(Closed) Chew With Your Mouth CLOSED…please. The annoying eating habits of the FI.

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Not my SO, but my Brother-In-Law, always sucks in air while he’s eating. He says it allows the scents to mix with the taste and create a more pleasurable eating experience. No matter what he’s eating. It creates this muffled slorp that sounds like a mix between slurping up spaghetti and lamaze class.

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LOL. My Fiance doesn’t really chew with his mouth open but what really bothers me is that when he eats he tends to leave uneaten food just sitting on the table or wherever he is in the apartment once he’s done and if I weren’t around he’d keep it there probably for days. It also annoys me when he does put uneaten food back in the fridge but doesn’t cover it up properly, like meat or a sandwich and it just winds up getting dried up and yucky.

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Buzzing bee
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My husband is pretty good about chewing with his mouth closed, but the way he holds/uses cutlery drives me crazy. The fork is not a shovel!  Bring the food to your mouth – not the other way around! 

Sometimes I want to physically rearrange him so that he’s not bent over his plate hoovering everything up.  But I think that might be going too far.

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Sugar bee
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Fiance is right handed for EVERYTHING in life, except eating! Somehow we always end up sitting at the table when we are out to eat w/ a group with me on his left side, so I am jabbed the entire time by his big pointy elbow! (hahah!) I never think to just let him get into the booth first… Also when he’s super hungry he eats “grog style” by shoveling food into his mouth like an ogre. Never looks up, never takes a breath. It sounds pretty funny when I’m telling the hive, but it’s horrible in real life!

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@stephinPA: I can SOOO relate to what you’ve said. It bothers me SO much that Fiance eats really loudly…


He knows it bothers me so he tries to keep it down, but he thinks you can only truly enjoy food if you eat loudly!!


But I know who’s to blame.. his father is EXACTLY the same, and it doesn’t seem to bother his mum, so there you go!

Having said that I’m sure i have annoying habits too, and he doesn’t even mention them to me 🙂

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Helper bee

OH my gosh can I ever relate!! My guy has known since we started dating that someone chewing with their mouth open is literally my BIGGEST pet peeve. It’s bad… I absolutely can’t stand it.

Here’s the thing. I most certainly don’t want to sound like his mother, obviously. But frankly, it almost makes me feel personally disrespected in a way… because he KNOWS what a big pet peeve it is, and virtually the ONLY time he chews with his mouth open – is when him and I are eating together! He doesn’t do it when we’re with family, whether it be his or mine. He doesn’t do it when we eat out. Only when we are at home. I’ve even brought this up to him, and he said he didn’t even realize he does that. I think that was a couple years ago now.

He still eats with his mouth open constantly, it drives me up the wall… now I just give him a look when we’re eating haha.

I don’t know how to tell him nicely – in a non-mothering/non-nagging way – to please close his freakin mouth when he’s eating! Any suggestions? I’ve heard that if you phrase things as a ‘turn off’ to a guy, they’re more likely to take you seriously. Maybe I’ll try that… 😛

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I was able to break FH of licking his fingers, but he still has awful table manners when it comes to eating. He’ll slurp coffe, chew with his mouth open and what I hate the most; if he has a piece of food that doesn’t fit in him mouth all at once, he’ll take his palm and CRAM it in is mouth, literally shoving it in his mouth. I’ve suggested he take smaller bites or at least holding his napkin up to his mouth if there is food he is having trouble getting in. *sigh*….no luck he still does it. I’ve tried making comments like “Wow….would you eat like this at such-such function?” (he attends some events with prominent people in our community). Probably not my best effort in trying to help, but I just get so grossed out sometimes.

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