(Closed) Chin pimples that just wont go away:((

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You should probably go see a doctor… My Darling Husband has that problem and found out it’s bacteria that causes those spots that never go away. He was on antibiotics and it got a lot better, but would come back as soon as he stopped the antibiotics. Now he uses a cream that has antibiotics once in a while and managed to keep them under control…

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@cherryblossomlove:  You should replace your foundation every 6 month or so and make sure you’re cleaning your brushes/sponges regularly. Have you tried spot anti-oil treatments like Urban Decay’s Deslick as a primer on the problem area? I’ve had luck with Yes To Tomatoes Acne roller when I have the occasional blemish pop up too but it’s not a chronic problem for me.

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Here are my tips that helped me elimate some of the same problems you’ve been having.

1) Replace brushes after 6 months-1 year.
2) Frequently cleanse brushes.

3) Stop touching your face(this was the hardest for me as I touch my face A LOT)

4) Take a cotton ball with a little alcohol and water then cleanse your phone. Your phone picks up a lot of bacteria and gunk. 

5) Check out your cleansers and see if they contain sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate or propylene glycol. These are harmful chemicals that cause excessive dryness which inadvertantly causes you to break out.

6) Wash your face, underside of chin and makeup morning and night. Make sure to moisturize before you put on makeup and before you go to bed.

7) By some tea tree oil. Burt’s Bees makes a nice roller ball version. Tea tree oil kills bacteria, reduces inflamation and helps dry out your sebum filled pore.

8) Destress your life. This is a hard one but a signifcant amount of ance is brought on by hormonal balances which are the result of high stress levels. Take some time to relax. Draw yourself a nice bubble bath. Give yourself a mani/pedi. Take a walk. Drink a glass of wine. Read a book. Just do something for you and only you. Let all those worries and troubles sink away. Not only is this good for your skin..it’s good for your entire body and mind.

9) This is cliche but it’s golden. Drink water. When you think you aren’t thirsty anymore, reach for another glass. Dehydrated skin is prone to all sorts of issues.

10)Limite/spread out your dairy intake. Dairy causes hormonal break out.

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You have already got some great advise. I totally agree with not touching your face. I would also suggest cleaning your sheets and pillow cases each week and the biggest one for chin pimples is your phone, house/work or mobile. Just think how many germs you are pressing on your face every day, buy cleaning wipes and wipe down every day.

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Sleep earlier. When you aren’t sleeping early (before 11) your skin is more prone to break outs because you’re not going to sleep at an essential time when essential hormones need to be released. Your face, body, all suffer the consequences and the springback time gets slower (ha, as I’m writing this at 5:30 in the morning … and breaking out)

My mother always knows when I’ve been sleeping late. This would be because I usually break out on my chin/mouth area. This means you’ve been working your liver/kidney? overtime. 

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@cherryblossomlove:  “sooner365 (message   December 6, 2012   Chandler,AZ

I wash my face every night(well try to) but they just wont go away… I dont know what to do? Change makeup? My face wash is making my skin nice. I feel like they are there for good… Its 2. Also along my jawline. Why???!! Its driving me crazy!”


Absolutely wash your face EVERY night!  No exceptions.  Overjoyed060113 also gave great advice.  

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PPs have some great suggestions already. Does your SO have stubble? I love my husband’s stubble for about a week or two after he shaves. Any more than that and I find myself breaking out on my chin from when we kiss and it rubs against my face.

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I have this problem too! I read if its along the jawline it hormonal. This sounds crazy but I switched from nondairy coffee creamers to soy creamer and it helped alot. You could also try switching to organic milk. I also change my pillowcases everyother day.

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All the advice already given has been great. I also find that sometimes a product I am using is causing me to break out. For instance, a liquid bronzer I was using had something in it that was irritating my face, and the breakouts completely went away once I stopped using it. My fiance sometimes gets break outs from certain types of shampoo, even. Did you start using a new hair or make up product around the time the break outs appeared? 

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I am SO with you.  It drives me crazy, and I have yet to conquer it.  I don’t pick or squeeze them, but I am guilty of touching my face (resting my chin on my hand while playing on computer at work), and also forgetting to wash every night.  Though I do not often wear foundation, it’s amazing just how much environmental grime we pick up daily from doing nothing.

I also appreciate all the above posters suggestions!  I will have to make an effort to try them on for size!

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i have this happen a lot.  I had a huge under the skin one that was soooo painful.  anyway i went to the pharmacy and they pharmacist he told me to use polysporian cream.  it is basically a low dose antibiotic.

it worked sooo well.  i now use it at night all the time to even help with blackheads.  it is perfect as a heavy duty moisturiser for those spots that have turned red and flaky from the other products that seem to burn away the pimples.

other than that you have got a lot of great info.

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I have always struggled with acne, starting with puberty. I tried Proactiv and it worked for a while, then suddenly wasn’t very effectice anymore.

Eventually back in high school I took Accutane and it completely turned everything around for me. My skin finally started to feel and look normal!

Since Accutance kills your oil glands, the acne can eventually come back when they start to grow back. Luckily when this happened when I was out of the puberty stages, but I was still breaking out around the chin area.

LONG STORY SHORT (lol), I absolutely SWEAR by the Dan Kern skin care line. They have a regimen similar to Proactiv, Murad, etc. but I have only ever used the “treatment” product, and it is truly fantastic. I put it on every night after washing my face and very rarely break out anymore 🙂

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