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The only ones I haven’t had are I1, I4, N4, N5, and G3. I have also had “but it’s unnatural not to have kids!” which should def be on there too!

My mum is a pretty bad offender, despite pretending to be understanding/accepting. Otherwise, I find people on the internet are the worst culprits, as are colleagues/acquaintances.

But considering I only realised I definitely didn’t want kids about 12 months ago (I’ve never liked kids, had any maternal instinct, or really wanted them, but kind of figured it was ‘just something you do’; so glad I saw the light!), and that my OH came on board about 4 months ago, it’s pretty astonishing the amount of bingos I’ve had in such a short space of time; I only started mentioning it about 2 months ago, so in that short space of time, I’ve already dealt with nearly all the ‘classic’ comments :-s

I still do not understand why people are so interested in what I do with my uterus…

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What is “genetic immorality”?

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@Moja Milosc:  “Genetic immortality” in that your genes will live on in your offspring. Theoretically, having kids allows a part of you (your genes) to live on forever (or at least as long as your descendents decide to reproduce)

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@Moja Milosc:  

Genetic immortality is essentially passing your ‘genes’ on, then your children passing them on to their etc; so, your genes don’t ‘die out’, or ‘stop with you’.

Utterly stupid reason to have children, but apparently, some people do feel it’s a good reason, and will use it to question/attack CFers. Bizarre, but there are some pretty bizarre people out there! lol

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Wow, I’ve gotten every single one of them at least once!! I love this, thanks for posting it!!

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This is all kinds of win!  Nice find, I’ll be passing this along to my CBC friends, they’ll love it.

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I’d say I’ve gotten about half of these. Very amusing.

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I’ve scored the entire B column, except for “It’s different when it’s your own”.

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ive gotten 14 of these at one point or another

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I’ve gotten 16 of these at some point.

Future Father-In-Law is the worst. Luckily my mom knows I don’t want children and has only brought it up once or twice of course she still gets mad at me if I don’t don’t super excited about other people having children…

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b2, b3, i1, n1, g2
Mostly from people I’m not related to, and the baby crazy relatives… ugh.  

In my last Algebra class we did a problem about Germany’s birth rates declining and I said, “Isn’t that a good thing?” My teacher’s response, “But they need people to take care of them.” Ugh I hate that one, well then they should have reproduced sustainably in the first place. Also the I2 one, yeah my child could cure cancer but they could also be a psychopathic killer. Imagine if Hitler, Il, or Charles Manson’s parents were CBC…

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All of B
All of G

All of O

N, 1, 2, 4

Did I win?


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B1, B2, B3, N1, G1, and G5

I seriously want to just print this out and start playing in real life. My mom and one of my friends are seriously the worst offenders. I think my mom is coming around that I am never going to have kids by my friend seriously badgers me about it everytime we hang out and she’s had a couple of drinks. Also, OMG having children just so you can have someone to take care of you when you are old is like the worst reason to procreate ever and I HATE when people tell me that!

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