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Wow – confronting! Think I’m gonna have to head over to the “Puppies, Kitties, Warm fuzzy pictures” thread to get over this one! LOL

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Okay this thread is freaking me out even more than I was before!  Going to the puppie and kittens too!

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The funny thing is that all these weird things start happening that no one ever tells you about.  Every little new thing I was like, “What the %^%&?!”  Now it’s kind of cool to be going through all these changes…  but the first couple of nights that I had to wake up 6 times to go pee, I was sure something was wrong with me. 

Once I got pregnant, I started reading “Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy” which gave me the low down dirty details… Don’t read it unless you are ready, though!

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I agree that is a great book! I jokes that i was going to write one of those after my first!

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Omg I shouldn’t have clicked on this. I’m already soooo freaked out by the idea of having a baby! I’m scared of being pregnant and living through that for 9 months more than the actual labor part. I’m sure it doesn’t help that I tend to watch House/ER/Greys/Private Practice a lot and without fail– when some super weird medical thing happens, it turns out the chick was pregnant and it made her body freak out. Plus, every time I ever go to the doc they ask first if I might be pregnant. 

This all leads me to believe that I’m just going to feel ill for 9 months. Plus, I already have to pee more than any person I know. Am I going to live in the bathroom?! eek ๐Ÿ™ 

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i was my friends birthing partner and she had an amazing labor but i wish someone told me that babies come out blue – it toally freaked me out!  there i was looking at this baby half hanging out of my friend and i looked at the nurse and thru very terse lips and low voice i said “is it normal for the baby to be so blue” and she just looked at me and said yes it was fine.  i dont know if she was lying to me or not but everything was fine and mum & bub happy

@ Sulaii li and Joeswife – no pooping and no enema for my friend but i will say later that day she as in tears at the thought of having to go to the toilet as the thought of wee’ing terrified her


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I think it’s common to be freaked out about labor but I’m trying hard to remember that a woman’s body is an amazing, amazing thing and it knows what it’s doing. Also that millions of women have done it before me and survived. ๐Ÿ™‚ That helps a lot.

For a book on this, check out “Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth” which is all about how birth isn’t scary and rather than painful, should be wonderful. I’m really enjoying reading it and would definitely recommend it.

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Busy bee
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I’ve always been horribly afraid of being pregnant (having something growing inside of me!?! creeeeeeepy!!!!) and giving birth (oh the pain, the paaaaiiiiinnnnn). I don’t even want to think about the possibility of having kids yet, at least not for a few more years.

The first time I heard about pooping while giving birth was actually in Scrubs. This is the clip (it’s just 30 seconds, and really funny, watch it!):

My reaction? “Wha???” so I googled and googled and it was really hard to find any clear information that either confirmed or denied (I didn’t know which websites were reliable, since this is something I’m not used to googling about), so I tried my best to forget about it… I still remember the Scrubs clip though…

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Honey bee
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I haven’t read through all the posts, so sorry if I repeat stuff, but here is my labor story!

Hemorrhoids- got them before labor. the pressure of the baby causes them (not all women get them though) and truthfully, my son is almost 2 and I get them still. not fun! ๐Ÿ™

I wasn’t constipated at all after labor. They gave me these pills that help loosen your stools so it was no problem for me! But the first Bridesmaid or Best Man after labor sucked. I had an epesiotomy (spelling?!) and then tore the rest of the way to my butt (sorry if TMI!) but they made me pee in front of them for the first time. i think they measure the amount of blood and stuff.but becuase of all the stitches and stuff, it really hurt and burned to pee. they give you a squirt bottle with stuff in it to spray on yourself down there because you can’t wipe, and that feels ssssooo good!

pooping while pushing – yep! sure did! didn’t even know it though, and the nurse just switches the matt under you really quick, so no problem.

hmmm…. i think that is about it! any other questions i’ll answer, and if i think of something else, i’ll let ya know! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Scrubs introduced me to the concept of BMs during birth! I couldn’t believe it. As if I wasn’t scared enough to have a baby as it is…

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I had a c section (emergency) after a long long labor which went nowhere.

All I have to say is that I didn’t find things that bad actually.  Now the c section was wierd..you could feel people pushing down hard on your abdomen but no pain and I was always asking my anesthesiologist for more pain meds (worried I’d feel something b/c I was awake) b/c I am a huge baby.

I was sore for a while after they took the morphine pump out of my back (not sure why it was even in there).  But fine a few days later. 

For me, labor felt like I had to go to the bathroom.  That’s all.  With a c section I had no tearing and my doc stiched me up awesomely.

The epidural stung for a second or two, but when they got it in it was smooth sailing ahead.  And they had to do mine 2x (missed the 1st time). 

Seriously, it wasn’t that bad and everything went wrong with mine.   

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OMG, I am totally terrified of child birth. And this thread definitely isn’t helping. But, it’s definitely good to know this stuff (way) ahead of time, hehe.

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Sign me up for a c-section….. heh jk! Theres still those 9+ mo though…

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