(Closed) Childbirth injury…what would you do next time?

posted 5 years ago in Pregnancy
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    Wow, so sorry you went through such a hard recovery after your first baby!  I must say, I’m super pro-natural when it comes to birth, I hope to avoid a C-section (and, really, any unnecessary interventions) at all possible costs when I have a baby, but in your case, I would go with a planned C-section.  It’s scary, but I would think the pain and recovery from a C-section would in no way even come close to what you went through (and would likely go through again) from a natural birth.

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    I remember your birthstory & oh my gosh everything you went through! I can only imagine how difficult it must be to think about going through again. Personally, I think it would take alot of analyzing the last birth experience…

    Was it unmedicated or medicated?

    How much upright movement was there in labor? Was baby malpresentationed at all?

    What position was delivery in?

    All the answers to those questions can make alot of difference in how a birth goes.

    Could seeing a chiropractor through pregnancy be something that you could do? That can help keep you aligned AND help baby be in the best presentation possible… that could make a huge difference too!

    For me, if my answers were: medicated, not much, yes (if she was posterior), &  lithotomy position, then I would try to learn natural birth techniques to be able to go unmedicated & do what I could to promote an “easier” (terrible chioce of wording but can’t think of anything else atm) & I would most definitely deliver in a DIFFERENT position (on my side, or even all 4’s would probably be better). That’s what I would likely do. AND I would see a chiropractor through my pregnancy (something I’m doing this time anyways).

    Ultimately you really just have to choose what you’re most comfortable with… 😉


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    @heathaah:  The lithotomy position closes the pelvis up to 30% so that alone could’ve caused the problem. Also seeing a chiropractor in pregnancy could help ensure that your pelvis is aligned when labor starts (it could’ve already be a bit off…. I had alignment issues in my last pregnancy)

    Really though, cesarean aren’t “bad”… they’re a wonderful technology that when used appropriately are successful at giving moms & babies safe births!

    It’s just a matter of being informed & choosing what risks you’re more comfortable with.

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    Wow what a story… I am happy to hear that things have turned out well in the end.

    Honest opinion ???

    I probably would stop at one child if I were in your shoes… I am not one who likes Hopitals, pain, etc.  So I couldn’t do it again the whole vaginal delivery bit… (or the risk of having one, in any way, shape, or form)

    But I am not, so I respect the fact that you have posted this topic to ask the Question that is weighing on your mind

    In truth, I’ve had a C-Section… it wasn’t my ideal choice for delivery

    BUT it was the option that was presented at the time that WAS BEST for BOTH myself and the baby

    And THAT IS WHAT MATTERS… the health and welfare of the people involved.

    Mom & Baby

    If you truly want another Baby, a C-Section is the way I’d go

    And I can assure you that it really isn’t that bad at all… certainly NOTHING COMPARED TO WHAT YOU’VE ALREADY BEEN THRU (that sounds like it was a living Nightmare / H3LL)

    On a scale of 1 to 10, with what you’ve been thru a 10+… then a C-Section is maybe a 4 or 5… normal delivery maybe a 2 or 3 (depending on how long labour, and no other complications).

    Hope this helps,


    BUT as I said, IF you had had the option NOT HAVING A BABY, that would have been my first choice.


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    Do you have any specific concerns about the c-section? Because of it’s just feeling a lack of control over the situation, I can’t imagine that having pubis symphysis and being bedridden for several weeks makes you feel any less in control! I had a planned c-section for medical reasons (well it was supposed to be scheduled but then my water broke 10 days early so it became an urgent section)and all subsequent deliveries will be repeat sections. Ideally I would have preferred a vaginal birth, but the c-section doesn’t sound half as bad as what you already went through.

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    @heathaah:  I had C-sections (the first two unplanned). Yes I was out of control as you put it, but you’re cut open and out of control any time you go under the knife, e.g. having your appendix out.

    I was in pain, but it went away over the first few days, and then I was tender for some time after that. But at least I could walk around and do things. It certainly sounds nothing like what you went through.

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    I understand you’re worried about not being in control during a C-section, but honestly, being bedridden for weeks and depending on your husband for your care and that of your children sounds like a much greater loss of control. You will have two babies to take care of this time; everything is going to be more difficult.

    With a typical C-section you’re encouraged to start walking on the same day. You will need some pain relief but not heavy sedation, so you will be conscious throughout the entire recovery period. You’ll be out of the hospital in 3 days with instructions on how to take care of your wound, and you will be taking care of it yourself. You won’t need to meet with healthcare professionals for months. You will be able to meet most of your children’s needs without help. You will be back to normal in no time.

    It’s major surgery and shouldn’t be taken lightly, but it’s also extremely common (too common) and is usually free of complications. Try to learn more about it and address whatever fears you may have. I don’t think you should risk going through what you went through again.

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    I think @paula1248:  brings up a great point that you are “out of control” whenever you go under the knife. I’m going to take that a bit further. I would argue that you were not in control when your pelvis was dislocated in your first pregnancy. You were certainly not in control during the first part of the recovery period when you could not get up to get your baby out of the bassinett. That is also lack of control right there!

    Did your doctor explain in detail why s/he is suggesting a c-section? It seems as if s/he implied that the next pregnancy can make the condition you’re still suffering from a whole lot worse and that the recovery will be worse. Is there any chance that the pregnancy with c-section would make it worse anyway or is the c-section going to be the better option in all cases?

    If your doctor says the c-section would be the best option in all cases, I would go with that. It seems like not only could the injuries of the second pregnancy be worse, but also that you might not recover as well a second time–if this is the case then I would definitely do the c-section.

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    Damn, girl. A c-section is NOTHING compared to what you went through! I’ve had one, trust that it is not that bad. You focus more on “Oh my gosh, I get to meet my baby soon! Hurry up and cut me open so I can see my cherub! Stitch me back together so I can hold him/her!” Seriously, that’s where MY mind was at. I was a little freaked about imagining the surgery, but you can’t see it and the anesthesiologist is right there with a medication to bring down your nausea.

    I would much rather be tender in the belly than completely dependent on others to take care of my own baby, *that* is true loss of control to me.

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    @heathaah:  oh my lord. I would have a c section without a doubt. What’s worse- suffering through that again or the fears of a very common surgery. I would talk through the entire surgery including risks w your doctor. Maybe there is some way to make you more comfortable? 

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    I’ve never seen a post yet where I voted c-section until this one. I can’t imagine how hard it would be on you to have a toddler AND a newborn that you can’t care for, as well as being bedridden and in pain. I think a c-section is a way better idea, but I wish you the best of luck and health either way.

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    I’m not normally one to suggest c-section but in this case I say it’s the best option by far. It’s a much better option than risking further more permantent and long term damage. I have a few friends who have had c-sections and they have all been happy with the recovery.

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