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I chart and I was able to determine my ovulation day from it right in the first cycle, though of course only in retrospect. And my ovulation day changes each month unfortunately. I also chart CM and occasionally cervix position. And finally I only started charting after my first real period after going off hormonal birth control. It took me 3 full months to get my period after the pill, and I didn’t chart during that time. Hope that helps. I’m a big fan of charting!

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I didn’t start charting for 6 months.  I think the major key is taking it in the exact same way at the exact same time of the morning.  I take my temp at 5:40 every day.  I can fall back asleep on weekends.

My chart was pretty clear the first month.  I definitely had a spike post O.  This month I’m right after O time and I’m seeing a slow rise and hopefully it keeps getting higher.

I also use the ClearblueEasy Fertility Monitor so I know when to expect a temp rise.

My cycle length has been sorta consistent.  It’s either 32 or 40 days, BUT egg-white CM and Ovulation have not seemed consistent at all, although getting more so…

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I started charting on fertilityfriend.com at the beginning of the year. It does all the guesswork for me. I don’t remember for long for sure now, but after a month or two it was able to project when my most fertile days were. I also check CM and cervical position (and there are places to enter that data), and use OPKs starting about 9 days after the first day of my period.

Charting without checking other fertility signs (like CM) can really only show you that you have already ovulated (a sustained temp rise), but charting alone can’t really predict when you will ovulate. FF can make an educated guess using just temps based on your average cycle length, but if you want a good idea for when to plan to have sex to maximize your conception chances, chart your other signs (esp CM), or use an OPK. 

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Taking Charge of Your Fertility’s website, http://www.tcoyf.com has a very easy-to-use charting program.  They do charge for it, but it’s fairly cheap.  Based on information you input from your previous cycles, they predict the date of your next period, ovulation, etc.  This at least gives you a starting point…so let’s say you are predicted to ovulate tomorrow…then you know you should watch for a temp spike AROUND that day.  The chart also adjusts itself as time goes on.  If you are predicted to start your period in two weeks, but you start a few days late, it pushes back the estimated ovulation date etc., of your next cycle.  I was hesitant to use it, especially because it’s a pay site, but I am really glad I did.  There are also all kinds of message boards and other useful information on the site.  I don’t use much besides the stuff under the My Fertility tab, but it’s nice to know it’s there if we have issues when we are ready to start TTC.

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It took me 3 cycles.  That was back in 2005, and I still love seeing when I have ovulated.   It takes awhile to get the hang of it, but I used ovusoft to help me and I have gotten good at figuring it all out.

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Not really TTC yet… but I’ve been off BCP since January, and just started charting this month.  I’m using the program that Miss Apricot mentioned, after reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility.  I definitely recommend that book; it explains everything really well! 

I take my BBT at the same time every morning, and I take note of CM.  My cycle seemed to be regular right away after coming off the pill, but I guess I’ll know for sure after a few cycles of charting.

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I started charting as soon as I got off the pill (to avoid, at first, before starting TTC), and my charts were pretty clear. I was very regular, starting with my first cycle off the pill. But it didn’t become clear until the month was finished– once I knew how long my cycle was, where my temps peaked, etc, I was able to put it all together. My second month off the pill was almost identical to the first, so that helped me be able to figure out my patterns.

I chart my temps and CM, but not the cervix, and I haven’t had a problem at all.

Also, someone mentioned that tcoyf.com charges for charting. They don’t– there is a free section that you can go to, once you sign up. They also have advertising-free charts for a very low price, so maybe that was what the pp meant.


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@LoveHappy: Also, someone mentioned that tcoyf.com charges for charting. They don’t– there is a free section that you can go to, once you sign up. 

EDIT (WOW, it deleted my entire reply so now I get to retype it!): I had forgotten about the free service, so thanks for bringing it up.  The reason I chose to go with the “Permium Membership” was because the free charting only keeps track of the last three months’ charts, (the ads wouldn’t bother me).  The Premium membership keeps track of unlimited cycles.  It costs $4.95 per month if you pay monthly, $14.95 for three months, or $24.95 for 18 months).

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