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Cycles TTC/Charting: trying for 2 cycles, 1st cycle charting 

Age: 27

POAS/AF Date: August 9

BFP Plan and/or Known Issues: just have fun and BD during FW

Link to Chart: can’t do that- sorry. I had a temp dip at 8dpo, triphasic shift at 10dpo (confirmed by FF), and very light spotting 11dpo-13dpo

For fun: What did you do as a child that got you in trouble? at 5 years old I thought it would be fun see if my friend’s hamster could swim. It could, but I think it died from hypothermia. I felt really bad. And I got in a lot of trouble. 


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@FreckledFox:  I’m so sad you are leaving us.  You are always so helpful.  But I totally understand.  If I wasn’t so close to TTC, I wouldn’t be able to handle being on the boards so much.  GL!

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@WillowB:  I’d say CD20.  Though could be moved to CD22 depending on your temps tomorrow and the next day.

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@candy11:  Thanks Ladies. I hope to be around and see your BFPs in the future.  πŸ™‚  (or whenever you begin TTC)

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@Mrs.LemonDrop:  Thanks, I’ll be around. I gottaa do my hostess duties.  πŸ˜‰  Probably hang out all over the place except Nesting for a while. I enjoy helping the new brides with wedding choices.  πŸ™‚  I’m gonna check out that link!

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@wandering_gypsy:  Thanks girl, I’ll pop in every now and again.  πŸ™‚  I can’t stay away for a year!

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@lovemygsp:  He was saying, “DON’T GET ANY IDEAS, but it’s possible things might work out in our favor and we feel good and maybe MAYBE, we start earlier, but don’t hold me to anything.”  I have a tendency to hold him to things!  So we’ll see.   πŸ™‚ 

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@PunkinLover:  If I see a question that needs answering, I’d totally help still.  πŸ˜‰  Thanks!

Aww, you sweet ladies are making me blush. I’ll be checking in (more than I think I should).  πŸ˜‰

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@WillowB:  I will say CD20 is when you ovulated or CD22. Perhaps tomorrow FF will confirm it. Good luck!

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@jny1179:  No problem. I like that site a lot. Some of it really gets me to have those “yep, that’s totally me!” moments. And if you figure out a way to be present at your job – you could probably make bank on marketing that secret. haha. 

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@FreckledFox:  I totally didn’t realize you were a hostess! Fun! How do you actually get to be one of those? I’ve always wondered. 

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@WillowB:  yeah, it happens to us all. I have barely checked mine this month, but in part because I’m only now starting to inch toward the FW. Refresh my memory, how many cycles off BC are you? Could it just be that maybe you’re still regulating from that?

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TTC/TTA: TTA for one more cycle! Eeee!


Cycles TTC/Charting: Been tracking cycles for several years on FF and temping/charting through FF for 15 cycles on and off.

Age: 30 (DH is 30 going on 31 in October)

POAS/AF Date: AF due in no less than 10 days.

BFP Plan and/or Known Issues: BD EOD in and around FW because my O day hasn’t been totally regular. Continue going to the gym and taking prenatals. Hoping to keep consistent temping habits. Had my IUD removed mid-July so this is my first cycle with no IUD present to get a “real” sense of my temps/cycle.

Link to Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/MrsH1030

For fun: What did you do as a child that got you in trouble? Everything! My mother says I was “busy,” not “bad.” My favorite is that I opened up all of my brother’s preschool Valentines and at ALL of the candy hearts inside! I also found a way to escape my crib at 18 months old which led me to enjoy some midnight snacks and shenanigans. My poor parents!

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@FreckledFox:  I will definately miss you!  You were a wonderful source of information, entertainment and good friendliness

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Cycles TTC/Charting: 2/6

Age: ME: 26 / DH: 28

POAS/AF Date: 8/14

BFP Plan and/or Known Issues: OPK, BBT, Prenatals. No known issues

Link to Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/want2beeamom 

For fun: What did you do as a child that got you in trouble? Hmm… I was a pretty good kid! 

I need help!!!!!!!! I don’t know much about implantation dips, but are they usually above or below the cover line??  Please look at my chart and tell me what’s going on.  Is this major dip below the cover line a fluke, or could it be an implantation dip at 6dpo (I kind of think it’s 7dpo, but FF begs to differ).  My LP is never this short, so I do not think it means AF is coming.  What do you think?  






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@want2beeamom:  it’s quite possible that is an implantation dip!  It could also be combo of the corpus luteum dip AND an implantation dip… Or it could mean you slept really well or really poorly, or with your mouth open, or in a colder room.  Lots of people have their charts dip below the cover line and then bounce back up… the only way to know is to wait it out… I know that sucks, but it’s the only real advice I have!! FX!!!

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@want2beeamom:  It could be corpus luteum or implantation dip. If indeed it’s implantation dip, a positive test can show about 3 days after. When are you planning to test?

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@SadieBee:  Yey for LP longer than 10 days πŸ˜‰

Good morning everyone! I am expecting AF anytime. I took the last pill of the package. Any chart questions, bring them on!


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 Hello everyone, I’ve been lurking on this site since before I was engaged but never really got around to joining until now. 




Cycles TTC/Charting:  0 trying, 1st charting

Age: 24 DH,28

POAS/AF Date: No idea it’s my first cycle off BC 

BFP Plan and/or Known Issues: none for now, we won’t start trying until November or maybe October

Link to Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/JavaLava

For fun: What did you do as a child that got you in trouble?  I was a pretty good kid and hated getting in trouble, but one time when I was about 5 I got in trouble for roller skating and reading a book at the same time. 


I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you and learn more about this whole charting thing!

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