Childfree by Choice?

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Buzzing Beekeeper

We are currently CBC, but that may change a bit later in life. We are enjoying being DINKs and living life how we want it. We do have a furbaby, who I count as my little man, lol. For now, that is all our little family needs.

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Helper bee
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I don’t watch the show but I am definitely childfree by choice and will stay that way. Fiance hates kids (actually hates them) and I know I am not responsible enough for them and will never be. In addition to all that, we just really like our freedom and the ability to be spontaneous. Also, my career choice doesn’t make having a child that easy, I wouldn’t be able to be there for it a lot of the time and Fiance would be the primary caretaker while I would be the breadwinner. 


My parents think we’re still young and will come around eventually but I think we’re both mature enough to know kids wouldn’t be right for us.

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I won’t be but I definitely think it’s great!

Children are not a requirement for a fullfilling life!

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DINK: Double Income No Kids.

That’s what Darling Husband and I are right now. 

Having kids is an option for us, but TBH, I’m ambivalent about it right now.  I would rather have children when I know for certain that I really want them and am ready.  I know Darling Husband would love to have them, but he’d rather I be happy, and right now, I am happy without.

But I sure LOVE being an AUNTIE!

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Buzzing bee



DINK = double income, no kids.


Darling Husband and I also are child free by choice. We are in our early 50s. I am not against having kids, but on the other hand it was never one of my burning goals in life. I am OK with how things turned out.

Kids are expensive and very time-consuming. I have loved being free to come and go as I please, and not having to figure out how to save a couple hundred thousand dollars for future college educations.


I respect that many people feel that having kids is something that they would never want to miss out on in life. However I think that no matter what choice you make, you’re always going to miss out on something. I can’t imagine how different my life would be if I had missed out on the many experiences I’ve had due to not being burdened by kids. 

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Bumble bee
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We are presently CBC and I am really, really glad for it. A kid is such a huge committment and I’m not even convinced I want any. I find them terribly annoying, dependent, whiny, a suck of money and a suck of the rest of my life from now until I die. And bye bye freedom to come and go as we please!

We have friends who just had a baby and they threw a party (they’re super social people, they LOVED hosting parties before the baby, so they are trying to get back on track) to try to show how much they’re still “themselves” last weekend….and for 3.5 hours I listened to stories about the baby’s poop, the baby’s pee, the baby’s breastfeeding habits, the baby’s vomit, all of the baby’s orofices, the baby’s clothes, the baby this, the baby that. THE BABY. The WHOLE TIME. If we tried to change the subject to something non-baby, they’d change it back. It made me insane.

I’m not ready to be that kind of person yet. And I may never be. My cats are totally fine for now until ?????

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Sugar bee

@mrspinesol:  Double Income No Kids

Currently childfree with the desire to have children one day but the older I get, the more I keep on pushing it back.

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@mrspinesol:  There are quite a few CBCers on here. Personally, I think it’s great that more and more people are comfortable not having children. I feel sometimes there’s a ton of pressure on people to have kids just because “it’s what you do” and it really shouldn’t be that way.  I have noticed that many CBCers are highly educated, successful people. THe only downside (for humanity) I see to this is that those are the type of people we want the world to be comprised of.  Oftentimes I feel like more people who shouldn’t be having children are having tons of them and the ones that “should” aren’t/are having much fewer.  But, that’s not a problem that’s likely ever going to go away.


The only thing I will say I don’t like is when CBCers say they “hate” kids.  It just doesn’t make sense to me how you can hate something you once were. I think it’s very sad that people seem to be okay with others saying they hate kids which is ageist but aren’t okay with them saying they hate old people, or <<insert race here>> people.  

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Honey bee
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He has two children from another relationship. However, we as a couple are not going to be having any children. I like having step-kiddos, but I do not want any of my own and he would not like any more.

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@sarahuccs:  haha this is what my neighbours told us to be!! Double Income No Kids. 

Hahah i love it.  I’m kind of torn right now.  I like babies, but children annoy me.  So i dont know if i should have kids.  The more time goes by the fewer children i want. Early 20s = 3 kids.  mid 20’s=2 kids. late 20s=1 kid. Hell by the time he’s ready i might not want any. Honestly it bothers me that people think you cant lead a completely fullfilled and happy life without kids. Thats just silly of course you can!

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@icanhearyousmile:  Haha I had a good chuckle at your comment 😛 because, mostly I agree. We’re CBC at the moment as well, however we are undecided about what happens in the future. 

We have so many reasons why we don’t want kids and nearly not 1/10 for why we would want them. 

Losing our personalities is one of the cons (like @icanhearyousmile: said; I’m sure there are exceptions, but I haven’t met those people yet). As well how expensive/time consuming kids are…We really just don’t see the reward; it seems like one sided love to me. 

@MrsWBS:  The only downside (for humanity) I see to this is that those are the type of people we want the world to be comprised of.  Oftentimes I feel like more people who shouldn’t be having children are having tons of them and the ones that “should” aren’t/are having much fewer.  But, that’s not a problem that’s likely ever going to go away.

I’ve said this before on the WB, but thanks for taking the words out of my mouth & i wish there was a ‘like’ button on here. 🙂

FH has a friend who keeps having ‘oopsies’ with his gf’s of 1/2 years and is now expecting his 3rd child from a third gf…..Meanwhile, stable Mimoza & FH who have been together for 7 years, stable families & good upbringing, have steady jobs with good incomes, a home,….think long and hard about these things & can’t decide. 

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@icanhearyousmile:  omg me too. I see people all of a sudden have a facebook filled with baby crap and breastfeeding tips and i think “seriously? you have NO other interests than your child?”.  i cant be that person. 

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