hope

BFP Plan and/or Known Issues: None… waiting like another year to TTC

Link to Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/freckledfox

For fun: What did you do as a child that got you in trouble? What didn’t I do?  I was and still am not very good at focusing, I talk too much and I do too many things at once. Once I broke the VCR and blamed it on my brother. I used to have notes sent home from the teacher (3rd-5th grade) with a smiley face, content face, or sad face telling her about how well I behaved in class. I got too many sad faces.

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@FreckledFox:  haha whoops I think that was me messing it up… I am pretty sure I meant XXXIX and just put V instead, because I actually looked it up when I made it. lol




Cycles TTC/Charting: this is our 4th

Age: 27, Darling Husband 33

POAS/AF Date:  8/27

BFP Plan and/or Known Issues:  nothing really this month, BD when we can… I might take OPK’s… But we are traveling a lot in my FW (which so far has messed up my O dates) so I don’t think we’ll catch O.

Link to Chart: https://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/wanderinggypsy

For fun: What did you do as a child that got you in trouble? 
I was a really good kid, I got in trouble once for going too far down the street (to play with the neighbors) without my mom’s permission, and I grounded myself in 4th grade for getting a C on my report card… (yup, that happened.)  Otherwise I wasn’t too much trouble until my senior year in high school, and even then it was just being a little late for curfew and partying… But my friends and I were always responsible in that, if we had a party somewhere, everyone was staying the night, so there wasn’t any drinking and driving (not so responsible because that basically meant boy/girl sleepovers and there was tons of hooking up, lol.  But we were always safe.)

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Cycles TTC/Charting: 6th cycle charting!

Age: 27; Darling Husband is 31

POAS/AF Date: AF- 28 August

BFP Plan and/or Known Issues: So far no known issues. Can’t wait to get back to TTC. I’ve been on prenatals since January, and when we do get back to it will be a bit more actively trying than the NTNP that we were doing. I might order pre-seed. Oh yeah, I use OPKs too. ; )

Link to Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/mrslemondrop

For fun: What did you do as a child that got you in trouble? My mother was a mess when I was growing up. I think I got in trouble for breathing. 


@ShellVee:  Sorry about your BFN!

One of my best friends from grad school is about to have a baby any day now. (Over 41 weeks). I’m so excited for her, but I have to admit that my eyes are turning a little green. I’m trying to focus on looking forward to my other friend’s bridal shower this weekend because I get to wear a new dress to it! 

I’m also trying to decide since we’re TTA if I should order more OPKs for this month. I’ve O’ed really consistently on day 18 for a multiple months now. Darling Husband seems to think I should order more anyway to confirm (I’m not sure he gets that it’s not an OPK isn’t technical confirmation so much as it narrows down the window/predicts). I’m not sure it’s worth the expense since things are a bit tight right now. (Although last week’s financial crisis appears to have likely dissipated).  Any thoughts?



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