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We’re enrolling Dirty Delete in a new preschool program at an independent non profit center. It will be $1010/month; we’ve been paying $1250/month since she was 18 months at an in-home. Newborn care at that same center is $1465/month. When you find the right provider, you’ll be happy to pay their rate; honestly, would you want to pay someone less than minimum wage for care of your child? See if your state has a licensed provider database you can use to find in-home care in your area.

When she was an infant, she was with a nanny 3x/wk and my mom (she works at home) 2x/wk. it was nice to only pay PT for the nanny, but it was still $$$$. 

It is really expensive, and I’m occasionally annoyed that I’m paying for daycare and not Tory Burch bags or Palm Desert getaways like my single or childless friends, but by all means its worth it to have Dirty Delete taken care of in a safe, healthy environment so I can continue to build my career and provide for my family.

ETA: we earn a normal amount of money, and we’re actually on the low end as far as how far our money goes because we live in an affluent area.

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We also aren’t rolling in it. We will be almost finished paying off CC debt when the LO comes. We won’t be anywhere close to paying off our student loans. But I think of what we will cut out-weekends away, going out to eat, fancy highlights, going to the movies, etc. Every little bit adds up. 

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You could search Care.com or something for an Early Childhood Education student in your area. They’re almost definitely background checked and CPR certified, and you could get one-on-one care in your own home. Just a slightly out-of-the-ordinary suggestion.

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We’ve been trying to figure out the same thing.  Childcare costs 1000-1400 a month for an infant in our area.  We both work in schools so we’ll only have to pay for 9-10 months a year but we’ve been saving.  We wanted to save 10,000 before starting TTC so we’d have a year’s worth of daycare covered from the get go and then hopefully between savings, pay increases (if our state can get the budget figured out), and tax refund money we’ll be able to save that much each year and stay ahead of the daycare costs. 

On a side note, with our tax refund we hit our goal and are planning on starting TTC in 2 weeks.  Haven’t told anyone, so excited!

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Its true…daycare is insane!!

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Husband makes most of the money, but handles most of the larger bills like the mortgage so he said an extra grand a month to spend on childcare is out of the question. I will be cutting my hours at work to be either part-time (working around his schedule) or be a Stay-At-Home Mom until LO is a bit older. The cost of childcare is insane and it wouldn’t be worth it in our situation for me to continue working.

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We are saving like mad. Husband and I together make about 61K a year, which although good for our area, when you add in a mortgage, a car payment, etc, just doesn’t go too far. Our daycare costs will be somewhere between 650-800$ a month. Including other baby expenses, such as increased insurance, diapers, etc., we will have a gap every month of about 550-600$ that we won’t be able to cover. This is with huge cuts in discretionary spending and no cable, etc. Because of this, we set a goal to have at least 4000$ in a savings account for the sole purpose of covering that gap every month. (It’s not our only savings account, just the one specifically for the baby) It looks like we will have more like 4500$, which is great, and will cover over 6 months.

My husband gets a Xmas bonus every year, which we will use for the next 6 months after that. In a few years, because of daycare costs going down and us getting raises, it will be much easier and the gap will be smaller.

Anyways, that was REALLY long, but yes, it is insanely hard for people like us, who both work but only are *just* in the middle class to fund childcare expenses. It’s a daily stress for us, but I think we have it planned out very well! 🙂

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I had posted on an earlier, similar thread this week about how I got my tax receipts for daycare for last year and we spent $17,000 last year for our 2 girls.  And that is CHEAP compared to what many other bee’s pay due to cost of living where they are.  I guess that you just have to either 1) make enough money to justify paying day care or 2) be able to live off of one income.  It is a main reason we are probably not going to have a 3rd child.

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Our child isn’t born yet, but I went searching for a daycare when I was 9 weeks pregnant.  At that point, I was only able to get on a waiting list for the first 2 places I went to (they both cost over $1400/month)… the third place I went to, I was able to get the last available spot, so I put down a deposit and we officially have daycare lined up!  (hey, one less think to worry about, right?)

Anyway, my point is this:  you may think the cost of daycare is crazy (I did at first too), but there are a ton of other mothers that are gunning for that coveted spot at your local daycare.  From what I have seen, they only take a maximum of 6-7 infants at a time.  They typically have 2 “teachers” tend to the infants (which is a 1:3 ratio).  And let me tell you, these teachers have their hands full.  Imagine taking care of 3 infants at the same time… each with a different feeding/sleeping/pooping schedule.

Assuming you work 40 hours a week, and your commute to work is 30 seconds, your child is going to be at the daycare for 160 hours a month.  So, if you are paying $600 dollars a month for daycare, that equates to $3.75 an hour.  If you are paying $1200/month, that is $7.50 an hour.  When you break it down like that, the prices do not sound so absurd.

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The good daycares are expensive and I find it too risky to use a family home daycare (I work for the local Dept of Children & Families and part of my job is citing and closing daycares so I see and hear it all.)  That said, since my FH works part time and writes during his time off, he has volunteered to be a Stay-At-Home Dad while I continue to work.  Yay!  I am not Stay-At-Home Mom material in the least so this will work out well for us.  The hit on our income costs less than him continuing to work while the child goes to daycare.  We do plan to use some sort of respite/drop-in once the child is old enough to enjoy interacting with other children and we definitely plan for the child to attend VPK-4 so they are prepared for Kindergarten.

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