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Helper bee
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Your Age/Partner’s Age: I am 31 and Darling Husband is 30

How long you have been together: 4 years, married for 7 months.

How long you have been TTC: since August 2014 ๐Ÿ™

What was your journey to pregnancy for your first?: I have two daughters with my ex-husband, they are 7 and 5.  My 7 year took a few months to conceive, my 5 year old was on the first try.  My Darling Husband has a 7 year old from his first marriage.

Unexplained or Explained Infertility: Unexplained. 

How does TTC for this pregnancy feel, emotionally? I’ve felt pretty powerless bc the whole first year I only had four cycles.  Then my body finally started sorting itself out at the year mark but we still haven’t had any luck.  I saw an RE and we’re doing our first medicated cycle which gives me hope but to be honest a part of me feels like this is just going to be a money drain and I’ll never end up pregnant.

Known Issues: Aside from very long cycles, none.  I temp and chart so I’ve been able to confirm ovulation, it’s just that I haven’t been ovulating till CD30+.  The blood tests, HSG, and hubby’s semen analysis came back normal.

Your TTC plans for the next few months: monitored and medicated cycles, trigger shot and timed “relations” until we either get pregnant or the RE has us move on to something else.

Just for fun – I can’t answer that yet, Darling Husband is planning to use all his vacation for paternity leave at the end of the year if we have a 2016 baby.  If/when we miss the boat on a 2016 baby then we might plan a quick vacation for this summer.

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Busy bee
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Your Age/Partner’s Age: 31/34

How long you have been together: 5 years

How long you have been TTC: 16 cycles

What was your journey to pregnancy for your first?: got knocked up the first month! I didn’t think it would happen that quickly

Unexplained or Explained Infertility: unexplained. I saw my gyn after a year of trying, and she suggested trying a few more months, because some of the months didn’t count since I was still breastfeeding. I gave it 6 more months and no dice. Had a full health check with my GP and all is well. This cycle, we are getting labs for me and SA for husband  

How does TTC for this pregnancy feel, emotionally? Shitty. Just total devastation every month. Everyone is asking about a little sibling for the kid, friends are pregnant with (and have gone on to deliver) #2,3,4. I give a bye to those with #1, since we were so lucky the first time. I also feel a lot of guilt, like “shouldn’t I be happy that I already have one child? Is the kid not enough? Am I a shitty parent because I’m sending the message to the kid that I’m not satisfied with just him? Is it worth messing up the marriage sex life, because it’s sex on demand?” So much doubt.

Known Issues: none so far

Your TTC plans for the next few months: (fertility meds, supplements, OPKs, BBT charting, NTNP, etc) I did OPK one month, and ovulated later than I thought. If my labs come back abnormal, we will talk fertility meds

Just for fun – What trips do you have planned for 2016? (if you don’t have any planned, get on it! You deserve it!) we actually just got back from vacation! I’ll have to wait and see for the next one.


Anyone else feel weird and nonplussed by doing fertility treatments? How successful are they really? My insurance covers nada, and I don’t want to get stuck in a trap of what seems like a slot machine mentality. (I mean, I already am, but what we are doing right now is free…)


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Just dropping in to say that the 1 year + boards would be a great place for any of you. We have women who are trying for their first for over a year, women who are trying for their second, women who just started TTC, but had to go straight to fertility treatments, and women who have been trying for less than a year, but have medical issues. All who struggle are welcome! ๐Ÿ™‚ We’re great to commiserate with.

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