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Bee Keeper
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You should try to find a laser penlight somewhere! They cost about $5, but I’ve never seen a cat get tired of them. They’re the toy that never gets old :).

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Sugar Beekeeper
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My littlest one LOVES acorns. She brings them in off the back deck and bats them around the house all day. We must have a dozen of them around here!

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My cat loves balls made from scrunched up aluminum foil.  She comes running any time she hears me wrap up leftovers, cause she thinks she’s getting a new foil ball!

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Buzzing bee
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My cat LOVES:

Plastic drinking straws (her fave game is she sits under the table and I shoot them off the top of the table – she chases and tackles them)
Tops to plastic water bottles / milk jugs
Penne pasta (uncooked)

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Bumble Beekeeper
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My cat loves:


Anything plastic & crinkly (especially at 3am when you are trying to sleep)

Beer bottle tops

The plastic ring below the top of a Gatorade bottle

Paper bags

Beer cases (he’ll even let you pick him up and carry him around IN a beer case)

Laser Pointer

Dripping water faucets

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Busy bee
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My cat is really fascinated by the many hairbands that scatter the floor…moreso than her regular toys sometimes…she also finds little bits of trash to be really entertaining sometimes.

Another good toy for other cats is the “curl” from the top of plastic milk bottles.  (You know when the lid is plastic, and you have to peel around the edge to open it?)  I worked in a pet supplies store in high school, and they actually sold toys that were essentially those little “curls.”  So, if they can sell it, they must be on to something.  🙂

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Blushing bee
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Oh my cats looooove shoelaces. The laser pen was a hit too. They can’t catch it but they try so hard!!

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Busy bee
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My cats love the laser pointer, cardboard boxes and ball bands from skeins of yarn. The ball band is the label- ring of paper around a skein of yarn. They like to stick their heads in them and tear them up. 

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Sugar bee
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My kitty loves cooked spaghetti noodles.  She crys untill I give her one anytime I am making pasta.

She also loves q-tips and little mini hair clips.

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Helper bee
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my cat loved wooden golf tees when he was a kitten. he’d have a blast pushing them under rugs then fighting to get them back out.

he – and his brother – always get a kick out of mardi-gras beads. but you have to play with them and put it up later. i’ve found longer strands with bigger beads as well.

they also like this yarn ‘scarf’ i bought off a neighborhood kid (she made it). pretty much anything long that i can drag across the floor and yank away!

they always love the laser. Might as well invest in a nicer one you can replace the batteries in (office supply store).

be careful with the plastic items. one of mine thoroughly enjoys eating plastic (bags and bubble wrap especially). it can get stuck in numerous places throughout their digestic tracts. on a related note, the other cat thoroughly enjoys eating/destroying paper, especially when he’s ticked at me.


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Helper bee

My female cat goes crazy for nerf darts.  The male couldn’t care less about it.  We have a nerf gun, and she will just cry and cry until you shoot them for her.

Mine also love straws (they figured out how to open the kitchen drawer to get to them, so I had to move them).

I can’t leave hair ties around because the female eats them (and then pukes them up).

Have you seen the ninja cat video on youtube?  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v71Dtj2W7pw

Our cats will do this, and it is crazy entertaining.  I laugh for hours playing this game with them.

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Helper bee
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also reminded me, one of mine loves playing hide and go seek. i’ll tag him and run off and hide. he’ll come find me, sneak up, make eye contact…then i yell, tag him again, repeat. lol ima loser…

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Buzzing bee
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In addition to a lot of the stuff that’s already been mentioned, my cat has spent many an hour batting around wine bottle corks. And this one is really bizarre – one of my old roommates was a bicycle mechanic, and we discovered that my cat went absolutely crazy when we would drag a derailleur cable along the ground. Seriously – she would chase it for hours and hours and hours, until we finally got tired of playing with her. I’ve never found anything she liked more.

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Helper bee

My fiance wears those foam/rubber/gel inserts in his shoes. In order to make them fit, I have to cut a cresent shaped part off the front of them. My kitty LOVES that leftover piece. She carries it around like it’s her baby. She even talks to it.

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